VP Business Development (Open)

About Plumlogix

Plumlogix is a team of Salesforce professionals with deep understanding of Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health and Life Sciences business as well as technical expertise.

With over 75 years of collective delivery experience and a proven track record of customer success across small, medium and enterprise businesses we are poised to support your organization’s toughest challenges.

By pairing global industry leaders with unparalleled flexibility, we humbly set out to change the outsourcing world with our unique methodology in customer engagement.

VP Business Development

  • Develop networks towards sourcing for new clients
  • Work independently on customers’ needs
  • Identify and develop resources relevant to business development and sales goals
  • Sell the ideals and services of the business organization to the general public towards improving on sales generation
  • Oversee the organizational effectiveness, management development, and leadership development of the organization towards improving the core content of the company
  • Liaise with members of staff to ensure top level client experience in all cases of client interactions from follow up to delivery and needs assessment
  • Attract, as well as retain clients by developing highly creative outreach strategies along with marketing director in the organization
  • Work in line with the operational procedures of the organization towards its revenue generation and sales growth goals
  • Manage a sizable number of members of staff to ensure they perform sales and marketing tasks of the organization as prescribed by management.


  • Bachelor’s degree in sales related fields of study, including at least 10 years in client relationship management, professional services, business development, team leadership, Human Resources and B2B sales
  • Strong leadership capability
  • Strong relationship management skills
  • Ability to grow and maintain relationship with any individual, irrespective of the background and type of personality
  • Possession of good sense of humor
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong creativity and critical thinking abilities
  • Ability to work with recent technological applications relating to daily tasks
  • Strong detail-orientation and top-level self-organization
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Willingness to put in more working hours, even at odd times
  • Possess reliable problem-solving ability

Experience working with other external clients is preferred. Compensation shall be negotiated based on experience.