Salesforce Platform Optimization

Complete Salesforce Platform Optimization

Our client, an international education organization is dedicated to offering a continuum of education programs to encourage personal and academic achievement by:

  • challenging students to become better learners and better people.
  • working to shape students into leaders and promote intercultural understanding and respect.
  • serving to provoke curiosity and compassion in young people.

Our client has a strong reputation for quality that makes their programs attractive to parents and students.

Q: How do we make our new team as productive as possible?

A: Reduce training time and enhance cross-departmental communication

Q: Can we make a more user friendly Salesforce environment?
A: With the help of Plumlogix, absolutely

“Making sure both teams had agile methodologies and proper communication was the most important factor”

Our client was lacking a development partner to stabilize their Salesforce environment. They were looking to build out their Salesforce environment and applications to better serve their organizational needs. In order to quickly assimilate their new employees to Salesforce and have them be productive sooner, their Salesforce environment needed to have high usability. The other factor they were looking for was improving their cross team communication with proper access and easy to interpret information.

Plumlogix was able to step in as a provider for these needs. We tailored their platform to meet the needs of the incoming team by making their applications more user friendly. Instead of viewing their Salesforce environment as a hurdle, they now view it as a productive tool to help them further their mission.

Plumlogix stabilized their environment. Plumlogix has also been able to share valuable insights with the client on best practices in Salesforce and advise them on additional development requests. The team is now much more confident in their application delivery process.

“Plumlogix provided a solution rather than band-aid fixes”