Manufacturing Cloud Integration Case

Manufacturing Cloud Integration Case

Our client is a manufacturer of industrial control valves. They service industries such as energy, food and beverage, biofuel, chemical, defense, and general manufacturing. Their product line includes automation valves, deaerator and boiler level controls, military and marine valves, etc. to service their industries. They offer various applications to go along with their valves that can control flow of water and fuel, reduce pressure, and process various materials.

In recent years, our client created an online system designed to easily and  safely map out users’ solutions based on application requirements and process conditions.

In 2016, Our client introduced their ARIA and ILEA series actuators. These actuators were introduced as upgraded attachments to their valves for enhanced speed and control. Upon the launch of these new actuators, our client wanted to make sure that they kept their customers at the heart of their operations. They wanted to ensure that these products integrated smoothly with their cloud-based program so that customers would have clear insight into the customization of their valve networks.

This would require extended software performance to deliver enhanced user experience capabilities and product functionality. In order to support these enhancements, our client also needed assistance with user-acceptance testing. Additionally, they sought a general enhancement of their customers’ experience, but at a reasonable cost. The client also desired a reduction in their Salesforce operations cost.

The solution that Plumlogix provided not only addressed the software and licensing needs of the client, it also addressed deeper organizational needs to ensure that they would consistently offer the best services to their customers in the future. Plumlogix provided software assistance to ensure that a seamless integration of the program with the ARIA and ILEA series actuators took place in a timely manner to satisfy client’s’ customers.

In addition to the extended product and user experience functionality gained by Plumlogix’ software assistance, the client also benefited from assistance they received with technical requirements documentation. Working closely with Plumlogix, our client’s product and marketing managers were able to develop a sound Configuration Blueprint and Business Requirements Document to ensure that their offerings met their needs.

Plumlogix made sure that domain knowledge was fully transferred for effective user-acceptance testing and production roll-out. Prior to working with Plumlogix, the client had used traditional, sequential waterfall methodology. With developed industry expertise, Plumlogix understood that if our client wanted to fully help their customers, they needed to adopt an agile methodology. Our client has adopted this methodology so that customers can be more involved with their services and provide frequent feedback that helps them improve functionality and user experience.

Our client uses Salesforce to track the success of these initiatives. By working with Plumlogix, they were able to reduce their licensing costs by sixty percent. Plumlogix helped them deliver better service to their customers at a reduced cost.