Mapping Out Data Transformation at Local Education-Oriented Non-Profit

Our client, a local education-oriented non-profit is a grade level reading campaign with a mission to have all students in the Lehigh Valley reading on grade level by the end of third grade, by 2025. Key focus areas include early childhood education, summer learning, school attendance, trauma informed classrooms, classroom instructional supports for educators, and Community Schools.

Specifically, our serves children ages birth to age 8 and is working to tackle educational challenges such as kindergarten readiness, access to quality preschool, and the summer slide, among others. When they reach their goal, this important work will create large scale transformational change resulting in an improved quality of life across our region.

Because the work of our client has the potential to involve student-level data, they want to create and implement a data informed approach. They needed a method to collect and analyze information from across school districts. They collaborated with a Memphis-based school district to see how that district was conducting this data-based research, but they needed guidance with building out their own model that will work for the Lehigh Valley.

This is where Plumlogix was able to help. Our client needed the data experience and expertise to develop a road map for a data exchange. In particular, they wanted to know how the public data available could be leveraged to provide actionable insights. Working in two counties and with a potential 17 school districts, Plumlogix helped to strategize multiple solutions that would help get them one step closer to achieving their goal.

Plumlogix has helped this local education-oriented non-profit view currently accessible data in a very different way.  In addition, Plumlogix has helped the campaign identify other data that is needed to continue to progress, as well as explore the methods to collect and analyze that data.

Plumlogix is a key partner in this pilot phase of a regional data exchange introducing our client to potential third-party tools and necessary concepts around data cleansing and data migration.  Before the relationship with Plumlogix, our client had a good idea of what they needed and where they wanted to go, but they weren’t sure of the tools needed to get there. Plumlogix was able to bridge this gap, offering the knowledge, patience, and expertise needed to bring this project plan to fruition.

Issues Addressed:

1. Grade level reading up to third grade by 2025
2. Early Education
3. Measurement and Tracking
4. Summer Learning Coalition
5. Low Attendance Levels
6. Students Recovering from Trauma


“Everybody we’ve worked with has been patient in ex-plaining things, probably more than once or twice”

“The progress we have made thus far is due in part to the support of Plumlogix. ” – Campaign Director