Digital Transformation Solution for a Leading Planning and Development Agency in USA

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Metro Area Planning and Development Agency


Public & Government


Grant Management, Inventory Tracking


LWC, Salesforce Sales Cloud


A US-based Metro Area Planning & Development Agency aimed to achieve digital transformation for its core operations including management of grants, inventory tracking, community engagement, and attendee management.


Development and deployment of a sustainable Salesforce-based lightning experience application for seamless grant management, inventory tracking, community engagement, and attendee management.

Plumlogix demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise in solution design. The team’s ability to think outside the box and propose innovative approaches to complex challenges was truly commendable.

Executive Director

US-based Metro Area Planning and Development Agency


The following challenges were faced during the completion of all the processes involved in the successful development and deployment of the Salesforce-based Lightning Experience application.

  • Program Oversight: Inadequate monitoring and tracking mechanisms for the Power Initiative Program.
  • Reporting Complexity: Difficulties in consolidating and streamlining essential reporting procedures for meaningful progress tracking.
  • Team Collaboration: Restricted inter-departmental communication, leading to siloed operations.
  • Limited Resources for Data Management: Incapability to manage and record data associated with community and engagement events.
  • Diffficulties in Inventory Tracking: Lack of communication between the internal staff, making it a challenge to keep track of the inventory.


Grant Management

Efficient tracking with key attributes for success. The grant management solution allows ease of record management to stay organized and on top of grants.

Inventory Tracking

The solution automates the processes involved in inventory tracking, thus eliminating the risk of human error in critical inventory-related processes and projections.

Community Engagement

Improved coordination and connection between the team members, participants and other stakeholders to provide a seamless experience of grant management.

Workforce Development

The workforce development solution offers seamless tracking of participant progress and helps with the management of workforce data and records.

Participant Tracking

Weekly & monthly reports generation to keep track of participant progress and to derive accurate inferences for future planning.

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