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Boost your Non-Profit with the Benefits of the World’s best CRM, with Plumlogix as your Salesforce Partner of Choice

Tap into the unlimited pool of benefits starting with effective communication and improved resources to transform your operations and drive even better social change that your non-profit organization has committed to while enjoying unbelievable efficiency.





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Our professionals are ready to kickstart your non-profit’s transformation with a successful implementation of the Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack of the salesforce enterprise edition applications, the salesforce non-profit starter pack is undeniably the most sought-after application for non-profits. If effectively implemented, it has the potential to transform the productivity of non-profits, making them unbelievably efficient.

The salesforce non-profit starter pack targets the management of individual donors, donations, memberships, relationships, and company affiliations. In fact, such tasks as creation and management of recurring gifts and payments are all possible within the Salesforce NPSP.

Plumlogix has the requisite personnel, training, and experience to help any non-profit transform its operations, management, and day-to-day activities through unique and personalized experiences thus facilitating you to realize your non-profit’s objectives and goals.

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Breathe in Fresh Perspectives to your Non-Profit Organization with our Curated Service Offerings

We’ve perfected our best practices to allow us to provide your non-profit organization the best and most effective, reliable salesforce CRM implementation to give a boost to your operations.

Plumlogix’s Salesforce Integration services allow you to perfectly understand the information, objectives, and goals of your non-profit in a better way. This ensures you get improved clarity about everything that’s possible and impossible to implement or do.

Most non-profits still don’t explore the full extent of how Salesforce CRM could benefit them. However, our certified Salesforce professionals will help you understand how relevant Salesforce is to non-profits beyond the project contracted us for.

Unlike other Salesforce consultants, Plumlogix has made it a top priority to provide services that are sustainable without the need for additional assistance once the project has been completed successfully.

We only promise what we can deliver successfully. We won’t take on a project that we can’t deliver the desired success.


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With Top-Notch Salesforce Services, Possibilities are Endless

FirstHand Experience
We’ve been there before and we know the pain that businesses working with offshore consulting teams experience. Plumlogix has studied and developed unique methods to solve these inefficiencies.
By pairing global industry leaders with unparalleled flexibility, we humbly set out to change the outsourcing world with our unique methodology in customer engagement.


We don't use a one-size-fits-all approach because we know each company is different. We guarantee excellence through tailoring our services to fit your unique needs.


Integrity is at the center of what we do. Our business thrives on the relationships that we build with our customers and we will do everything we can to earn their highest degree of respect.


With Top-Notch Salesforce Services, Possibilities are Endless

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