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Plumlogix offers custom salesforce development ready to transform your Non-Profit Organization, making you efficient and independent. Your missions are boosted with great technology such as Nonprofit Cloud making sure that all aspects of your nonprofit business are covered.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultants

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud gives you a complete 360 view and control of your operations

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Boost your non-profit with the benefits of the World’s Best CRM

Tap into the unlimited pool of benefits starting with effective communication and improved resources to transform your operations and drive even better social change that your non-profit organization has committed to.

Enjoy improved resources

The Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) brings to your organization a complete 360 view of all the interactions that your non-profit has among volunteers or funders. With a complete view of these interactions, you can substantially improve your donor relationships and effectively manage the donation cycle from pledges to payments.

Tap into Best-In-Class Services

The NPSP packs together features that ensure better program and service management through speedy installation of mobile and social apps which in effect, streamlines the manual processes as well as reducing the use of paper. The Salesforce service cloud has everything that nonprofits need plus it adds to it a pool of third-party apps that can be used to extend the features when needed.

Better, Effective Communication

It’s no secret the world is turning to mobile and social networks. Salesforce CRM through its salesforce for non-profits cloud, allows non-profits like yours to enjoy better and effective communication by making it possible for you to synchronize all your present causes with others being considered, all facilitated by a solid, efficient social and email marketing strategy ready to drive digital campaigns.

Maximize Your Drive for Social Change

Attaining your objectives as a non-profit requires a collaborative effort between members, staff, volunteers and other supporters brought together on a non-profit CRM. This collaboration can be aligned and accelerated through the Salesforce for non-profits which provides a secure environment for the creation of communities of interest thereby making it possible to drive substantial social change.

Get Reliable Solutions to your charitable needs by expanding the features of Salesforce for non-profits

Get ready to achieve new targets daily by benefiting from the amazing components of salesforce CRM

Salesforce Non-profit Salesforce NPSP

Get more bargaining power and manage the numerous non-profit business-related errands better by taking advantage of the managed packages available through the Salesforce AppExchange, all totally free of cost.

Salesforce Non-profit Salesforce Community Cloud

Cloud has never gotten better for non-profits than with the Salesforce Community cloud. The community cloud avails synchronization properties giving you access to the whole data on your representatives and clients alike. This allows you to get a coordinated, unified perspective of all correspondence with any of your benefactors, volunteers, customers, partners or workers.

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Salesforce Non-profit Run Better Online Campaigns

With the possibilities available with the NPSP, you can get self-driven campaigns as well as create awareness and different drives aimed at promoting the campaigns. Salesforce has made all these possible through a simple, yet intuitive web-based social media integration and attending to the highlights of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This makes it easier to create and run simple campaigns for all your noble causes.

Salesforce Non-profit Salesforce Analytics Cloud instead of the tedious paperwork

Take full advantage of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud to get rid of all your tedious paperwork. The Salesforce Analytics Cloud empowers you to handle large volumes of information records effectively and avails automated pictorial or graphical portrayal of this data for easy derivation of conclusions and decision making.

Breath in fresh perspectives to your non-profit organization with our Curated Service Offerings

We’ve perfected our best practices to allow us to provide your non-profit organization the best and most effective, reliable salesforce CRM implementation to give a boost to your operations.

Plumlogix’s Salesforce Integration services allow you to perfectly understand the information, objectives, and goals of your non-profit in a better way. This ensures you get improved clarity about everything that’s possible and impossible to implement or do.

Most non-profits still don’t appreciate the full extent of how salesforce CRM could benefit them. However, our certified Salesforce professionals will help you understand how relevant Salesforce is to non-profits beyond the projected contracted us for.

Unlike other Salesforce consultants, Plumlogix has made it a top priority to provide services that are sustainable by our non-profit clients without need for additional assistance once the project has been completed successfully.

We only promise what we can deliver successfully. We won’t take on a project that we can’t deliver the desired success.

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Ready to get started? Let Plumlogix pre-configure salesforce for your non-profit and enjoy the transformation

Our professionals are ready to kickstart your non-profit’s transformation with a successful implementation of the Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack.

Of the Salesforce Enterprise Edition applications, the Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack is undeniably the most sought-after application for non-profits. If effectively implemented, it has the potential to transform the lives of non-profits, making them unbelievably efficient.

The Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack targets the management of individual donors, donations, memberships, relationships, and company affiliations. In fact, such tasks as creation and management of recurring gifts and payments are all possible within the Salesforce NPSP.

Plumlogix has the requisite personnel, training, and experience to help any non-profit transform its operations, management, and day-to-day activities through unique and personalized experiences thus facilitating you to realize your non-profit’s objectives and goals.

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