There is only one business exactly like yours. Our flexible team works with that in mind. Whatever you imagine, we can help you achieve it
At Plumlogix, we know there is nothing more important than your customers. We help you increase new customers engagement and improve current customers experience
Plumlogix is more than just your consultant, we strive to be your partner. Our experts will be with you every step of the journey
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Plumlogix is your partner for digital transformation, now and into the future

Our Vision

We’re committed to unlocking growth potential for all.


plumlogixCommitment To Customers

plumlogixInnovation & Customer Value

plumlogixIntegrity & Honesty

plumlogixTrust & Loyalty


plumlogixContinuous Learning

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Our Vision

We’re committed to unlocking growth potential for all.


Commitment To Customers

Innovation & Customer Value

Integrity & Honesty

Trust & Loyalty


Continuous Learning

Plumlogix on salesforce appexchange

75+ Years of Salesforce & Business Experience

Plumlogix is a team of Salesforce professionals with a deep understanding of financial services, manufacturing, health and life sciences, business, and technical expertise.

With over 75 years of collective delivery experience and a proven track record of customer success across small, medium, and enterprise businesses we are poised to support your organization’s toughest challenges.

By pairing global industry leaders with unparalleled flexibility, we humbly set out to change the outsourcing world with our unique methodology in customer engagement.

Whether you are looking to implement Salesforce to grow your business or looking to maximize the ROI in your Salesforce, we’re here to help.

We've Been There Before, We Get It.

After personally spending years as customers using professional service firms that failed to deliver on their goals or worked without transparency, we experienced firsthand the difficulties and inefficiencies when outsourcing projects to an ISV.

We knew there had to be a better way.

We took everything we didn’t enjoy about the outsourcing model from the customer’s experience and built Plumlogix from the ground up around the goal of improving it.

Why Trust Plumlogix?


We’ve been there before and we know the pains customers who outsource services experience. Plumlogix is built around a unique methodology to solve these inefficiencies.


By pairing global industry leaders with unparalleled flexibility, we humbly set out to change the outsourcing world with our unique methodology in customer engagement.


We don’t have a one-fit-all service but we guarantee excellence in tailoring our services to fit your unique needs. Our goal is to earn your trust by addressing your pain points.


Integrity is at the center of what we do. We only promise what we have consistently and successfully delivered to businesses with unique needs like yours. Nothing more or less.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work

Achievements & Acknowledgements

Choosing The Right Consulting Partner Is A Critical Decision

Let our team of experts put you at ease. We have the knowledge, experience and versatility to meet your company’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on creating a positive culture that is evident in the quality of our work, but also in the way we work – with integrity, honesty and a dedication to your success from start to finish.

Your success is our business.



As a tech luminary with over twenty years under his belt, Shoaib Chaudhary reigns as the influential CEO of Plumlogix. His strategic partnerships with the crème de la crème of CIOs and CTOs have set new industry benchmarks. Before steering Plumlogix to its current acclaim, Shoaib’s unparalleled leadership directed elite teams to execute transformative, multi-million-dollar digital projects.

His technical prowess is showcased in projects with industry titans like Barnes & Noble, Tenet Healthcare, and Bloomberg. Notably, he orchestrated a digital overhaul for a major city’s Economic Development Department, revamped a multi-billion-dollar national retailer’s digital customer journey, and provided strategic tech consultations to top-tier healthcare entities. Beyond his technical feats, Shoaib’s commitment to societal advancement shines in his initiative, championing global digital proficiency.



Having spent over a decade as a chief technology officer and overall platform evangelist, Akbar’s passion for building and managing solutions that leverage the Salesforce platform has resulted in many revolutionary ideas for businesses looking to grow. Besides his exceptional experience and talents with the platform, Akbar is also an entrepreneur who understands the struggles and pains of business owners. His solution is to get rid of the pain. Akbar holds a MBA from Penn State University and undergraduate degree in computer science and political science.



Sherjeel Chaudhary, VP Operations, is a seasoned professional with a rich tapestry of experiences spanning over 17 years. His career is marked by a diverse trajectory that has seen him navigate through hardware import-exports, business development, and IT management, culminating in a deep expertise in CRM solutions and digital transformation.

His strategic acumen in business development is evident from his successful expansion of operations globally, where he has been instrumental in securing pivotal projects and fostering business growth. Sherjeel’s approach is characterized by diversity and innovation, targeting diverse industries and regions to drive sales and project acquisition. Beyond his professional pursuits, Sherjeel finds solace in cricket, online surfing, movies, and traveling, activities that provide him with a well-rounded perspective on life and work. His journey is a testament to the power of strategic decision-making and the pursuit of continuous learning, making him a paragon of operational excellence and visionary leadership.



Specializing in project and program management for payers, providers and their third party vendors, Osman has a unique blend of both business and technical expertise, which has allowed him to work on large scale initiatives along side C-level executives for some of the top healthcare insurance companies in New York City and Philadelphia. His project and program execution ranges from strategic business and compliance driven initiatives, as well as technology, with a focus on software and infrastructure. Osman holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Science and Technology.



Bob is a former Fortune 100, C-Suite executive with over 30 years experience and an exceptional record of technology innovation and achievement in the financial services industry. As Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at MassMutual, Bob led all facets of the technology organization and most recently, the complete digital transformation of its overall sales capability. This award winning Electronic Sales PlatformTMwas deployed nationally to more than 20,000 people and is an entirely new, fully integrated, and straight-through digital sales platform, anchored in the technology. His role on the executive leadership team and his regular engagement with the Board of Directors have enabled Bob to develop key strengths in strategy development, governance, change management and talent management.

Bob holds an MBA from Boston University and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. He is the recipient of several prestigious industry awards, a member of various industry organizations and a frequent keynote speaker and panelist.



With his extensive experience in CRM, and a broad-based technology background, along with his collaborative mindset, Dick has successfully driven year over year revenue growth, while exceeding customer retention objectives for Salesforce in the Central Area of the United States.

Prior to his time with Salesforce, Dick has held senior leadership roles with both domestic and global responsibility, for leading technology companies including J.D. Edwards, Computer Associates, PKWARE and Digital Equipment Corporation where he oversaw key customer facing business areas encompassing sales, marketing, professional services and product management.

Dick has decades of hands-on experience in the nuts and bolts of driving revenue growth in the technology industry. He has personally experienced the evolution of B to B (and B to C) door to door and cold-call selling early in his career, to driving business growth in today’s digital social connected world utilizing the newest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), and data analytics tools.

Dick along with his wife Ann, are long-time resident of Elm Grove Wisconsin, where Dick is active in fund raising for charities for veterans including Elm Grove Legion Post 449, and the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative

Umair Ahmed

Umair Ahmad

Salesforce Practice Manager

Umair Ahmad is an innovative IT Practice Delivery Manager with over 15 years of expertise in multiple CRM platforms, including Siebel, Oracle On Demand, and Salesforce. His leadership is marked by a commitment to Practice Management, Project Delivery, and the adept implementation of CRM solutions across diverse industries such as Non-Profit, Pharma, Healthcare, and Retail.

Known for his exceptional team-building skills, Umair excels in streamlining operations and ensuring timely project deliveries, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction. His collaborative approach and effective communication have made him a trusted figure among clients and team members, solidifying his reputation as a leader in software and product implementations.

Khaja Muqeetuddin

Senior Solutions Architect

Khaja Muqeetuddin is a seasoned Salesforce Solutions Architect with a diverse portfolio spanning education, retail, manufacturing, and the non-profit sector. With over two decades in the tech industry, he has become a beacon of expertise in Salesforce capabilities, AI integration, Lightning Layout Mode (LLM) designs, and implementations across various Salesforce clouds. His proficiency extends to marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Pardot, and he’s adept at harnessing the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Azure Dynamics.

Khaja’s dedication goes beyond just crafting solutions; he’s a technology visionary committed to transforming organizations. His unique approach tailors solutions to industry-specific needs, ensuring excellent customer relationship management, service delivery, and marketing automation.

Vijay Dwivedi

Service Delivery Manager

Vijay Dwivedi stands out as an experienced Service Delivery Manager, bringing over 11 years of hands-on expertise in Salesforce Development, Scrum Management, and Service Delivery. His proficiency extends to project management, data migration, and crafting tailored Salesforce configurations that elevate client experiences.

Dedicated to bridging the divide between technical intricacies and non-technical stakeholders, Vijay’s mission is to simplify business complexities. His approach ensures that enterprises harness the full potential of Salesforce Platform Development, making him an invaluable asset in the realm of Salesforce solutions.

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