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Salesforce is evolving daily and it can be challenging to keep track of it all and stay on top of the latest features.

With our Salesforce managed services, you have complete access to an entire team of Salesforce professionals effortlessly and proactively managing your Salesforce org so you can enjoy more time for your business.

Salesforce Managed Services

Plumlogix’s Salesforce Managed Services benefits you in more ways than an average service.

Don’t be tricked by managed services providers who limit their availability to a few hours a week or a month and when that’s gone, it all ends there. Plumlogix’s model is conveniently crafted to avail all the Salesforce skills you need, whenever you need it.

A complete, reliable solution

Plumlogix’s managed services steadily evolve as your business needs scale up. What this means is that you can now focus on achieving your business goals as we focus on making your Salesforce CRM operate at optimum. We monitor your CRM to identify and prevent critical security and performance issues and ensure that it scales up accordingly with your business needs.

Effortless and Efficient Cost Management

Our Salesforce Managed Services provides full coverage of your Salesforce needs, thus eliminating the need for having a big in-house Salesforce team. Managed services will most likely cost you less or the equivalent of a single Salesforce Admin or Developer.

More free time for management

We have learned how beneficial it is to transform your business needs into tangible technical requirements, with minimal engagement of your managers (sometimes we don’t need to engage them at all). We can deliver required system adjustments without eating into your valuable time helping or supervising the work. Besides, you’ll have more time to focus on running your business as we proactively manage your Salesforce investment.

Uninterrupted business processes

Our Salesforce improvements and modifications won’t impact your current business operations and user activities in your Salesforce CRM. Our team consists of experts with different Salesforce skills that can handle your Salesforce investment without interruptions, be it an update, a new feature, or a custom improvement.

Salesforce Managed Services Packages

Our plans are flexible and designed to grow with your needs and budget.

From $1,500

Designed for small setups with core cloud i.e. Sales, Service and Community Cloud

  • User Administration
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data backups
  • Reports and Dashboards creation (2 each).
  • Salesforce 1 configurations
  • Salesforce org optimization, Lightning Migration review
  • User Adoption efforts

Rent an Admin:
20 hours a week availability
Basic Admin work and training

From $3,000

Designed for medium setups with core clouds and Marketing cloud

  • All Standard Package offerings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Expert availability
  • Integration Analysis
  • Data Cleansing
  • Reports and Dashboards creation (4 each).
  • On-Demand Industry Specialist availability
  • Dedicated Account Manager

 Rent a Developer:
-40 hours a week availability (limited to1 person).
-Basic development excluding Integrations

Custom Pricing

Designed for large setups with customized support on all Clouds

  • All Professional Package offerings
  • Ongoing Enhancements Integrations setup and support
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Licensing and ROI study
  • Change Management
  • Premier Support

Rent an Application Development Team:

  • 40 hours per resource per week availability
  • QA and DevOps person/ team is available on-demand (extra charges will apply)
  • **Discounted Pricing available on multiple licenses
  • **Special pricing is available for Non-Profits

Common Questions on Salesforce Managed Services

Just like in other IT spheres, Salesforce Managed service is a way of preventing Salesforce org system issues before they can impact users or Salesforce-dependent operations through a set of comprehensive activities right from implementation to support and evolution.

Simply put, you simply let an external Salesforce managed services provider handle your Salesforce org while you focus on building your organization.

Our Salesforce Managed services comprise a set of Salesforce-related tasks guaranteed to facilitate your business get the most of your Salesforce investment and achieve its business potential. These include:

Strategic assessment, planning and consulting

We first take a deep look at your business to understand your needs, assess your Salesforce Org implementation and provide a roadmap on how to use Salesforce’s powerful suite of tools to make a difference in your organization.

Salesforce optimization

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had Salesforce. It’s possible you’ve got some technical debt, unused functionality and have missed numerous opportunities. Our service provides means of merging old and new functionality to streamline your business processes.


Whether it’s Salesforce’s native cloud solutions like Sales, Marketing, Service, etc., custom apps, or solutions from Salesforce AppExchange, our service covers it all to make sure your business’ needs are fully taken care of.

Integration, updates and support

Our Salesforce Managed service covers integration, whether with third-party integrations like ERP systems or troubleshooting to ensure smooth operations across the entire system.

Technical Experts and specialists

Our Salesforce technical experts and specialist will provide for the skills and experience gap your admin may have.

Support and ongoing enhancements

Business processes evolve and so should your Salesforce Org. We will help you manage your Salesforce, perform system checks, fix bugs and issues, perform security checks, support your users, train your teams and provide proactive improvements to your Salesforce so your system never lags behind for any reason.

Our managed services for Salesforce org cover the following Salesforce tools:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ

Managed services for Salesforce are guaranteed to benefit any business or organization utilizing the Salesforce platform. These services help them achieve enhanced productivity and get more value out of the Salesforce org investment.

By having a trusted Salesforce managed services provider like Plumlogix, an organization can effortlessly manage and extend their Salesforce investment to support their goals while saving time and money or repetitive administration.

If you find it difficult or relatively expensive to manage or hire your Salesforce administration team, then managed services for Salesforce are for you.

Yes. Plumlogix is both a certified official Salesforce Consulting Partner and reseller (Pakistan). Our team of Salesforce and technology experts has the requisite certifications and experience to handle both technical and basic Salesforce tasks.

Sure. We are experts in everything Salesforce. Talk to us today via (888) 318-8883 or use the form below.

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