Deploy up to 85% Faster with Plumlogix's Salesforce DevOps Services

Instead of spending 300 hours to deploy, you can now deploy in 48 hours or less with our curated, unique Salesforce DevOps services.

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Devops Solutions

Deploy up to 85% faster with Plumlogix’s Salesforce DevOps Solution

Partner with us and find out how we can transform your business to reap the most benefit from the digital age we are in today. We will help you develop a clear vision that moves you forward to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals

DevOps services

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Building a Successful DevOps Model with Plumlogix

As your business grows, you need more team members to add to your Salesforce team so you can meet your growing needs. With your existing team members  always busy implementing several daily changes, your plans for expansion and growth require additional workforce to manage complex processes. If necessary steps are not taken timely, the projects can definitely slow down (potentially stall).

In fact, even agile development and traditional Salesforce deployment methodologies fail due to complications in team coordination efficiencies, especially where different geographies and locations are involved.

With Plumlogix’s DevOps services, your team, tools, and processes get aligned- making it possible to complete even complex projects in less time without compromising the outcomes.

DevOps Services

Successful DevOps Produces Admirable Results for Your Business

Lower Cost of Ownership
Increase in Developer Efficiency
More Features Delivered
Reduction in Compliance Costs

Why You Need Plumlogix’s DevOps Solution

Faster, Stress-Free Implementations

The traditional IT environment makes the development of new systems a tedious, stressful and time-consuming undertaking, given all the groups it needs and extra considerations.  

At the core of it, you need database architects, project managers, operations, developers, testers, software architects, etc. Besides, you still need to install library components for the software, hardware and the server. All these put together will definitely overwhelm the traditional configuration management database, further complicating the process.

Instead of all these headaches and inefficiencies, our model takes advantage of Salesforce’s cloud-development sandboxes to establish DevOps best practices that render the hardware, software and server costs in new system development inapplicable.


Improved Team Collaboration and Productivity

Our DevOps services model improves collaboration and productivity within your team and consequently amplifies the skills and talent you have. The result is a single, focused delivery unit that promises a faster path to innovation and better return on your Salesforce investment, riding on the three beneficial pillars behind DevOps- Transparency, Trust, and Teamwork.

Your teams must communicate and create team-based workflows across the entire DevOps chain for better collaboration. For this to work, you need teamwork.

For complete visibility across all departments, and for shared data and goals, there must be one source of truth and therefore transparency is needed.

To better the trust your customers and partners have in your business, you must protect your data and innovation with uncompromising, industrial-strength security.

DevOps best practices

Modern Solutions and Technologies for Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Building from scratch has its challenges that if avoided, would yield more reliability and efficiency. Plumlogix will analyze and evaluate your needs before embarking on a DevOps project, to see if there is already a built-in solution that can be tweaked and configured to manage your needs.

DevOps solutions

Seamless, Effective Planning and Budgeting Due to Predictable Costs

Because of the volatility in the costs of hardware, as witnessed in modern organizations, planning and budgeting are dreadful tasks. Growth and changes happen daily in your business, making future predictions on business needs a difficult, unsure task.

But, adopting organized and reusable Salesforce DevOps services and solutions by Plumlogix gives your management a clear picture of the organization’s future and consequently enables you to plan and budget better for development and platform costs .

If you can predict costs and implement in shorter times, then your executives can adapt and alter initiatives as needed without bringing the ongoing processes to a halt.

DevOps best practices

Develop, Deploy and Administer More Systematically

To achieve a reduction in deployment delays, defects and technical staff time by up to 85% and up to a 1000% increase in the number of changes, Plumlogix insists on establishing processes, best practices, and discipline in Salesforce deployments. Traditional approaches have always proved inefficient, forcing clients to endure stressful deployments that instead of taking on a few hours, take days or even weeks to complete.


Plumlogix's Develop Services and Solutions

  • DevOps Consulting Services
  • Installation of Third-Party Software Solutions
  • Maintenance and Support
  • DevOps Configuration Management
  • DevOps Automation
  • End to End Testing
  • Monitoring & Back-Up
  • Build Configuration and Automation
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Release Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Back-up
  • Code Inspection and Integration
  • Third Party Software Complexes Installation

DevOps Tools We Use


BitBucket Pipelines


Ant-Migration Tool


CI/CD Rollout Pipelines


Platform Integrations


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