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Plumlogix brings personalized IT solutions for enterprises with ambitious goals for expansion and innovation. Reinvent supply chains and conquer new markets with class-leading Salesforce solutions.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Unparalleled Success

Plumlogix offers tailored Salesforce solutions for its growing clientele in the manufacturing sector. Our advanced solutions facilitate digital transformation in the manufacturing industry for businesses looking to modernize and expand globally. From improving customer relationships to elevating service quality for enhanced brand loyalty, our IT services empower manufacturing companies to effortlessly attain their business objectives with unparalleled efficacy.

Our solutions are designed around optimizing business processes and increasing accuracy to meet the unique needs of businesses operating in the manufacturing sector. With a deep understanding of the manufacturing sector, we enable our clients to unlock the true potential of their salesforce investment through futuristic development, marketing and cloud services.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Unparalleled Success

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Manufacturing Sector Challenges We Solve

With an experienced team of Salesforce experts, we are the one-stop partner for successfully managing all challenges faced by manufacturing organizations.

Technical Ambiguity

Technical Ambiguity

The absence of a structured technical plan caused operational confusion.
Legacy Hurdles

Legacy Hurdles

Outdated systems incurred technical debt, hampering application management and performance.
Talent Gaps

Talent Gaps

Difficulty in hiring experts with the requisite Salesforce know-how.
Security Concerns

Security Concerns

Expansion necessitated stronger safeguards for customer data.
Budgetary Limits

Budgetary Limits

Financial limitations impacted the scope of innovation and scaling.
ROI Measurement

ROI Measurement

The need for precise ROI metrics was vital but challenging amidst complex operations.

Our Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

With Plumlogix, highest levels of quality and client satisfaction is guaranteed. We take this confidence from the fact that our expert team follows the neural approach to define, track and streamline customer journeys. This helps us in understanding the needs of our customers, thus making it easier to chalk out effective growth strategies. We are your reliable partner on your path towards achieving unparalleled flexibility and digital business transformation.

Asset Management and Production Cycle Management

Asset Management and Production Cycle Management

To best serve the esteemed manufacturing clients, Plumlogix offers asset management solutions that range from product lifecycle management and inventory management to equipment and machine monitoring.
Vendor Management and Procurement

Vendor Management and Procurement

Our advanced vendor management solutions ensure seamless tracking of vendor data and the entire supply chain. We also offer procurement solutions and warehouse management for strategic planning and enhanced automation capabilities.
Top-level Management of Business Operations

Top-level Management of Business Operations

We leverage the Business intelligence solutions powered by Salesforce to ensure top-level management of business operations. This ensures enhanced transparency, comprehensive project management and empowered HR capabilities.
ERP and CRM Integration

ERP and CRM Integration

Plumlogix offers effective ERP and CRM integration for streamlining business operations. Thes solutions are essential to identify problems quickly and to automate core tasks for achieving operational consistency.
Field Service Operations

Field Service Operations

Plumlogix also offers effective support for field service operations. Our scope of services includes work order management, remote inspection and diagnostics, contract and warranty management and mobile application development for fieldwork.
Powerful Industry 4.0 Solutions

Powerful Industry 4.0 Solutions

Plumlogix always keeps its clients ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest technologies including AI, machine learning, industry iOT solutions, robotics, AR and 3D solutions, and computer vision systems.

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Our Capabilities

Plumlogix boasts a wide range of operational capabilities that help manufacturing businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. Our experienced Salesforce consultants understand the challenges of the manufacturing sector and have honed their capabilities to keep our clients always ahead of the competition.

We develop a futuristic roadmap for cloud adoption that aligns with your organization’s goals, ensuring scalability and agility in your technological approach.

We enhance your existing cloud setup by integrating advanced features and capabilities to boost efficiency and performance.

Plumlogix helps in fine-tuning your current Salesforce platform to maximize usability and streamline workflows, getting the most out of your CRM investment.

Our team conducts a thorough review of your Salesforce expenditure, identifying opportunities to optimize costs and increase return on investment.

Our experts help you leverage the power of data analytics to extract meaningful insights, inform strategic decisions, and propel your business forward with data-driven actions.

Plumlogix will perform the audit of your Salesforce licensing structure and implementation practices to ensure compliance, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with business needs.

Learn How Plumlogix Executed Architecture Revamp for a Leading Organization In the Manufacturing Industry

  • Enhancing Technical Efficiency 
  • Improving Performance 
  • Eliminating Security Concerns
  • Eradicating Talent Gaps 
  • Managing Budgetary Limits
  • Seamlessly Measuring ROI 
Plumlogix provided tailored solutions to one of its respected clients in the manufacturing sector, which helped in improving their operational capabilities, updating outdated technological systems and eliminating critical issues related to security concerns.

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At Plumlogix, we deliver the most comprehensive digital transformation solutions to businesses that do not compromise on quality and excellence. Our core values and professional expertise set us apart from the competition and help us achieve the desired results for our clients.

Customer-Centric Passion

Unwavering dedication to ensuring customer success.

Business Driven Solutions

Integrating solutions aligned with core business objectives.

World-Class Team

Harnessing the skills of top-tier Certified Salesforce professionals.


Swift implementations with adaptive planning and responsive feedback loops.

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