Are you ready to join Plumlogix?

Are you passionate about the cloud and salesforce? We want to work with you and help our customers get maximum ROI out of their Salesforce investment.

Plumlogix is an equal opportunity employer and is against harassment or discrimination of any kind. We are committed to the universal principle of equal employment opportunity for all qualified employees and will continue to offer a work environment free of all sorts of discrimination.

All employment decisions at Plumlogix are based on our business needs, job rations and individual qualifications and do not any other social orientations, race, gender, etc. as superior in any form.

As a result, we invite all qualified candidates who are enthusiastic about salesforce and its possibilities to place their applications to any open positions that may be posted here or published in any form of print or digital media.

Why Join Plumlogix?

Joining Plumlogix is an exclusive opportunity that brings with it advantages among them:

  • Learning different aspects of the business. Salesforce is a revolutionary CRM and offers great opportunities not only for career development but also for advancing knowledge. Working with Plumlogix offers you an opportunity to amass experience in Salesforce and other areas of our business.
  • Opportunity to advance. Plumlogix believes in career progression and has implemented in place strategic decisions all aimed at availing opportunities for growth during your time at Plumlogix.
  • Flexibility. We believe employees should be allowed to enjoy flexibility at the workplace with superbly curated work schedules and work programming. Our goal is to promote this characteristic of an ideal workplace.
  • Workplace culture. Plumlogix promotes more than just a standardized workplace culture. We diversify our approaches to this at offer an all-round workplace culture that targets a supportive family atmosphere, emphasizes on creativity and innovation, etc.
  • Creative bonuses. We all need some appreciation and boost at our workplaces. Plumlogix promises nothing but the best appreciation for our employees to boost morale and work attitude.

Open Positions

If there are open positions, they will be listed below.