Retail Transformation Excellence (2021-22) Comprehensive Salesforce Ecosystem for a US-based Retail Giant

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Retail Enterprise


Retail Transformation Excellence


Data integration


MuleSoft, Copado for CI/CD


A Fortune 1000 Retail Enterprise aimed to overcome the challenges of their legacy systems and enhance ROI measurement.
The goal was to adopt a full-scale Salesforce solution that seamlessly integrates Inside Sales, Service, and In-store operations,
thereby fostering efficiency and customer satisfaction across all business units.


To spearhead a digital revolution within the retail space, customizing and expanding Salesforce functionalities to not
only meet but exceed the evolving strategic demands of the client’s multi-faceted business operations.

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US Based Retail Clien


The following obstacles underscored the need for a strategic overhaul of their Salesforce ecosystem, demanding not just incremental changes but a comprehensive, tailored approach to modernize their retail operations.

  • Technical Ambiguity: The absence of a structured technical plan caused operational confusion.
  • Legacy Hurdles: Outdated systems incurred technical debt, hampering application management and performance.
  • Talent Gaps: Difficulty in hiring experts with the requisite Salesforce know-how.
  • Security Concerns: Expansion necessitated stronger safeguards for customer data.
  • Budgetary Limits: Financial limitations impacted the scope of innovation and scaling.
  • ROI Measurement: The need for precise ROI metrics was vital but challenging amidst complex operations.


Sales & Service Synergy

Integrated Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds for holistic customer management.

Uniffied Business Operations

Implemented Marketing and Commerce Clouds for a cohesive business approach.

Enhanced User Experience

Leveraged Experience Cloud for an optimized user journey.

Data Integration

Utilized MuleSoft for seamless data flow and inter-system communication.

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