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Lead the Market with Top-of-the-line eCommerce and Retail Technology Solutions

For companies on the lookout for a reliable partner to identify growth areas and help achieve retail excellence, Plumlogix paves the way with proven experience and strategies. We offer a wide range of solutions that help your business achieve long-term consistency. 

Our solutions empower retail organizations to develop robust processes to ensure enhanced productivity and to make the best use of their strategic and physical resources.

Lead the Market with Top-of-the-line eCommerce and Retail Technology Solutions

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Retail Sector Challenges We Solve

Plumlogix simplifies the advanced retail IT solutions for its clients so that they can deal with their recurring challenges effectively and achieve corporate excellence over a period of time.

Lack of Technical Clarity

The absence of a structured technical plan often creates serious problems for retail businesses. Our solutions ensure visibility and ease of understanding for clients so that they can keep track of their progress and performance.
Workforce Related Problems

Workforce Related Problems

To excel in the retail sector, it is essential to have a strong workforce. Plumlogix helps retail companies with expert planning and Salesforce managed services to overcome workforce-related challenges.
Outdated systems

Outdated systems

Not investing actively in upgrading the technological infrastructure often leads to poor management and performance for retail businesses. This is where Plumlogix helps by empowering the retail sector with effective digital transformation solutions.

Our Advanced Solutions for the Retail and eCommerce Sector

As a reliable Salesforce company, Plumlogix caters to the unique needs of retail clients and offers personalized solutions to achieve long-term growth objectives. Our goal is to enable our clients to manage their resources in the most effective way to achieve unparalleled growth and always stay ahead of the competition.

Advanced eCommerce Solutions

Advanced eCommerce Solutions

Plumlogix develops online platforms based on advanced solutions such as Salesforce eCommerce cloud. Such platforms offer dynamic shopping experiences, powered by enhanced customer support and secure payment gateways. We also offer Salesforce B2B eCommerce solutions.
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We help our clients manage their supply chain cycle effectively. Our services improve the core supply chain process by improving service flexibility and increasing connectivity between the most critical channels.
Workforce and Task Management Solutions

Workforce and Task Management Solutions

At Plumlogix, our goal is to improve the coordination between multiple departments of a retail business to enhance productivity. Our solutions improve interdepartmental connectivity and help in automating key tasks to achieve operational efficiency.
Retail Analytics Solutions

Retail Analytics Solutions

With advanced retail analytics and reporting solutions, we help you track key performance indicators, develop an understanding of consumer behavior, and identify the shortcomings for streamlining the core processes.
Customer Experience Enhancement

Customer Experience Enhancement

Plumlogix ensures that customer journeys are well-defined, tracked, and optimized for seamless retail operations. Through our Salesforce solutions, we help you keep an eye on customer interactions for improved performance.
Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

We offer sophisticated Salesforce eCommerce integration solutions for comprehensive omnichannel marketing with consistent brand messaging. This includes leveraging automated analytics and touchpoint intelligence for enhanced conversions.

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Our Capabilities

Plumlogix is your go-to partner for top-tier tech solutions that run smoothly. Looking for an advanced cloud upgrade or a complete digital transformation of your business? Look no further, we’re your team. Have a look at our core capabilities:

We develop a futuristic roadmap for cloud adoption that aligns with your organization’s goals, ensuring scalability and agility in your technological approach.

We enhance your existing cloud setup by integrating advanced features and capabilities to boost efficiency and performance.

Plumlogix helps in fine-tuning your current Salesforce platform to maximize usability and streamline workflows, getting the most out of your CRM investment.

Our team conducts a thorough review of your Salesforce expenditure, identifying opportunities to optimize costs and increase return on investment.

Our experts help you leverage the power of data analytics to extract meaningful insights, inform strategic decisions, and propel your business forward with data-driven actions.

Plumlogix will perform the audit of your Salesforce licensing structure and implementation practices to ensure compliance, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with business needs.

Learn How Plumlogix Helped a US-based Retail Giant Achieve Retail Transformation Excellence With:

  • Sales and Service Synergy
  • Improved Data Integration Capabilities
  • Unified Business Operations

Plumlogix supported a renowned US-based retail firm in achieving retail transformation excellence by addressing the core functional problems and streamlining the business operations with the help of advanced retail solutions. Book an appointment today to discuss your requirements with our experts!

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