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Warren Controls aimed to achieve a seamless experience for its customers by incorporating automation and making architectural
enhancements. These changes were required to ensure accurate price-to-product mapping, especially when selecting multiple items.
The requirement of the project was a successful implementation of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and Sales Cloud as a part of the
architectural revamp of the existing ecosystem.


Design and development of custom solutions using Visualforce. Implementing a revamped org architecture to streamline code flow in order to enhance efficiency, accuracy and user-friendliness. The implementation of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and Sales Cloud ensured enhanced data mapping and seamless deployment of automation protocols for improved reporting and streamlined user journeys.

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  • 24/11/2017
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By identifying challenges a strategy was developed to streamline price mapping for products utilizing sales and manufacturing cloud implementation.

The lack of a detailed manufacturing pathway was a major reason behind this major shortcoming.

Compromised User Experience: Customers were facing numerous problems in configuring product prices, especially when selecting multiple items.
Price overwriting: It was another major problem in the existing architecture that needed to be quickly rectified.
Lack of Automation: The current architecture needed a technological and logical boost to set the right protocols for improved data tracking and product price mapping.
Overall Architecture Problems: The entire architecture was all over the place, affected by the absence of advanced technologies and methodical deployment.
Issues with Price-to-Product Mapping: The problem with price-to-product mapping made it complicated for customers to configure the right prices, which deteriorated their experience.


Improved Automation

To avoid pricing overwriting and poor price-to-product mapping, the focus remained on improving the automation levels for updating the prices yearly through a step-by-step implementation of manufacturing cloud.

Accurate Data Mapping

The logical and technical flow of data mapping was missing. An improved data mapping structure was implemented to eliminate the risk of errors and make data comprehension easier.

Data Reporting

The scope of data reporting needed to be improved where the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud helped a great deal. The improved data reporting capabilities helped in automating yearly pricing updates and managing quotations for products across various categories.

A Comprehensive Architectural Overhaul

Due to several minor and major shortcomings in the existing architecture, it was essential to develop custom solutions using Visualforce and apex classes and revamp the org architecture to streamline code flow.

Technical Enhancements

Several major and minor technical enhancements were introduced including moving the JavaScript logic from the VF page to the apex controller.

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