Revolutionizing Global Education (2017-2023) Customized Salesforce Solutions for Education Sector Client

Revolutionizing Global Education Customized Salesforce Solutions for Education Sector Client


A US based leading education service provider wanted to modernize their legacy systems. Their goal was to seek a tailored Salesforce solution that bridges educational institutions, governments, and international organizations. While promoting efficiency and transparency, this integrated platform sought to simplify educational and assessment.


Develop a cutting-edge Salesforce application, customizing its capabilities with innovative features to align with our client’s evolving vision
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  • 24/11/2017
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The client embarked on an ambitious journey using Salesforce, implementing various tools like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Pardot. However, they faced significant challenges within their Salesforce ecosystem.

Outdated systems, slowing performance, and complex challenges in Salesforce applications.
Stalled initiatives and data security vulnerabilities.
Need for distinct Experience Cloud applications for operational engagement.
Data duplication issues in Contacts and Accounts.
Need for extensive customizations due to outdated Salesforce features.


Detailed Exploration

Conducted thorough audits, creating detailed documentation to enhance communication and data security insights.

Security & Access Upgrade

Implemented precise configurations, data model adjustments, and tailored user experiences in Visualforce pages.

Stable Delivery Assurance

After strengthening the Salesforce structure, we mobilized various teams for efficient fulfillment of business requirements.

Strategic Blueprint

Collaborated with the client’s teams to develop a refined Salesforce strategy, emphasizing adaptability.

Enhanced Data Collaboration

Implemented advanced sharing sets for optimized data distribution, guaranteeing flawless operation.

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