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Duplicate Record Reduction

Duplicate Record Reduction Project- A Success Story Coined by Plumlogix Inc.

How do you move from a duplicate (and possibly triplicate etc.) ridden (over 25, 000) salesforce platform with multiple communities where customer and partner users are recorded and accessed, to a clean, efficient, duplicate-entry proof system and still achieve over 95% duplicate mitigation score?

Well, that’s what Plumlogix Inc. was faced within our latest project dubbed Duplicate Record Reduction.

XYZ reached out to Plumlogix Inc having been failed by their original contractor who implemented a salesforce community platform to register and assess their customer and partner users, to get rid of the over 25, 000 duplicates in their records and implement a system where multiple entries of a user’s data and activity are deterred.

These were not the only issues XYZ faced, but Plumlogix Inc. undertook the challenge to rectify the mess. We decided to break the project into phases to achieve the best possible outcome and deployed a series of strategies yielded more than the expected results.

Once our team of experts analyzed and figured out the strategies to execute for best results, we swung into action. Of course, with a project of this magnitude, challenges are expected which we overcame.

One such issue that we encountered was that the existing Platform architecture constraints and client business requirement changed during the implementation of the project due to cause and effect during development and post-deployment. Also, we had to execute an unplanned system-level refactoring so that we could ensure the effective elimination of duplicates.

Of course, working with experts like the team at Plumlogix Inc should yield satisfying results. And we delivered beyond the expectations agreed on.

We delivered more than 95% mitigation of duplicates and proactive merging of remaining duplicate records within agreed upon SLAs. In addition to this, we also provided excellent support & engagement by Client & Plumlogix and ensured Plumlogix personnel was on-site to synergize and expedite project execution.

We are a team committed to the success of our clients and the building of strong business relationships with you.

Download the whole report highlighting the project’s deliverables, full strategies deployed, the challenges faced, and of course, the admirable results (outcomes) we achieved here.

What client said

There were four phases of the project

▶ Discovery & Requirements Detail Phase of the project

▶ Design & Implementation Phase

▶ Quality Assurance (QA) & User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Phase

▶ Production Deployment & Post Launch Support Phase

▶  Salesforce  platform  with  multiple  communities  where  customers  and  partner  users are  registered  and  accessed.    Records  are  updated  in  individual  communities  in isolation without comprehensive validation.

▶  The most recent analysis revealed over 25,000 contact records as duplicates.  Many records  associated  to  the  same  account  had  more  than  2  copies  of  varying  field values

▶  The Salesforce Communities and CRM are the primary source of duplicates.

▶  Not only the duplicates have to be eliminated, creation of new duplicates, triplicates and beyond  need to be prevented.

▶  No support was available from the original developer of the system

▶  Deep Dive of org to fully discover underlying architecture and system design

▶  Limit access of customer and partner users to singular portal for login and registration

▶  Development of feature upgrades in consistent with existing entity relationship model.

▶  Development of platform features in alignment with business objectives

▶  Salesforce  team  of  Client  and  Plumlogix  comprising  of  Project  Manager,  Solution Architects,  Business  analysts,  Developers,  Quality  Analysts  working  together  through different phases of the project

▶  Expected  outcome  was  maximum  prevention  of  duplicate  records  to  total elimination

▶  Introduction of Smart auto-merge for existing duplicate records

▶  Creation  of  technical  documentation  (requirement  details,  design  details  &  test scripts) during project execution for product sustainability

▶  Existing  Platform  architecture  constraints  and  client  business  requirement changes  during  implementation  of  the  project  due  to  cause  and  effect during development and post deployment

▶  Unplanned  system  level  refactoring  required  for  effective  elimination  of duplicates.

▶  Selection of best design path during project execution required additional effort.

▶  Existing  platform  technology  was  surgically  designed  and  developed  to keep the business goals aligned with enhanced platform capabilities

▶  Team  embraced  and  rehashed  additional  tasks  to  meet  business  goals within the timeline

▶  Useful technical documentation like BRD, CBP, System Design Doc and Test scripts were created during project execution

▶  Excellent support & engagement by Client & Plumlogix

▶  Plumlogix  personal  was  on-site  to  synergize  and  expedite  project execution

▶  Greater  than  95%  mitigation  of  duplicates  and  proactive  merging  of remaining duplicate records within agreed upon SLAs.