Salesforce Org Review

If you want to take your org project from good to great, you need a Salesforce Org review from qualified, selfless, and experienced Salesforce professionals. Plumlogix’s team offers unbiased complementary org review to help you understand the steps your organization needs to take to get out of the crowd as the best.

The Salesforce Org Review Process

Our org review process involves three simple steps:

  1. Certified consultants engage with your organization to understand your unique priorities and questions before proceeding to conduct a comprehensive review of your Salesforce investment.
  2. Once the Salesforce org review is complete, our team will generate a detailed, unbiased report on the state of your Salesforce installation. Our consultants have years of experience and vast knowledge of the Salesforce system and understand the key areas in Salesforce that need no guesswork.
  3. Together with the report, our team will also generate a customized and detailed document containing the recommendations to be implemented to supercharge your Salesforce not only for the future but also to correct current inefficiencies limiting the profitability of your org investment.

Common Target Areas In Salesforce Org Review

Of course, we understand different Salesforce org reviews will never be the same. However, with Plumlogix, we are interested in understanding your distinct priorities and questions before providing an audit of your Salesforce installation.

With years of experience helping organizations get the best out of their Salesforce projects, we understand the key areas that matter the most. Below are some of the areas we target to review:

  • Object Architecture versus Expected build. Does the Salesforce architecture match the expected build? Whatever the outcome, we will provide recommendations for any improvements
  • Ease of Use. Our consultants will review, determine, and advise whether the user flow is intuitive and easy to follow.
  • Your Salesforce and red flags. Are there any major red flags within your installation?
  • Reveal quick wins. Normally, efficiency is the goal of every Salesforce installation. Upon, review, we will provide a list of possible improvements to instantly yield real value and efficiency.
  • Review data quality in your org installation. Quality of data is a key determinant in making the right decisions driven by data insight. We will review the quality of data in your org and advise appropriately.
  • Handling of sandbox maintenance and deployment of new functionalities and features. Upon completion of our review, we will provide viable suggestions on the best practices for development and deployment, especially for new features and functionalities and sandbox maintenance.
  • Provide answers to all your burning questions around your Salesforce installation, including those you have on how to develop a future roadmap.

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