How is Salesforce a good fit for Business Intelligence (BI)?

How is Salesforce a good fit for Business Intelligence (BI)?
Gone are the days when all the legwork was put on the sales team to manually collect, analyze, share and manage customer data for effective decision making processes. Today, the world is digital and so are the businesses that now rely on CRM. This use of CRM tools and softwares to make informed business decisions by improving processes is termed as business intelligence (BI). One such leader of cloud-based CRM according to Forbes is Salesforce, which has helped businesses in sales automation for the 13th year and in customer service for the 11th year in a row. So, if you are looking for a reason to shift your business to Salesforce or just contemplating on what to do, keep reading to know exactly how Salesforce can change your business’ game:
In order to understand if Salesforce is a good fit for business intelligence, it is imperative to first look at the compatibility of both. For starters, business intelligence is a process of using customer data to make informed business decisions in order to gain leads, sell products or services. This insight into customers’ demands and its relationship to evolving decision-making processes is the essence of business intelligence. Now comes the use of Salesforce as a customer relationship management (CRM), which automates all the tasks and aids in the effective decision-making process using customer data. The following table will further explain the compatibility of both business intelligence and Salesforce:
Business Intelligence
● Aims to track performance
● Automated workflows helps in tracking performance
● Seeks to identify problems
● Cloud-based cost-effective solution that simplifies configuration
● Recognise market trends
● Offers customization to match market trends
● Understand customer behavior
● Provides various products to meet business needs as per the customer behavior
● Finds opportunities to increase sales
● Matches to your specific sales pipelines
Salesforce, being in the field for 20 years and a CRM leader for the 13th year in a row has a plethora of benefits that makes it the best fit for business intelligence. Some of these benefits have been explained below:

1. Salesforce’s cloud deployment simplifies configuration for businesses

Unlike on-premise CRMs, Salesforce eases the process of configuration and administration for business intelligence applications. Consider a business with a -15% downturn in its sales, the first and the next right thing would be to identify the problem that led to this downturn. Now, imagine the only reason that came forward was that the sales team couldn’t streamline the sales process due to difficulty in configuration and loss of customer data due to unplanned downtime in the system. So, if you are a business owner who wants to avoid this mistake then Salesforce is a reliable platform that can be even managed by a small IT team and there will only be planned downtimes, informed annual upgrades and releases.

2. Salesforce provides products for all types of business needs

In case you are wondering that your business doesn’t need Salesforce as it only deals with sales, let that thought evaporate! Salesforce provides resources that cater to various business needs as it includes key products which are known as Clouds and other applications that deal with customer service and marketing processes. Moreover, other services which Salesforce provide are:
  • Salesforce allows to build your own app
  • It allows you to build portal for your customers
  • You can also create a website using Salesforce solution called Site.com
  • You can integrate Salesforce with a number of external systems like DMS, ITSM etc.

3. Salesforce automates business workflows

From preparing a proposal to closing the deals, in arranging follow-ups, as well as in understanding the competition, Salesforce Sales Cloud has extensive features to support your team and automate tasks at every stage of your sales process. The same goes with other deliverables like customer service which can be automated through Salesforce omni channel Service Cloud. Also, the Marketing cloud offers tailor-made marketing solutions by understanding your customer’s demands. In this way Salesforce helps in business intelligence operations.


From the above points it can be concluded that Salesforce is by far the best fit for business intelligence operations that cater to various needs of a business. From managing sales, to automating the entire operations, Salesforces lives to its name and proves to be the best CRM in the industry. Therefore, if you are still contemplating, giving Salesforce a chance would be the best decision to make.
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