Establishing Salesforce ISV Transitions at Ascent ERP

Ascent ERP is a medium sized manufacturing services provider based out of Branchburg, New Jersey. Ascent ERP is a lean enterprise resource management platform. The platform is a tool used by manufacturers to track and predict inventory, quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, authorizations, invoices, and master plans.

They work to streamline and integrate support from the warehouse and production floor with sales and management teams. Using barcode scanning, iOS, and RFID technologies, they bring together information sources to give clients to most robust outlook of their production. Along with their platform, they also offer additional services to B2B and B2C customers and specialize in equipment rental services.

When Ascent ERP realized that integrating platforms they relied on would be more difficult, timely, and costly than they were prepared for, Plumlogix stepped in. Ascent relies on a variety of platforms to provide services to their customers, and they typically rely on in-house integrations.

However, when it came to integrating Quickbooks and Shopify with the cloud elements of their platform, this proved to be more demanding than they could manage without hiring on additional staff.

With Plumlogix’ assistance, they were able to augment their staff to meet the demands of this integration without the costs of hiring additional team members.

Additional integration assistance was also provided to prepare the Salesforce Lightning Web component for use with the Ascent Rentals package. These capabilities allow Ascent ERP to provide fuller vision into real time operation and orders information.

With the help of Plumlogix, Ascent ERP is now able to provide more value to customers. Their services are more highly integrated to provide insights that give customers a direct outlook of the issues facing their business in real time. Not only was Plumlogix able to assist Ascent ERP in bringing customers more value, but they also helped Ascent ERP cut costs. Bringing on additional team members is costly, and it takes time to train employees. Ascent ERP was able to eliminate the risk of bringing on untested employees to solve their problems by working with Plumlogix. With the help of Plumlogix, Ascent ERP delivered higher value at a lower cost.

What it's like to work with Plumlogix

“Plumlogix allowed us to scale up our development capability without incurring any additional hiring of permanent staff.”

“The staff is always willing to take on new problems”

“Much of the work that we have given Plumlogix has required a substantial amount of learning about new salesforce technologies and how our products are implemented internally.”

“… Additional flexibility that we did not have before.”

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