Here’s How to Get the Best Salesforce Consulting Firms in Allentown, PA

Most developing businesses don’t usually have the resources to hire a whole department with dedicated Salesforce experts. If you are a business or organization in Allentown, PA and you are looking at how to implement Salesforce seamlessly, here’s your guide to choosing the best Salesforce consulting firms in Allentown, PA to help with the process. To identify the right Salesforce consulting firms in Allentown, PA, you need to look out for these 6 qualities that your salesforce provider must possess.

Should be closer to your Location

If you are in Allentown or nearby cities, your Salesforce service provider must be reachable should you want to have meetings to kick-start or finish your project. You may also need to have meetings for end-user training or during UAT. These meetings are critical and can only be cost-effective if your service provider is in a nearby location. is proud to be offering real-time help to the people of Allentown and the greater Pennsylvania region.

Don’t forget to check reviews

Here’s the trick. If you people don’t speak good of a service provider, they are likely to have had a bad experience with them. Salesforce is a revolutionary tool for improving your organization’s effectiveness, productivity, and increased customer experience. If one is to implement it for you, he must have good reviews. [Want more of these delivered to your inbox? Subscribe below]
Do your research and once you identify a list of potential service providers in your area, find out what people are saying about them. Do the reviews please you? Look for recent reviews as those are more accurate. Old reviews spanning years back could be inaccurate because organizations grow and a bad experience 10 years ago is unlikely to reoccur now. See if they have offered similar services to those you are looking at. At, we boast top rating on all our service deliveries and are excited to also possess an admirable rating on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. Find out more here

Experienced and matured enough to understand your domain

You are not going to offer your investment as a testing ground for a service provider. Good Salesforce consulting firms have enough experience and capacity to handle the numerous salesforce services. They must have adequate knowledge to address your pain points and possess adequate domain expertise to be able to advise and guide you even on things to watch out for in the future (based on your business’ potential future needs)

Review their response time when a ticket is raised

Really, you don’t want to be kept waiting for weeks when you have a system down. Reliable salesforce consulting firms in Allentown, PA, like must be responsive to ensure their clients don’t experience severe interruptions in their workflows. Salesforce Consulting Firms in Allentown, PAThey must be able to respond in time when there’s a need to be attended to. Again, this you can find from the reviews and what others are saying about the company. Check their Facebook, Twitter or Google pages for such reviews. Technical expertise and capabilities must also be accompanied with great responsiveness whenever there’s a crisis.

Find out about their customer satisfaction ratings

Whether you are an established firm or just starting, when dealing with Salesforce consulting firms, you must prioritize quality over quantity, aim for utmost efficiency, insist on 100% on-time deliverability and focus on customer delight. This way, you can be guaranteed of great rewards in your Salesforce investment. Customer satisfaction ratings are also available online. You can check testimonials from past and recent clients, read their case studies and inquire from your business networks of past interactions with the Salesforce service provider you’ve bookmarked.

Check their training and certifications

Salesforce is a diverse and technical CRM that can deliver near-magic experiences. Therefore, if anyone claims to be a salesforce consultant, his training and certification must be assessed. Salesforce has over 20 certifications categorized under administrators, app builders, architects, consultants, developers, and specialists. Make sure your Salesforce service provider has the requisite training and certifications to match the needs you have. The more certifications Salesforce consulting firms have, the better for you because that is a clear demonstration of real capacity to handle your project. Also, if a salesforce consulting firm has diverse certifications and training, the implication is that they can guarantee risk assessment from different angles, help you reduce costs and manage a complex environment to deliver the project. [Watch how Plumlogix is helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals]
At, we boast of a combined team experience spanning over 75 years. We are a certified Salesforce partner with different certifications to brag about and an excellent track record of excellence delivery in Salesforce projects.

Choosing a Salesforce Consulting Firms

Although the above are great points to look out for when deciding on which Salesforce consulting firms in Allentown, PA you want to contract, it’s wise to first do the following:
  • Get well equipped with salesforce. Watch a few demo videos from Salesforce to gain some insights into how Salesforce works.
  • Get help from your Salesforce account executive.
  • Review your budget and see how much it can stretch to get top talent
  • Understand all the costs that may be associated with the project, for example, data migration costs.
Now, with all these, you are ready to engage your top choice. Remember to ask all the questions you need answers for, before committing to a contract. Don’t be in a hurry, take your time to review everything one at a time. Talk to us today for a reliable, trustworthy and fulfilling experience with one of the best Salesforce consulting firms in Allentown, PA.dddededx