12 Ways To Build Connected Workplaces And Make Employees Feel More Together

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown companies into hybrid and remote working setups amidst unprecedented challenges. The result is lonely and isolated employees who feel frustrated, lonely, and disconnected. In fact, loneliness and isolation have already been reported as major concerns for employees which call the implementation of connected workplaces. Making employees feel more together at work could increase team spirit, give off a feeling of belonging,g and increase productivity in the workplace. It is surprising what it can do to a workplace amongst your employees.

How to create connected workplaces and kick out loneliness among employees

Here are some tips to help you establish exactly that.

Choose and use the right communication tools

97% of employees don’t want to return to the office full-time, and 61% say they prefer being fully remote. It’s time for companies to completely rethink what communication tools they need for their work since it is a big factor in making them feel motivated to come to the workplace. Train your employees on the tools and make sure to pass a sensitive message by word of mouth to them since it could be misunderstood when it is in text form.

Avoid cringe-worthy team-building exercises

Primal scream workshops, extreme exercise, and trust falls can induce a collective bout of nausea. Formal (and compulsory) events are no longer on-trend. What’s in? Building team spirit via voluntary social events in low-pressure, informal spaces. Improving employee interactions would be better compared to strenuous activities that do not include any bond formation. Lunch or brunch outings would be better, as well as having drinks after work.

Lead by example

You should conduct yourself in the way you would like your employees to behave so that you can make them feel more together. There is a famous saying that one should be the change they would like to see in the world, and similarly, an employer should live up to the change they would like to see in their office. Make a constant effort to lead by example, so your team knows how you expect them to behave.

Set a North Star, and help your team reach it

Your employees need ashortlistt of three to four clear goals (the proverbial elevator pitch) that you strive for together. Repeat these goals constantly and make certain your whole team is as familiar with them as you are. Once everyone is well acquainted, it will be easier to put it into play.

Establish clear goals

Figuring out who is responsible for what work and on what timelines will enable you to get the team together to outline skill-sets and create project workflows and deadline charts. This will help make employees feel connected. Involve them in discussions so that they can call out unrealistic expectations of them and speak up on concerns or even make suggestions that would be of help to others.

Establish team rules

The earlier you establish rules the better but be willing to consider changing them if they’re hindering rather than making the employees feel more together. You can write them down or just chat about them openly while having a meeting or request to interrupt if it needs urgent approval from their side. Point is, you should be clear on why they exist and ask for contributions or feedback from them.

Foster workplace friendships

To create connected workplaces, give your team a chance to discuss non-work things, like weekend plans or things they’re excited about. Bringing good feelings into the office can foster more good feelings within your four walls which can make your employees feel more together. Besides, friends have deeper trust and a vested interest in each other’s success. Also, consider newbies by launching a buddy program to have existing employees show new hires the ropes.

Recognize and reward your employees for success

Recognized employees are satisfied employees, according to a recent survey. Additionally, satisfied employees do better at work since it makes them feel more together. If you want a happier, stronger team, recognition is key. You could send them company or team-wide emails recognizing individuals or teams, do an in-person recognition, promote an employee, give bonuses or extra vacation days.

Make the daily workflow more efficient

The more your team has insight on leadership direction and decisions, the more aligned and productive they will be. In addition to that, provided they have the right tools and resources at their disposal, they shall spend less time performing tedious tasks and more time to spare for the master plan.

Talk less and listen more

This will assist you to know where your shortcomings are as an employer and you will be able to establish better ways to make your employees feel more together. By listening to their concerns, suggestions and requests, you will be able to make the workplace feel more conducive for the daily tasks at hand and they will be able to look forward to getting to the office to accomplish their daily tasks. This will earn you respect and prevent employees from resenting you. Quite the contrary, they will admire you and be thankful that yconsiderion to what they have to say.

Create a mentor program

A mentor program that pairs two employees together will help increase performance and improve employee relations as they will be relating to each other in a friendly manner which will, in turn, help them form a bond. A mentee can gain a lot from a mentor and vice versa. This kind of program will enable your employees to better each other and make them feel more together due to the coordination of activities.

Mix it up

Do not be afraid to break the monotony. Whether it concerns team shuffling or routine change-up. In teams, collaboration is supposed to occur naturally and it cannot be forced. Therefore, do not be afraid to shuffle teams as it enhances familiarity and makes employees feel more together. Already established teams are good at coordination while new teams are good at idea germination and coming up with great creative and innovative ideas.

Wrap Up

The above measures to create connected workplaces are only a starting point and a reference guide for you. As you go ahead and implement, review what’s working and collect feedback to know which ones are bringing in the most impact and maximize on such. There will be an overall increase in productivity and successful achievements made by the time you get to the fifth one.