Are You A Nonprofit? Get Up To 10 Free Salesforce Licenses Now

If you are a non-profit organization and are wondering how to get started with Salesforce, here’s an opportunity for you to earn free Salesforce licenses to begin. Salesforce, the leading provider of the world’s leading CRM for both profit-making and nonprofit organizations, has an offer of up to 10 free Enterprise Edition licenses for nonprofits like yours.

These licenses are for the Salesforce Sales Cloud infrastructure and are available for Non-Profit organizations to enjoy free NPSP (Nonprofits Success Pack) and HEDA (Higher Ed Data Architecture) for higher education-based organizations.

How Does the Free Salesforce Licenses Work and How Does One Apply?

Before anything else, it’s important to understand that not all non-profits qualify or are eligible for the free Salesforce licenses. To find out if you qualify, check on these eligibility guidelines. If you qualify for the free Salesforce licenses, go to and sign up for a free trial as the first thing you need to do before getting access to the free licenses.

Once you are the salesforce homepage, click on “Get Started” which is on the top right corner of your screen as shown in the image below. Upon loading the ‘get started’ page, there will be a list of options to subscribe to.

Free Salesforce Licenses Choose the first option, which is Salesforce for nonprofits, and click on ‘NPSP FREE TRIAL”. Then let it load. The page opens with two options displayed- Lightning Enterprise Edition + NPSP and Unlimited Edition + NPSP. Because you are looking to get the free Salesforce licenses, choose the first one as shown below.

Free Salesforce Licenses The page then loads the free trial sign up with a sign-up form. Fill out the form to get started with your free trial, which will allow you to apply for the free licenses. You MUST use the name of the system administrator. Once your trial begins, YOU MUST APPLY FOR THE FREE SALESFORCE LICENSES WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE TRIAL PERIOD.

To get access to the 10 free Salesforce licenses and NPSP, head to the Power of Us Program Application page which is available on this link. Log in to begin the application. You must create a login ID if you don’t have one yet. This is how the Power of Us Program Application page looks like.

Free Salesforce Licenses
There are 6 stages in the application process which are as follows:

  • Welcome- all you have to do is log in
  • Readiness- take a small survey on Salesforce to assess your readiness
  • Contacts- provide straightforward answers
  • Organization- enter the details of your organization as accurately as possible
  • Upload- locate your 501c3 pdf or proof of non-profit status and upload it
  • Submit – review your entries and submit

Once you have submitted all the required information and sent your application, Salesforce will then notify your system administrator about the approval status. This normally takes about two weeks on average, but you can always reach out to Salesforce if you have any questions.

If you are successful, you’ll not only get up to 10 free Enterprise Edition licenses but also benefit as a non-profit with improved efficiency and deep discounts on any additional licenses, training, products, events and/or services offered by Salesforce. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to nonprofit specific events, webinars and user groups.

What next, I now have the 10 free licenses?

Once your submission is approved and considered for the 10 free Salesforce licenses, it’s now time to get in touch with an approved local Salesforce developer or agency who can comfortably and reliably implement Salesforce and the Nonprofits Success Pack. All these must be in line with your business processes.

Your developer will probably ask you a few questions or require more information about your organization which will include how you get, work and nurture your leads, how your donor management is or how you manage your donations. They may also inquire about how your events and campaign management is done. is a certified Salesforce partner with the ability to help your non-profit establish itself for utmost efficiency by strategically implementing Salesforce and it’s addon programs for nonprofits like the NPSP. Talk to us and lets us walk the digital transformation journey with you.