Salesforce Admin Center: The All-New Admin Center Changes the Dynamics for Salesforce Admins

Administrators are some of the busiest people in the Salesforce environment. As an admin, you likely spend the better part of your days helping other users become more proficient and effective with Salesforce. The rest of the working hours are spent bringing Salesforce innovations to life. Unfortunately, the administrator had to do all this work from multiple interfaces across the Salesforce platform in the past. Salesforce is introducing the Salesforce Admin Center to make your job easier and for increased admin productivity.

What’s the Salesforce Admin Center?

Salesforce Admin Center is the company’s vision of a better administrator experience. Think of it as a tool to make the admin more productive. It allows the admin to log into a central command center and go about their job from a single interface. This single command center will contain everything the administrator needs, from guided setup flows to org management tools and so forth. Better still, it gives admins the flexibility to customize administrator pages in a way that works best for them.

Why the Need for an Admin Center?

The Salesforce admin’s biggest responsibility is to help the rest of the organization understand the Salesforce CRM platform so these users (employees and customers) can extract maximum value from the CRM platform. This is perhaps the biggest job within the Salesforce environment. The success of the CRM within the organization depends on how well the admin delivers on their role. For this reason, Admins, for a long time, have sought ways to work smarter. Unfortunately, it’s not easy when you have to jump across multiple interfaces to deliver on your responsibilities. It’s an especially big ask for beginner admins. salesforce admin centerQuestions such as “Where do I start” and “How do I” become commonplace as these beginners (and sometimes even experienced admins) seek guided steps, best practices, and other resources to help them improve productivity. In the past, Admins also asked for a centralized support structure where they can ask questions and get answers without much fuss. These questions formed the bulk of the feedback from True to the Core. More seasoned admins were also asking for the ability to see as much information as possible from a single place. They say this would allow them to take action quickly and deeply customize how they work to improve productivity. This feedback informed the company’s decision to create the Salesforce Admin Center, an admin-focused environment to help you set up and manage your orgs.

How Admin Center Can Help You

The first main benefit of the all-new Salesforce Admin Center is that admins can no start their days with a single pane view of the most important things for the different orgs. You can view the latest Optimizer recommendations, Security Health Check results, and notifications directly related to your org and take action right away. You can also take a deep dive into additional specialized Centers whenever you want. The following are five other ways your organization stands to benefit from the new Admin Center feature;

1.      Get tailored guidance from Salesforce

As already mentioned, making your way around the Salesforce environment can be a bit of a challenge, especially for new admins. Admin Center gives you access to valuable resources, including Prescriptive Setup and other recommended guided checklists from your homepage. These guided lists are easily viewable anywhere in your org.

2.      Get access to new and improved support resources

The Admin Center also gives Salesforce administrators access to several new and improved support resources that offer better visibility into Open Support Cases. The new support solutions also guarantee all-new self-service options while making it easier for admins to contact support within the Org.

3.      You can customize the Admin Center per your needs

What are your org priorities? What’s the first thing you want to do when you get to the office in the morning? Admin Center allows you to customize the “work station” to reflect these needs. You get to decide how your page looks and can choose from Salesforce components, Partner components, and even your own components.

4.      Find streamlined versions of your most frequent tasks

This is another huge advantage and a major reason you should hop on the Admin Center bandwagon right away. If you mostly migrate date, Admin Center will make this front and center of your page. If you’re mostly managing users, your page will mostly comprise user management tools to help you get the job done faster.


The Salesforce Admin Center feature from Salesforce is a game-changer for growth-focused admins. It heralds a new dawn in how the admin does their job and what they can achieve at the end of the day. Though it needs a learning curve of its own, it’s definitely a tool worth exploring. The best part is that Salesforce says the organization is currently working on new Admin Center functionalities to make the new feature even more valuable!