Salesforce Summer ’24 Release Notes

Salesforce Summer '24 Release Notes

Salesforce introduced various features and updates this season across its platform to improve productivity, personalization, and efficiency. These updates span Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce Analytics, offering powerful tools and functionalities to help businesses thrive. Let’s get into the details of what’s new and how these updates can benefit your organization.

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Improvements in Sales Cloud

Salesforce has made several improvements in its Sales Cloud, which are discussed below: 

1. Einstein Sales Email for Personalized Email Campaigns

Sales Cloud now supports personalized email campaigns, allowing users to choose from common email types. This feature empowers sales teams to create targeted and personalized email campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and improving response rates. By selecting the most relevant email templates, users can tailor their messages to specific customer segments, driving more effective outreach.

2. Einstein Conversation Signals

Einstein Conversation Signals is a powerful new tool that helps sales teams choose topics that truly matter. By analyzing conversation data, this feature identifies key topics and trends, enabling sales professionals to focus on the most important discussions. This enhanced insight allows for more strategic conversations, improving the chances of closing deals and building stronger customer relationships.

3. Prospecting Centre Update

The updated Prospecting Centre in Sales Cloud utilizes Data Cloud analysis to boost top-of-funnel sales activities. This feature maximizes lead generation by providing deeper insights into potential customers, allowing sales teams to identify and target high-value prospects more effectively. The update also includes advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, helping sales managers track performance and optimize prospecting strategies.

Recent Updates in Service Cloud

Recent updates of the Summer ‘24 release are as follows: 

1. Launched ‘My Service Journey (Beta)’

“My Service Journey Beta” is a new feature in Service Cloud that offers a business-driven approach to service management. It provides guidance tailored to your needs and requirements, enabling a more personalized and effective service strategy. This beta feature helps service teams streamline their processes, improve customer satisfaction, and drive better business outcomes through customized workflows and insights.

2. Integration of Answer Questions with Knowledge Copilot Action

Service Cloud now integrates generative AI into Einstein Copilot, allowing for generating custom and personalized answers with the Knowledge Copilot action. This integration improves the ability to provide accurate and relevant responses to customer inquiries, reducing response times and improving overall service quality. Using AI, service agents can handle complex queries more efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Improved Tracking with Proactive Asset Service

The Proactive Asset Service update introduces advanced tracking capabilities to eliminate downtime and improve asset management. By gaining insights from asset data, this feature tracks equipment age, usage patterns, and past maintenance history. These insights enable proactive maintenance and timely interventions, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of critical assets. This update helps businesses minimize disruptions and enhance operational efficiency.

Upgrades in Marketing Cloud

With new upgrades in the Marketing Cloud, you can: 

1. Set Priorities with Updated Waterfall Segments

The Summer ’24 release of Marketing Cloud includes updates to Waterfall Segments, enabling users to create highly targeted and personalized lists of offers for customers. This feature ensures that each customer receives one relevant and targeted promotion, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By setting priorities within Waterfall Segments, marketers can better manage their outreach efforts, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

2. Improve Your Landing Page Management

Significant upgrades in landing page management bring several improvements:

  •     New Google reCAPTCHA Integration: Enhances security and protects landing pages from spam and abuse, ensuring a safe and reliable user experience.
  •     Sitemap Integration with Improved SEO Properties: Improves the visibility of landing pages in search engines, driving more organic traffic and improving search rankings.
  •     Guest and Authenticated User Previews: Simplifies the user experience by allowing marketers to preview landing pages as both guest and authenticated users, ensuring consistent and optimized content delivery across different user types.

Releases in Commerce Cloud

Let’s see what’s new in Commerce Cloud:

1. Guided Store Setup

The new guided store setup in Commerce Cloud streamlines the process of building customized stores for modern retailers. This feature offers step-by-step guidance, making it easier for businesses to create stores tailored to their specific needs and specifications. The guided setup guarantees that all essential elements are covered, from design and layout to product listings and checkout processes, enabling a smooth and efficient store-building experience.

2. Marketing Innovation with Flow Builder

Flow Builder in Commerce Cloud facilitates marketing innovation by providing a user-friendly tool for designing and automating marketing workflows. This feature makes it easier for modern retailers to implement creative marketing strategies and campaigns, improving their ability to attract and engage customers. Moreover, Flow Builder’s intuitive interface and robust capabilities allow for quick adjustments and iterations, supporting agile marketing practices.

3. Introduction of Data Cloud Segments

Data Cloud Segments in Commerce Cloud enhance personalized shopping experiences by making use of comprehensive customer data. This feature helps retailers segment their customer base more effectively, delivering tailored recommendations and offers that resonate with individual shoppers. By personalizing the shopping journey, retailers can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales performance.

4. Streamlined Checkouts in D2C Stores

The latest releases in Commerce Cloud introduce advanced features to streamline checkout processes for direct-to-consumer (D2C) stores. These enhancements reduce friction and simplify the checkout experience, making it faster and more convenient for customers to complete their purchases. Improved checkout efficiency leads to higher conversion rates and reduced cart abandonment, driving better business results for retailers.

Other upgrades in the Salesforce Summer’24 Release

This new Salesforce Summer’24 Release is not only limited to clouds and offers various other upgrades, such as: 

  1. Supported Browser
  2. OmniStudio Data Mapper
  3. New Einstein Features
  4. Analytics Enhancement
  5. Commerce Cloud Enhancement
  6. Customization
  7.  Enhanced LWR sites with Data Cloud
  8. Einstein for Formulas and Flow
  9. Automation Lightning App
  10. New Custom Fields to Dynamic Forms-Enables pages

Wrapping it up

With these latest Summer ‘24 upgrades, Salesforce is set to improve its user experience providing better and faster results. Using these latest features in various Salesforce Clouds, users can improve their operational processes, increase their productivity, and maximize ROI with better conversion rates.

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