Unleashing Salesforce GPT: A Revolution in Sales & Service

Revolutionize CRM with Salesforce GPT!

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has recently announced the general availability and pricing of its new generative AI features: Service GPT and Sales GPT. These features help sales and service professionals work more efficiently by generating personalized and data-driven responses for customer interactions. In addition, Salesforce has also introduced the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, which ensures that customer data is protected and compliant when using generative AI.

Here’s an in-depth look at what this means for the industry and how it aligns with the vision of Plumlogix to deliver cutting-edge Salesforce solutions.

Salesforce GPT Explained: A New Wave of Efficiency and Personalization

Salesforce is integrating Einstein GPT’s generative AI features across all its products. This ushers us in a new era of efficiency and personalization. Through the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, organizations are provided with essential data security and compliance safeguards. It also enables them to boost productivity and engage customers in personalized ways without sacrificing trust.

Service GPT Features: Transforming Customer Support

  • Service Replies: This allows Service GPT customers to automatically generate personalized responses. It makes use of relevant, real-time data, aiding service agents in resolving customer issues quickly.
  • Work Summaries: Users can quickly and easily put together summaries of service cases and customer engagements by using case data and customer history. This speeds up the process and improves comprehension. 

Sales GPT Features: Automating Sales Outreach

Sales Emails: Sales representatives have the ability to automatically create personalized emails that are contextually aligned with CRM. Whether working within the Sales Cloud or utilizing Gmail and Outlook, a single click is all it takes. This innovation simplifies a vital yet often time-consuming part of the sales process.

Sales Emails will craft personalized and data-driven emails for each customer interaction. This not only enhances the prospecting process but also saves precious time for sales reps. As a result, this allows them to focus on other essential tasks.


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Einstein GPT Trust Layer: Ensuring Security and Compliance

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer is introducing a suite of generally available features. In other words, they address some of the most pressing concerns in the world of generative AI:
  • Zero Data Retention: This feature alleviates enterprise concerns about data control by ensuring that customer data never leaves Salesforce. Unlike other systems where data might be stored by third-party LLM providers, the Einstein GPT Trust Layer keeps all prompts and responses within Salesforce. As a result, it eliminates the use of this data to train other models.
  • Encrypted Communications: By encrypting communications via TLS, this feature adds an extra layer of security to prompts sent to an LLM, as well as the responses sent back to Salesforce, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Data Access Checks: This ensures that only authorized data is used in generating responses. By restricting data access to what the end user is permitted to access, it maintains integrity and compliance within the system.
  • Feedback Store: To continually enhance the quality of prompts, the Einstein GPT Trust Layer collects feedback data. This includes information on whether generated responses were useful. In addition, how they were utilized by service agents, creating a feedback loop that guides future outcomes.
  • Audit Trail: Compliance is a critical aspect of AI usage for many enterprises. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer’s audit trail feature simplifies this process. It happens by securely logging all interactions, prompts, outputs, and feedback data. This ensures that teams can leverage the power of generative AI while still meeting all their regulatory requirements.

Pricing and Availability

Sales GPT and Service GPT, key components of Salesforce GPT, are now included in Sales Cloud Einstein and Service Cloud Einstein, respectively, at a rate of $50 per user per month. Each of them comes with a limited number of Einstein GPT credits. As the need for more credits arises, customers have the option to purchase Enterprise Expansion Packs for both Sales and Service teams. Initially, the Salesforce GPT powered capabilities will be exclusively available to customers who have purchased the Unlimited Edition, which includes the Einstein SKU.

Salesforce Vision

“Salesforce’s generative AI features, which take an open ecosystem approach and are powered by real-time, proprietary data, are empowering every organization to tap into the productivity and efficiency benefits of AI while ensuring enterprise-grade trust and data security remain at the center.” Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI


At Plumlogix, we are excited about the potential of generative AI to transform CRM and empower businesses to deliver better customer experiences. The integration of Salesforce GPT’s Service GPT and Sales GPT is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic asset that reshapes customer relationship management. As a Salesforce partner, Plumlogix is uniquely positioned to help you implement and optimize Salesforce GPT for your specific needs and goals. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of these innovative features. In addition, they tailor them to align with your business objectives, ensuring that you leverage the power of generative AI without sacrificing trust or compliance. Whether boosting customer interactions, streamlining sales with data-driven emails, or securing data with Einstein GPT Trust Layer, Plumlogix guides effectively.
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