CPQ Managed Services—A Chance to Help You Reduce Operational Overheads

CPQ Managed Services is an organized sales tool used by many successful organizations. In a constantly evolving and competitive marketplace, companies are ever-adapting to newer technologies to remain visible and relevant for their survival. Configure, Price, and Quote Software, or (CPQ)- is a sales tool designed to help organizations realize accurate and personalized targeted sales quotes. This is done by combining all available pricing and customer data in a customized platform that is accessible in real-time. At the click of a button, sales teams can create and share sales quotes that are detailed, precise, and tailored to the clients’ needs.

Operational Overheads

It is common for many sales reps and sales teams to spend most of their time (66%), generating quotes, working on proposals, and soliciting approvals, instead of on closing deals. CPQ software takes whatever your sales team needs to finalize their contracts and places it directly at their fingertips through CPQ’s effective sales solutions. Considering that staff must be paid, and the company’s infrastructure must be maintained, and there a myriad of other internal expenses to be honored, CPQ is an obvious choice so that companies’ sales teams can optimize their sales potential and make a profit for the company. CPQ Managed ServicesCPQ managed services serves as a valuable tool for your business that can help your teams overcome regular sales hurdles. If sales reps and teams are using legacy quote configuration, manually reviewing quotes, or if they seem to have a habit of sending inaccurate quotes and prospects, it is time for you to jump ship to CPQ software. It’s an enhancement to your Customer Relation Management (CRM), and it makes the sales process easier, faster and, much more organized.

Reducing Operational Overheads with CPQ Managed Services

CPQ Managed Services is vital to the organization for three reasons.
  1. Sales reps close deals faster
  2. Companies have control and visibility over what’s being sold and what’s being offered
  3. Companies can launch new revenue models
CPQ takes the most important part of the sales cycle out of the spreadsheet and puts it in an automated sales tool to drive error-free quotes and help the sales rep sell the right product combinations. This will also control discounting and give automated approvals. Using CPQ benefits your sales team and the overall organization in several ways. It gives unprecedented control and visibility to sales leaders. Without CPQ, many sales teams operate in chaos. Sometimes teams accidentally send out unapproved pricing or promise non-existent products. Many companies silo data for various reasons, which can hurt a company’s balance sheet. This format makes it impossible for teams to track, analyze, and forecast accurately. To solve this problem, CPQ managed services offers organized data and give sales reps and teams a clear picture of what they need to give their customers. CPQ also leads the way in launching new revenue models. Customers today want flexibility as they purchase, and companies are responding by introducing new models, like subscriptions. CPQ Managed Services provides the technology platform to support this. When installed, it is also a part of strong customer service.

The 3 Big Revenue Benefits

An epic increase in revenue is one of the major benefits of CPQ. This means less stress for the rep or sales team and more revenue for the company. Every sales team or rep wants to see an increase in revenue (it’s their job) and if that is not happening, then their concern levels are always high. CPQ Managed ServicesThe Aberdeen Group has discovered that 44% of sales teams express hitting revenue goals as their top concern. If given the correct tools for maximizing productivity, your sales teams will shine, and you will attain these revenue benefits:
  1. CPQ reduces the required resources to operate a ‘quote to cash’ system. This benefit is not easily quantified, but you will see a reduction in overhead cost, and that is what every business needs.
  2. You’ll see tangible revenue flows from CPQ Managed Services. By standardizing your system through CPQ, you eliminate the need for the sales rep or team to agonize about the sale. You ensure that the combination of products and services has an upsell or cross-sell in the market place.
  3. Maximizing your margins is at the center of how you drive your business. You want to get the most out of your profit margin, which takes a lot of data and logical thinking.
Applying the knowledge that is already in your system, like preset algorithms and logistics, and adding CPQ to your quoting practices, will set you on the path to operational efficiency. CPQ is the master plan to change the way companies do business and to propel them to the forefront of productivity and prosperity. Salesforce CPQ can help our organization quicken your sales process. Investing in CPQ managed services helps you get one step closer to achieving your overall sales targets. Plumlogix offers custom CPQ services and wishes to partner with you and help your organization revolutionize your sales cycle. Talk to us today by calling (888) 318-8883.