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JavaScript Developer I Certification- The Latest Salesforce Certification Available to All

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If you are a JavaScript developer and long wanted to join the Salesforce platform, here’s your entry game-the JavaScript Developer I Certification.

Today, it’s possible to build amazingly looking apps capable of tackling various tasks, all thanks to the introduction of the Lightning Experience. Since then, admins now have more power than ever before to build beautiful pages for their objects, also enjoying fully customized experiences for each different user.

Developers, too, now have serious potential to build and deploy apps that are way richer in features than the declarative functionality familiar with Salesforce as a CRM. All this power has been made possible due to the Lightning & Lightning Web Components, which uses a JavaScript framework hence the need for the new salesforce certification.

JavaScript – The Undisputed New Visualforce

It’s no secret that Salesforce Developers are in short supply. Equally true is that Salesforce JavaScript development skills have been in massive shortage for far too long. 

And now that all the greenfield implementations are achievable in Lightning and Classic customers nearing complete migration to Lightning, Salesforce customers have seen the potential in Lightning components and are ready to take full advantage of it.

With JavaScript being a commonly used coding language across industries, its adoption in Salesforce wasn’t a surprise because that now allows developers on other platforms and industries to transition over to Salesforce. That transition would require the developers to learn the core Salesforce concepts and the Lightning Design System, which the new JavaScript Developer I certification is targeted to achieve.

JavaScript Developer I Certification

Of course, the JavaScript Developer I Certification course’s announcement was a welcome move by industry players using Salesforce. This Salesforce certification fills a significant gap as it serves to introduce Salesforce Developers with impressive skills in Lightning but is new in the world of Salesforce.

JavaScript Developer I CertificationThe certification comprises two sections- one consisting of a standard Salesforce 60 question multiple-choice exam and the other a super badge- just like the Platform Developer II certification.

Section 1 – The Exams

Contrary to common belief, the JavaScript Developer I’s multiple-choice part of the exam isn’t actually aimed at Salesforce professionals but rather those that use JavaScript in frameworks to develop back-end and/or front-end applications. This is unusually strange because none of the other Salesforce exams is crafted this way. We can’t think of a better way that Salesforce would have used to affirm their dedication to offering developers derived from other platforms or industries a career path.

Among those qualified for the JavaScript Developer I Certification exam include salesforce developers, web application developers, JavaScript programmers, full-stack developers, and more. Moreover, other considerations include 1-2 years of experience and a passing score of 65%. The certification’s exam costs $200, with $100 charged for a retake.

Section 2 – The Superbadge

Although multiple-choice exams don’t require any Salesforce development experience, the Superbadge is developed to test the JavaScript developer’s real hands-on skills. In this section of the certification examination, you will under a rigorous test focusing on your technical skills and knowledge using a pool of scenario-based tests for which your input is assed or verified by Trailhead.

The superbadge takes roughly 12 hours to complete and is, in actual sense, the Lightning Web Components Specialist.

Final Thoughts on the JavaScript Developer I Certification By Salesforce

If you are a seasoned JavaScript developer, this is probably your best opportunity to jump ship and make your entry into an industry that desperately needs your skills. For the current developers, the JavaScript Developer I Certification is your chance to prove your newly learned skills.

The future is undoubtedly exciting, and it only remains to be seen how many Trailblazers from other platforms and industries will make a move to Salesforce. It’s also a matter of time, and we will all know whether this 50/50 JavaScript/Salesforce certification really works.

Of course, if you are serious about learning Salesforce for a JavaScript developer, there are enough resources already available for you. Trailhead is obviously the first go-to resource as well other the Developer for Lightning Experience trail.

Plumlogix also offers unique, hands-on training for certification in Salesforce fields. Apply today and enjoy great discounts and stand a chance to be trained by some of the industry’s best professionals.

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