Which is Better? Hiring a Salesforce Admin/Developer or Using a Managed Service Provider Like Plumlogix

Salesforce managed services can really be a game-changer for your organization if you sign up with the right provider like plumlogix.com. Running a business that relies on CRMs like Salesforce may at times be very frustrating when you can’t readily acquire and retain the right Salesforce talent. If you’ve ever tried hiring for Salesforce skillsets for your organization, then it’s likely that you know how challenging it can be. It’s not challenging because the talent is not there. They are available, but getting hold of the best, and retaining them, is the biggest challenge. You may succeed at getting a few skills for your organization, but in a year or less, they may be tempted by other head hunters who offer better packages. It really can be a frustrating experience. So, what’s the way forward? Easy. Get Salesforce Managed Services. But first, let’s look at why hiring for a Salesforce skillset can be a daunting task.

The pain points in hiring a Salesforce in-house team

It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring a Salesforce admin, developer, assistant or architect, the hiring process can really take a toll on you. Here’s why:
  • It’s expensive to assemble a whole in-house team with full skills and desirable experience. Glassdoor reports that a combination of a Salesforce Admin, a Developer, and an Integration Specialist could cost an organization on the upwards of $276K.
  • Your team is constantly at flight risk because other head hunters are looking for similar skills and have the capital to support and sustain talent. Glassdoor reports that the average tenure for most of these talents is less than 2 years.
  • When they flee mid-project, the cost of delayed execution plus the time it takes to recruit another talent is just too high
  • The cost of training your inhouse team is obviously an additional cost, yet, they must stay updated on their own
  • Because of the expensive nature of hiring a full in-house team, most organizations end up hiring one specialized talent, and expect him/her to do all the work that can be risky and near impossible for one person to undertake to manage the full Salesforce suite, front-end and back-end

How about adopting Salesforce Managed services?

Managing Salesforce can be a breeze if you sign up with the right provider. The costs for full support or multiple roles will always be just a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-blown in-house team. Salesforce Managed Services can also, instead of taking over from an in-house team, just be there to supplement your team. Organizations resisting Salesforce Managed Services are probably recovering from ugly experiences they had with providers offering an outdated kind of support model. They may not have the right skill set, the reliability, or flexibility that organizations need to succeed and realize ROIs in such investments. Salesforce managed servicesThey end up wasting resources and time, and instead of receiving value from the provider, they transfer their own knowledge of Salesforce systems and processes to the provider.

Try Plumlogix’s Salesforce Managed Services for an Exceptional Experience

Plumlogix has assembled a team of Salesforce experts with a combined industry experience of over 30 years, offering maximum flexibility and all the skills your organization needs to succeed with your Salesforce investment. Our team can adjust over time, depending on the currents needs and goals you’ve set out to achieve. We do all these without inflating the monthly costs and we remain predictable to make your budgeting simpler. Working with Plumlogix’ Salesforce Managed Services is a sure way of getting real peace of mind, knowing you have all the experts you need, and having access anytime and without additional investment. You also don’t have to worry about losing talent to offers from the competition. For Salesforce CRM to yield better returns, you need a variety of experienced roles and skill sets to address all the functionalities available with Salesforce. Salesforce has become a real mission-critical app for companies looking to revolutionize their operations, and with the maturity and growth it’s building, the complexity is inevitable.  Therefore, to successfully boost your user adoption, optimize Salesforce for a better ROI, and to manage your solution, you need access to all the roles and skills to be had within Salesforce. That’s exactly what’s available for you at Plumlogix.com.

Why is Salesforce Managed Services important?

We will cover the benefits of Salesforce managed services in another post, but here’s a short synopsis.
  • Managed Services Salesforce boost cost savings and consistency in service delivery
  • Managed Services providers are well updated with Salesforce releases, catalyzing proactive innovation
  • Experience and expertise are difficult to assemble with an in house team
  • You get to enjoy diverse talents and flexibility
  • Scalability is never a problem when dealing with managed services

Wrap up

Salesforce managed services is a great way of bridging the skills gap within your organization without breaking the bank. At Plumlogix, we deploy a flexible utilization model where you only spend when and where you need it. Using Plumlogix’ Salesforce managed services means you get all the help you need with the resources and budget you have because your Managed Services team maintains, improves and, operates your Salesforce environment.