Top 4 Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps in AppExchange You Need in 2022

Salesforce AppExchange is a cloud platform marketplace from where users in the ecosystem can download and install native and third-party apps. Most of the apps developed in the platform are for marketing, sales, analytics, and customer service teams. There are currently over 3,400 software solutions on the AppExchange marketplace, a good number of which are Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps. Businesses must make sales. Salesforce sales cloud apps help business owners and sales reps carry out the sale process seamlessly and easily. Salesforce sales cloud apps have been revolutionary for sales reps. We compiled a list of the top Salesforce sales cloud apps to help you stay on top of your sales process in 2022 and beyond.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps in AppExchange You Need Now

The goal of the Salesforce sales cloud is to automate some sales processes for sales managers and their reps. Hence, Salesforce AppExchange offers several sales applications that assist in sales management. This list covers our top four Salesforce sales cloud apps you need to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

Salesforce Maps

The first on the list of Salesforce sales cloud apps is Salesforce Maps. Salesforce maps was launched in 2011 to help users visualize accounts and customers’ data on maps, formerly known as MapAnything, until 2019, when it was acquired by Salesforce, which changed to its current name. The location-based intelligence tool is built for enterprise teams with features including;
  • Create sales routes: You can create optimized sales routes based on the defined sales territories that will give reps the fastest and most efficient way to visit specific customers and prospects.
  • Share and collaborate: View the schedules, routes, and territories via exchange-based calendars and maps on desktop or mobile devices.
  • Find nearby accounts on the map: Your sales reps can find other nearby reports along their route to help fill in gaps in their day as needed.
  • Visualize and manage sales territories: manage specific geographic sales territories and divide parts by your Salesforce CRM data, including geography, new or existing customers, product requirements, customer revenue, or sales type.
  • Prioritize reps’ prospect visits: Create a 7-day sales schedule based on Einstein® Score or Pardot® Score.
  • Visualize sales data on a map-based interface: You can visualize revenue, rep activity, and other sales metrics within the sales territories on a map-based view, helping you make location-driven decisions.
The pricing for Basic Salesforce Maps goes for $75/month per user (billed annually), while the Advanced Option starts at $125/month per user billed monthly. To access this Salesforce sales cloud app, you can purchase the app from Salesforce AppExchange and install it on your account.

Nintex Drawloop DocGen

Drawloop DocGen was developed in 2007 by Nintex. The Salesforce sales app allows users to generate all types of documents; PDFs, Word, Google Docs and many more, simplifying the working process for the sales reps. This saves time that the sales team can use to focus on nurturing and closing leads. The document generation and workflow automation sales cloud apps have the following features;
  • It is available as a FedRamp IL2 Moderate-approved application that works natively in Salesforce. Also, the Nintex Drawloop API has achieved SOC 2 certification to ensure your data is always securely managed.
  • Use can manage access to documents based on stage or user permissions and eliminate human errors with pre-defined templates, ensuring legal and policy compliance. Auto-assign tasks, alerts, and follow-ups to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Nintex Drawloop DocGen can ensure documents get where they need to go. Send by eSign, email, file transfer, or simply download to archive or share documents with one or multiple contacts with a click of a button.
Nintex Drawloop DocGen has a 30-Day free trial, after which users pay $120/month billed annually. And since the minimum number of users is ten, $2,400/year is paid.


DocuSign is an eSignature service provider for giant software companies like Apple, Google, and Salesforce.  Electronic signatures enable people to sign documents remotely using desktops or mobile devices. Some benefits to using DocuSign in your Salesforce sales processes include;
  • You reduce costs accompanied by signing deals like printing and filing storage.
  • You reduce human error and security risks by authenticating signatures
  • The organization goes paperless, with fewer papers used in making contracts that need signing.
DocuSign for electronic signatures offers the following;
  • Responsive signing: Signers on mobile phones can access a parallel document version that automatically adapts its formatting to the device’s size and orientation.
  • DocuSign eSignature meets compliance standards – including ISO 27001-certified, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, Sarbanes-Oxley, and FedRAMP – and provides SOC-audited data center and full encryption for all archived documents.
  • Send agreements for signatures directly to Salesforce contacts or specify email addresses. Include messages, reminders, and authentication options.
  • Salesforce data writeback: Signed documents and signer-provided data are automatically written back to Salesforce.
  • Clicks-not-code configuration: Our modern UI ensures that your team can deploy quickly without complex integrations across Sales, services, Financial Services, Experience, and Government Cloud.
DocuSign offers 30-day free trial, then $12/month for eligible sales professionals. Since the bill has a minimum of ten users and the annual payment is $1,440

Gong is a revenue intelligence that captures customer interactions across all sales touchpoints; phone calls, live chat, and email to help sales teams close more deals. Gong for Salesforce lets you push data as rep stats, Topics, and Trackers—into Salesforce and tie it to your accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Answer your team’s most critical questions and see your business in a new light. Some Gong features that enable you to do this include:
  • The software enables users to coach their team to gain more successful closes. It allows users to replicate what their best reps do and transform their team into quota-shattering super sellers. With this software’s help, users can know what is happening in their market and learn about shifting sentiments in their accounts.
  • Gong also enables users to understand what messaging & product offers to make sense for today’s market. It helps users make everyone from their sales team better than the last by reviewing and analyzing their calls.


Salesforce sales cloud apps help reps reduce redundancies, optimize processes, prioritize actions, communicate better, and access information to close deals. Managers benefit from CRM software features that give a unified view of history, status, and tools to design efficiency-boosting workflows and approval processes.