Top 7 Salesforce Trends in 2023 Defining The Winners and Losers

Of the things that are never static, even in the business world, is change and Salesforce users know best how often this happens.  Salesforce has made it its top priority to always innovate and bring about change that will benefit its users through better usability and sustainable initiatives to match today’s business needs. And as businesses learn to respond to these needs in an equally changing business environment, their path to digital transformation will definitely experience the least resistance.  Of course, going by predictions even by Salesforce themselves, organizations in the business of digital transformation of their systems and operations will outperform the competition still stuck in the old days.   And by studying the Salesforce trends in 2023 in 2023 and beyond, businesses will soon align with the general observations by Salesforce in their five technology predictions which is increased investment and interest in automation (by the way, the official mantra of 2023 is to do more with less).  Doing more with less will require a comprehensive, composable digital strategy that must lead the business into flexibility, agility, and efficiency. The Salesforce trends below will continue to aggressively determine the winners and losers.

7 Salesforce Trends in 2023 Defining The Winners and Losers

In summary, the top seven key Salesforce trends in 2023 are: 
  1. Hyperforce architecture  
  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning  
  1. Customer experience and personalization 
  1. Flow orchestrator 
  1. Sustainability 
  1. Remote work and collaboration 
  1. Cross-cloud operations 

Hyperforce Architecture

Salesforce introduced Hyperforce to support customers run their Salesforce applications and systems entirely on the Salesforce platform. It’s basically a Salesforce architecture that offers increased security, flexibility, and scalability while at the same time facilitating users to take full advantage of a full range of Salesforce platform features.  As early adopters have already noted, one of the advantages of Hyperforce is that it facilitates Salesforce users to utilize the same infrastructure that Salesforce uses to run its own applications to run their Salesforce applications. this leads to significant performance improvements as opposed to the case where they use their other architectures.  another advantage of Hyperforce is that it’s extremely scalable which means it can support a great number of users and perform transactions without any degradation. At the moment, Hyperforce is only available on the community cloud, sales cloud, and service cloud. 

Flow orchestrator

For those admins and other Salesforce users who have wanted for a long time to create automated workflows within their Salesforce instances, The Flow Orchestrator is your go-to feature. with the Flow Orchestrator, you can define the steps required for a complete workflow and provide conditions under which each step must be executed.  Eventually, the Flow Orchestrator allows you to automate tasks such as data updates, data validation, and sending out notifications/emails. Of importance to note is that the Flow Orchestrator is actually a part of the Salesforce Lightning Platform.   Creating flows in the Flow Orchestrator involves using a visual drag-and-drop interface which allows you to easily set up and define steps and conditions that define your workflow without the need for writing any code.  The flexibility and scalability that the Flow Orchestrator enjoys allow users to automate virtually every business process. You can create complex workflows involving multiple decision points and branches in no time or build simple workflows with just a few clicks and drags.  Lastly, you can use the Flow Orchestrator to integrate systems and services such as social media or e-mail platforms. 

Remote work and collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic era witnessed the highest transition by companies to remote work and collaborations in centuries. As Salesforce is a leader in reimagining tomorrow’s workplace, they had already integrated several tools to support remote work in their platform.   With remote work and collaboration becoming entrenched in many companies every day, this trend is likely to proceed beyond 2023. Salesforce will continue to support teams to access customer data and sales information remotely, as well as collaborate on deals projects and integration with work tools like video conferencing software.  Slack will continue to promote the shift in company culture and help build connections from ‘real life’ to online workspaces thereby increasing productivity in the remote workplace. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

There is no doubt that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have completely transformed the way businesses operate. Salesforce being a leader in technology, is taking this even further by putting a lot of focus on building a trust economy.  To build a trust economy, Salesforce has made it its goal to completely incorporate these technologies into its products, we need to perfect critical functionalities such as predictive analytics to unearth potential leads and forecast sales, automation of repetitive tasks for improved efficiency and time-saving, and personalized customer experiences through targeted recommendations.  As Salesforce leads in the utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, many companies are following suit by focusing on building and maintaining a reputation of trust in critical areas such as safety, privacy, transparency, ethics, and security.  By utilizing platforms such as Tableau, businesses can now deliver engaging secure trustworthy, and personalized customer experiences by integrating data into their business strategies. 

Customer experience and personalization

With the ever-changing customer expectations in today’s competitive business environment having a positive customer experience is now more important than ever. By taking advantage of Salesforce technological advancements, businesses can now offer improved customer experience by deploying personalized sales outreach and marketing activities, creating omnichannel customer support and service, as well as integrating customer review and feedback tools in their business strategies.  

Cross-Cloud operations

By Salesforce implementing cross-cloud technology, they have in effect provided the best environment for any business to optimize their digital operations, whether the goal is boosting productivity or reducing cost, etc.   Different companies and organizations are deploying the use of AI to automate processes that lead to better employee satisfaction, seamless workflows, and improved communication. Tools by Salesforce such as the customer 360 integration ensure that there is a solid data integration strategy that any business using Salesforce can enjoy. 

Sustainability and climate change

Sustainability and climate change have dominated most talks in the last few years. over the years a lot of the talk on sustainability and climate change has only been on the strategy development side.  Presently, we are witnessing a conscious and noticeable shift towards the implementation of clear strategies, rather than just talk (as in the past), that will bring a difference. Many organizations, Salesforce included, have joined the movement by introducing eco-friendly strategies and data-centric environmentalism.   Today organizations are looking towards implementing customer-centric, cost-efficient, and employee-first technologies to remain agile and competitive beyond the 2023 business landscape. 

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