Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes

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The Salesforce Winter ’24 Release is here featuring information about several notable enhancements and updates. The release notes will help get familiar with the key areas of improvement and how the newly introduced upgrades will enhance the operational efficiency of the Salesforce ecosystem.   Here is everything you need to know about the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release.

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Improved Analytics

Salesforce has made some major enhancements to its Analytics interface, allowing users to track their data more efficiently. The enhancements have been announced for CRM analytics, Lightning reports, Dashboards, Tableau, Analytics apps and Einstein Discovery. 

Browser Support

Salesforce has announced major updates for its browser support and provided all the related details in the Browser Support Documentation. It is essential for all users to go through the documentation to fully understand the scope of enhancements. In a nutshell, the browser support will now be dependent on whether you are using Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience

Data Cloud

Salesforce Winter ’24 Release features Data Cloud upgrades for improved data management and tracking. The data cloud update helps users enable data cloud objects and insights on Custom fields, Lead standard or Contact. Users will also be able to explore recorded homepage view customizations. 


The Einstein upgrades include more advanced AI features and enhanced capabilities for field service, sales, commerce, and service clouds. The generative AI gets a functional boost, further elevating the impact and efficiency of an already avant-garde AI solution. 

Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud upgrades will enable marketers to leverage data from any source, thus helping them build a single view of the customer journey. The improved marketing cloud comes with features to help achieve business objectives by setting marketing goals according to unique customer journeys. It will help marketers develop and deliver personalized content that will potentially improve brand loyalty and result in returning customers. 

Slack Integrations

With enhanced ease of integration, users will be able to benefit from the best of what Salesforce and Slack have to offer together. It will help teams track progress, collaborate seamlessly and maintain the highest levels of consistency in core operations


Further augmenting the potential of the Public Cloud, Hyperforce is now equipped with the most advanced Salesforce infrastructure. It offers everything that Salesforce Public Cloud offers with an even greater impact, including security, privacy, agility, compliance, customizability and scalability. 


Salesforce has successfully expanded itself into a wide range of industries, catering to the demands of its growing clientele across various sectors. Every industry that Salesforce targets will benefit from some of the most highly anticipated upgrades. For instance, users will be able to import their Health Cloud data to Marketing Cloud, thus making marketing engagements more customer-centric and well-planned.  The Manufacturing Cloud now becomes capable of adjudicating the warranty and claims through improved automation. The Financial Service Cloud is now more robust featuring better integration with the data cloud. The Education Cloud and Non-profit Cloud also receive updates aimed at improving the user experience and enhanced mission support. Plumlogix is your ultimate partner for Salesforce implementation and managed services. Click here to learn about our diverse industry experience.

Salesforce CMS

The core Salesforce CMS is now more responsive, agile and efficient. Users will benefit from the new Import and Export status tab for the import and export of CMS content and translation. The process of content publishing from CMS to other high-end websites will be smoother. Users will also be able to automate the publishing or unpublishing of content and assign workflows based on content type. 

Other Upgrades in The Salesforce Winter ’24 Release

The Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release is a striking mix of innovation, intelligence and practicality. In addition to all the aforementioned areas, users will welcome the updates and enhancements in:
  • Salesforce Flow 
  • Sales Cloud
  • Security and Privacy
  • Revenue
  • Mobile Experience
  • Customization 
  • Experience Cloud
Salesforce release updates provide information about the enhancements in features and operational capabilities of the Salesforce solutions. The winter release features exciting upgrades that are set to make Salesforce bigger and better in 2024. There is plenty to look forward to as we brace ourselves for another outstanding year for the CRM giant that does not cease to impress year after year.  Are you looking to benefit from the latest features and upgrades released by Salesforce? Do not waste your time and book an appointment with Plumlogix (MBE Salesforce Partner) to evaluate your Salesforce implementation.
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