Digital Transformation Strategy

The Digital Transformation Strategy As You Know It Has Changed. Use These 7 Tips To Stay Current & Effective

Digital Transformation (DT) has become a buzzword if Google Trends is anything to go by. This is no surprise, as most businesses would want to increase their revenues, create great customer experiences, and even cut costs. As a business wanting to thrive in the 21st century, learning how to create an effective digital transformation strategy…

December 9, 2022
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3 Ways Industry 4.0 Will Transform Engineering

Industry 4.0 has been poised by industrial revolutionists and industry experts to yield more customer-focused products and transform the manufacturing and engineering space. Different technological trends behind the emergence of industry 4.0 also facilitate the digital transformation witnessed in specific industries such as health, manufacturing, engineering, etc. Each industry has its key facilitators, though many…

August 15, 2019
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Is Digital Transformation All About Outcomes? Here’s The Truth

When people hear talk about digital transformation, they imagine that it’s something that can be done overnight by getting new software or getting a new piece of ‘digital equipment’. The true meaning of this term has been lost to overuse and the marketing gimmicks of CIOs selling overnight IT solutions. What is digital transformation? Digital…

August 4, 2019
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Industrial IoT: A Hype or Reality for Manufacturers?

The way forward for any forward-thinking manufacturer is to start laying the foundation for the adoption of Industrial IoT and start implementing the concept of the connected machine and leverage the power of IIoT now.

July 25, 2019
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[Part 2]: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Defining the Digital Transformation Strategy and The Challenges Ahead

To achieve a successful implementation of the IoT in a manufacturing setting, a well-defined digital transformation strategy is obligatory.

May 14, 2019
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