Your Competition is Already enjoying these Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services. You should too

The IT world is sometimes full of bizarreness that may overwhelm even the most strong-willed, especially when it comes to buzzwords, acronyms, etc. So, when you read the title of our post today and wonder what are the benefits of Salesforce managed services are, it’s no surprise. When you combine that with the latest trends like the fourth industrial revolution and all its enablers like cloud computing, it’s even more difficult to determine what’s next for businesses looking to leverage IT services. However, amidst all this confusion, there’s a glimmer of hope that’s been increasing in popularity over the last few years. It’s probably just more jargon to some, but Salesforce managed services shouldn’t be that scary. The world of Salesforce consulting has seen this trend in the last few years, and it’s a game changer. You are probably used to the old break/fix and on-demand models when you need IT support. If you don’t have a post-implementation plan for your Salesforce investment, you probably will continue to be frustrated with this model. Today, organizations are quickly abandoning the traditional model and signing up for managed services to keep their tech investment operating optimally and to stay ahead of the competition.

But, what is Salesforce managed services?

Well, Salesforce managed services is a forward-thinking approach to externally manage or administrate your Salesforce investment. In this model, instead of hiring an internal Salesforce admin or company to finalize the remaining phase of a specific project or changeover (or anything that requires Salesforce skills), you instead opt to keep a consulting Salesforce firm on a retainer for an agreed number of hours per week or month so that they can oversee all of your Salesforce’s implementation, development, growth, etc. This models forms the reasons why many are enjoying the benefits of Salesforce managed services. This arrangement includes everything from custom design and development, bug fixes, release management, administrative tasks, data migration, end-user training and more. All they need to do is to assign their resources (personnel in most cases) to handle your current, emerging and specific issues and ensure that you are enjoying the advantages of the most effective tools, practices, and processes available. Benefits of Salesforce Managed ServicesSo, with this understanding of what Salesforce managed services is, let’s hop into the benefits of managed services that you should be thinking about how to grab for your organization’s overall effectiveness.

Benefits of Salesforce managed services for your organization

Of course, the traditional approach of engaging a service provider on a break/fix and on-demand model has advantages, but the benefits of managed services are beyond comparison, as illustrated below.

Great Cost Savings and Improved Consistency

Saving on costs is always in the back of every businessman’s mind. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Salesforce Developer or Admin is roughly $87,000 while that of a full-time Salesforce Integration Specialist is on the upwards of $127,000. If you add this to the associated costs of recruiting, onboarding, and retention, it’s unimaginable the total costs of setting up a full-blown Salesforce staff capable of taking a project from start to finish. Add this the hustle of getting the right experienced, certified, and effective team members, especially for those not well-versed with Salesforce, is a process not many enjoy being subjected to. If you succeed in getting real talent in Salesforce, retaining them in the face of competition from other organizations willing to splash all the money they have on quality talent poses another headache you are likely not able to handle. What does it leave you with? Frustrations upon frustrations. With Salesforce managed services, you can be sure to spend less annually than you would if you opted to build and maintain an in-house team to oversee your tech. In fact, the cost of managed services is less than what organizations incur annually in maintaining a full-time Salesforce employee. With managed services, you no longer have to think about the cost of recruiting, onboarding, retaining and training. In fact, the cost and benefits of Salesforce managed services even beat the cost you incur when you have a pay-per-fix or project agreement with a service provider. When you sign up for Salesforce managed services, you are putting your organization on the path to enjoy the benefits of predictability and knowing costs thus making your forecasting, budgeting and fiscal planning more efficient and rewarding.

Enjoy proactive innovation

The traditional model involving a break/fix it or on-demand approach means your organization is investing in reactive efforts, constantly chasing Salesforce release notes to figure out what has changed, and churning out solutions to put off figurative fires. While they are busy doing all this, your competition is busy investing in models that are innovative and setting themselves ready for the future and building grounds for enjoying the innovative benefits of Salesforce managed services. Managed services keep your tech investment safeguarded and protected, consequently putting you on the cutting-edge in terms of training, efficiency, and best-practices. Investing in a Salesforce managed services means your resources over at the managed service provider in terms of personnel are always learning and improving themselves and giving them the ability to deliver forward-looking suggestions, train your team on how to handle new releases and helping decipher which products are business-critical and thus need more time in the incubator before being recklessly thrown into production. A good Salesforce managed services provider understands Salesforce, your organization, you and your processes. All you need is a service provider that can act and think proactively, tactically and strategically.

Experience and expertise at your disposal

Because now we know how expensive and difficult it is to get and retain a meaningful in-house Salesforce team, we will rule out the fact that even such can bring desirable experience and expertise. With a Salesforce managed service, you are benefiting not only from the expertise and experience of the individuals over at the company, but also on the overall expertise and institutional knowledge of the company itself gained over the years solving and helping businesses overcome their tech/Salesforce problems. These combined with the institutional need for being competitive, you are better off with a managed service than an individual hire.

Managed service gives you diversity in talent and flexibility

Because of the diversity in functional areas in Salesforce, you are going to need different talents at different times. In one instance you need an Admin or a Developer, and in another you need an Integration Specialist. When you have all the skills you need when it comes to Salesforce implementation and management, your projects never stall, and you don’t have to worry about finding unique talent for anything. Managed services give you all the tools and resources you need for every task you can imagine, whether it’s at the installation phase or post-implementation. Moreover, you have the benefit of having diversified opinions and approaches to solving a problem or a task. If you were having only one Salesforce talent who you rely on for everything, you are obviously going stall or miss out on cheaper and more proactive solutions to problems you may encounter daily.

Uncompromised Scalability

As expected, your organization is poised to grow which means your needs and goals increase and change with time. With Salesforce managed services, this only means adding more time to cover for the increased needs as opposed to the other models where you will have to add more personnel which is expensive and tiresome. With the right managed services, your pace of growth is never an issue, fast or slow. Your goals and needs are attended to as you need and, in the pace that they are revealed. In other words, managed services grow with you as your needs increase without straining your budget and resources, provide expert advice and support that scales with you.

It’s time to get ready for the benefits of Salesforce managed services

Whether you are thinking of a big organization or just a startup, provided you have an investment in Salesforce, Salesforce managed services is the ideal way to go into the future. It will scale with your needs, offer you insights on what practices, processes, and tools are best suited for your business. If you are looking for great fiscal stability and reduced costs of getting real talent and solutions for your Salesforce investment, we can set you on a path to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits of Salesforce managed services. We know Salesforce, all we need to know is you and your organization so we can help you transform your organization and realize your ROI on investment.