Are You Using the Salesforce Interaction Studio? Here’s Why You Should

Here’s a scenario to get us started in understanding what the salesforce interaction studio is and its benefits. Imagine this; a customer recently purchased a brand new home theater from your e-store. Indeed, their shipment was just delivered this morning. Within minutes of the shipment arriving, the customer receives an email in their inbox with details on installing and best using the product. Perhaps the email is a link to an article titled “How to Get the Most out of Your Samsung Model XYZ Home Theater.” Most people will be more than excited to open the email. The majority will also click on the link and read the article. You can then ask the customer to subscribe to your email program for similar articles and resources. Just like that, you’d have the customer’s full contact details and permission to engage them with content on various platforms. You can also use the information to track and score the content they browse and uncover valuable data to help you personalize the content you send them. You’re likely nodding your head in approval. Well, this is exactly how the Salesforce Interaction Studio works. It’s designed intentionally to help marketers engage their audiences and create personalized customer journeys to enhance customer experiences. Shortly we’ll find out why you should strongly consider the solution. First, though, a brief definition.

what is Salesforce Interaction studioWhat’s Salesforce Interaction Studio?

The Salesforce Interaction Studio is a feature within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud designed to help marketers engage customers at every stage along the path from lead to loyalty. Launched in 2018, Interaction Studio tracks customer data through cookies and matches the data with information that customers provided earlier, such as their email addresses and phone numbers. It then leverages powerful technologies, including AI and Machine Learning (ML), to perform analytics and draw insights to help marketers deliver unique customer experiences.

4 Reasons You Should Try Salesforce Interaction Studio

From the brief definition, you can tell that one of the first advantages of Interaction Studio is that it allows marketers to track customer behavior and draw insight across multiple channels. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The following are four other ways you can use the tool for maximum ROI;

1.      Use Interaction Studio to pinpoint customer pain points

Market experts are unanimous that the most successful organizations in 2021 will be those that help the customer along the way rather than waiting for the customer to reach the buying stage. You need to identify their pain points early and point them in the right direction. Otherwise, they’ll get lost in the overcrowded marketplace. The Salesforce Interaction Studio gives marketers all the data you need to pinpoint each customer’s unique needs and analytics tools to help you determine the solutions to these challenges.

2.      Offer personalized solutions to each unique challenge

For instance, if someone recently visited your home page to browse your loan products and the next day you receive a call from them, you no longer have to open with “Hi, how can I help you?” Interaction Studio allows you to match every contact with browsing sessions, so you know who’s browsing your website, at what time, and their fundamental interests. So, when the web visitor calls, you can address them by name and address their specific needs right away. In the above case, you may greet them as follows; “Hi, Jeremy. I see you’re interested in a loan. How can I help?”

what is Salesforce Interaction studio3.      Customize onsite content to boost conversions

Recent studies by reveal that onsite optimizing onsite content can increase conversions by a whopping 113%. Interaction Studio allows you to display different content pieces on your website, depending on the visitor. For instance, if a customer who recently purchased a home theater from your e-store returns to the site, Interaction Studio would optimize the site to mostly show content on home theaters and related products. The best part is the Interaction studio does this across all channels. You can even segment your remarketing campaigns based on the specific visitor’s history.

4.      Record in-store activity for better accounting

Finally, most people combine digital commerce with offline touchpoints, such as ATMs, call centers, etc. While this is the perfect mix, the combination often creates confusion as joining the dots to get a complete picture of the buyer’s journey becomes challenging. what is Salesforce Interaction studioInteraction Studio solves this problem by connecting online touchpoints to offline touchpoints, effectively creating an omnichannel experience. This means that if a customer walks into your store after recently visiting your website, you’ll have all the information you need to provide a wowing experience.

Time to Try It Out

Many businesses already use the salesforce Interaction Studio feature, and the majority are hugely impressed. They’re generating more traffic thanks to cross-channel marketing, converting more leads thanks to improved personalization, and seeing higher revenues thanks to increased customer retention. If you haven’t done so yet, this is the time to jump on the bandwagon.