Copado summer 20 release Includes DevOps 360 Analytics, the First Salesforce Delivery Management Solution

Many organizations consider Copado as the best tool in the market for Salesforce DevOps. It’s 100% native to the Salesforce platform and features plenty of functionalities to help every Salesforce DevOps team achieve its goals.  As a result, a lot of people look forward to Copado’s summer and winter releases – and the Copado summer 20 release didn’t disappoint. It comes with over 160 new packages and functionalities to accelerate, optimize, and measure delivery on the Salesforce platform. One of the new features that cough everyone by surprise is DevOps 360 Analytics, the first Salesforce delivery management platform.

A Brief Background of the Copado summer 20 release

Owing to the impacts of Covid-19, every organization is facing new economic realities. These constraints have significantly impacted many digitization plans. The worst part is that this comes at a time when the unpredictable environment is overwhelming delivery capacity. Most organizations are already struggling to meet delivery goals. Development and Operations (DevOps) teams have a major role in accelerating delivery capacity to meet executive expectations. Many of these DevOps teams have recently turned to Salesforce and Copado to achieve speed, quality, and visibility in the app development process. Salesforce offers an excellent platform for digital customer transformations, while Copado is the go-to DevOps engine for innovation and delivery. “Organizations that use Salesforce as the main platform for digital transformation projects need C-level visibility into the development lifecycle. That’s because the C-Level is just as interested in assessing whether the technologies they put so much money into are helping deliver business goals,” says Ted Elliot, CEO of Copado. “Copado is the only solution that offers Salesforce delivery performance and management natively on the Salesforce platform,” he continues. “With Copado, your development and operations teams can now align people, processes, and goals to quickly and confidently provide exemplary digital customer experiences.” Below is a summary of the key areas that were touched in the Copado summer 20 release.

About DevOps 360 Analytics

The Copado DevOps 360 Analytics feature is the first Salesforce DevOps analytics performance platform. It’s purposely designed to provide real-time visibility and analytics for Salesforce projects by optimizing innovation planning and delivery. The platform brings together all the DevOps data from Salesforce onto a single DevOps platform where teams can track project delivery performance from start to finish. This makes it easier to measure Salesforce ROI, accelerate release cycles, and deliver safer releases. Teams can also adapt better and faster to changing marking conditions and align their business with new tech. copado summer 20 release DevOps 360 Analytics forms part of the new DevOps 360 feature. DevOps 360 comprises two packages – Value Stream Mapping and DevOps Analytics – both of which are add-ons to the Copado DevOps platform.

1.      Value Stream Mapping

The Value Stream Mapping package goes beyond Copado’s core functionality to offer insightful metrics to help DevOps teams identify waste and bottlenecks in the business process. This new feature offers a way to find inefficiencies in the work process. The Value Stream Map gives a clear picture of the methods used to complete the work. The procedures are organized into stages from left to right. Processes that can be routed to different teams are shown in parallel. For each process, you’ll find time and quality metrics. You can also build custom metrics to track each process better. A summary of the time, quality, and custom metrics is displayed prominently at the top of the Value Stream Map. Users can apply filters to the Value Stream Map to focus on a subset of work items.

2.      DevOps Analytics

DevOps Analytics, also known as DevOps 360 Analytics, is a suite of advanced, interactive visualizations that give insight into any application development process on the Copado platform. It provides dashboards for optimizing, planning, development, and deployment of apps as well as insightful metrics for the CIO. With Analytics 360, users can see different sets of metrics displayed across several standard Salesforce reports and dashboards. You’ll also access several interactive dashboards. These out-of-the-box reports and dashboards show unique KPIs that help DevOps teams monitor project progress. Remember that DevOps 360 Analytics allows you to build your own reports and dashboards if additional dashboards and reports are needed.

Copado Summer 20 Release- A Timely Addition

In Copado summer 20 release, DevOps 360, and especially the 360 Analytics feature, couldn’t have come at a better time. The pace of innovation today is insanely fast. Organizations want to short the journey to delivery. But, they still want to deliver the same quality apps as before. DevOps 360 Analytics, together with Value Stream Mapping, allows DevOps teams to accelerate delivery without compromising quality. “During these uncertain times, companies that need to transform their businesses seek an optimized and measurable DevOps solution that guarantees faster release cycles and higher quality releases,” says Ray Wang, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research Inc. “Copado DevOps 360 quantifies the success of transformations for more predictable, higher quality deliveries.”