Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends That Will Dominate Beyond 2022

Employee Engagement Trends That Will Dominate Beyond 2022
It is one thing for an organization to hire the most qualified employees. It is another thing to keep these employees motivated, dedicated, and consistently passionate about their daily work while fulfilling their job descriptions. In come employee engagement trends we are already witnessing today. Businesses need to provide the support required by employees while performing their duties. Employee support eliminates the risk of losing resourceful individuals who could be explicitly valuable to the organization. Employee engagement is fundamental to creating a friendly working environment for everyone in the organization. It ensures solid organizational involvement across all levels, from top management to the casual worker. It enhances the relationship between the employer and the employee by creating a sense of belonging, love, and self-worth. Employee engagement makes employees feel like part of the company vision, which is more than just working to earn a living. Nothing better has ever happened to an entrepreneur or an organization than having a satisfied, motivated, and passionate employee who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the organization’s objective is achieved. A perfectly crafted and practical employee engagement technique is all it takes to create such a great work environment. Amidst the pandemic, several employee engagement trends emerged. These engagement trends changed the dynamic of work and are poised to extend beyond 2022. Organizations ought to be cognizant of these trends in order to succeed in attracting and retaining pools of talents.

Employee Engagement Trends That Will Dominate The Rest Of 2022

Below are some of the common employee engagement trends of 2022 as compiled by our team of experts.

Hybrid and Remote Work.

The global pandemic has significantly changed work cultures and arrangements across most industries. The introduction of remote working has come with different pros and cons for both the employees and employers. Some of the benefits employees have experienced while working from home include immensely reduced commute time and fees, individual flexibility, and the ultimate work-life balance. Employees can now manage to work as well as spend time with their families. The majority of employees are now used to this flexibility and any idea of returning to full-time office work is highly discouraged. The technological invention of collaboration sites like Zoom and Google Meet will ensure proper communication concerning the policies of the organization and the expectations of both the employer and employee for the success of this initiative. This employee engagement trend allows employees to work in their most productive environment.

Put Much Focus On The Employee Strengths And Encouragement.

This trend establishes the importance of assigning tasks based on employees’ capabilities and strengths. Though employment is based on qualification, some tasks are better assigned based on employee strength and capabilities. This will ensure optimal productivity as the employees engage in tasks in which they experience self-fulfillment. Moreover, it limits resignations and half-hearted commitments. The need for employee recognition and appreciation has been heavily rising. Acknowledging the efforts of employees goes a great way toward boosting employee morale. Rewarding achievements motivates employees and give them the courage and zeal to be more productive in their assignments. The more you show employees how valuable they are, the more productive they become. Focusing on employee strengths is a current employee engagement trend geared toward employee productivity.

Establishment of close communication

Close communication, especially between the top management and other employees, is crucial to building an effective and sustainable personal relationship. Research shows that a third of employees would prefer to have frequent contact with their bosses, which can happen through meetings or at individual levels. These contacts enable them to be upbeat about the company’s expectations and understand the organization’s values, objectives, and priorities. Hence, they become aware of where they should channel their efforts to drastically improve productivity. Close communication is a significant employee engagement trend that no organization can ignore in this error.

Employee Wellbeing.

Employee health and wellness are crucial in attracting, retaining, and engaging top talents in the organization. Employee wellness comprises physical fitness, emotional health, and mental health. All these can be achieved by promoting healthy eating habits, giving the body enough rest, and exercising. However, in recent times, much focus has shifted to mental health neglecting physical and emotional health. Employee well-being has to be an all-rounded effort. All aspects of wellness must be addressed for employees to be productive. Employee well-being is an essential part of the success of any organization as it is directly linked to employer productivity. Companies have established wellness initiatives and programs to educate and emphasize the importance of staying healthy. A report by the Virgin Pulse Survey confirmed that 85% of organizations are confident that wellness programs enhance employee engagement, and the primary purpose for setting up such programs was to support employee engagement initiatives. Employee wellness enhances a healthy work environment. This employee engagement trend should be embraced by organizations in 2022 and beyond.

Use of strategic planning function

Staff training is one of the most famous employee engagement trends in 2022. Staff training involves educating employees about their strengths and weaknesses. Staff training aims at equipping employees with the necessary skills to perform tasks better. Staff training helps at improving employee performance consequently contributing to the growth and success of the organization. Strategic planning makes this possible by analyzing the organization’s departmental strengths and weaknesses. It establishes a balanced strategic objective to be pursued by each department in the quest to improve. The Human Resource department may be instructed to submit analytics of all employees for review in order to determine who needs training. The workforce is the blood of the business. Their attitude towards work and assigned roles determine their commitment to the task and performance thereof. Having a satisfied workforce that is passionate and shares the vision of the business is important in running and sustaining the business. The function of strategic planning in shaping the future of all organizations cannot be ignored. Leveraging on strategic planning as an employee engagement trend is crucial in business operation.

Wrap Up

This article has explored some of the top employee engagement trends of 2022. These trends are mapped to continue being relevant even beyond 2022. The discussed employee engagement techniques will tremendously impact the overall relationship in the organization. Their adoption and implementation will greatly spur up great employer-employee relationships leading to satisfactory work life.