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Here are 5 Ways Suppliers Are Closing the Customer Experience Gap

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Research conducted recently indicated that 80% of suppliers believe they offer their customers the best services. Only 8% of the customers, however, indicated that their expectations were met by their suppliers.

This is not just a statistic; it is a big discrepancy between the expectations in service delivery and execution. The situation especially is much worse when it comes to B2B customers in comparison to their B2C counterparts who are doing better in comparison.

When subjected to a scale B2B customer experience tend to score much lower than B2C at 50% or lower while B2C scores much higher ranging from 65% to 85%.

You wouldn’t be persecuted for thinking that B2B suppliers don’t think that customer experience matters. Contrary to that seemingly obvious assumption, a large percentage of these manufacturers think that ranking high in customer experience ratings is important for the business.

Matter of fact, they have objectives to improve the customer experience in place but as you guessed, there is a discrepancy between setting these objectives and executing them.

What are the benefits of ranking high in customer experience assessments?

When it comes it customer experience, everything from how easy or challenging it is to navigate your website, customer service interaction to the delivery guy who delivers the product to the customer is part of the process. It should be an all-inclusive experience and should you manage to hack it, there is a lot to be gained.

Here is just a shortlist of those benefits to be realized.

  • Referrals– happy satisfied customers are likely to refer one or two more customers to your business. This is good for your business.
  • Customer loyalty– a customer who has had an amazing experience doing business with you is most likely to become a regular customer.
  • Better ratings– in this era of digital fluency, online ratings are starting to matter a lot to businesses. Bad ratings can negatively affect your business.

Having looked at reasons why you should improve your customer experience, let us now look at strategies you can adopt to improve your customer experience for your customers that will give you the competitive edge you need and enable you to be at the top of your industry.

  1. Adopt a customer-centric culture.

No one plots to fail. You could come up with good customer experience policies but as long as they are not customer oriented, you are bound to fail whether you intended it or not. The best way to develop these policies is by listening to customers and determining what their needs are and then tailoring products towards that. This way, the focus shifts from the product to the customer’s needs.

The employees of your organization are another important facet of your customer experience journey. You need to come up with a customer-centric vision and communicate it clearly to your employees. Making sure that your employees and adopt this strategy is the gateway to success as far as your customer experience journey perfection is concerned.

  1. Organize digital customer experience by testing out digital platforms before launching them

In this era of digital fluency, it is not possible to operate a business without putting it out there in the digital space. Dissatisfaction from your customers online stems from several issues including not being able to find information on your product to difficulty navigating your business site.

Before you can launch any platform however, it is important to test out the customer digital experience using a sample model. This will save you from having to redo the whole system if the goal is not met.

To ensure you come up with a holistic system, it is advisable to have a cross-functional team drawn from all the departments of your organization. That way you are sure to develop the most viable system.

  1. Keep updated on new channels to reach customers

Technology is evolving and with it the new channels of reaching customers. As an organization, you must keep experimenting with new channels of customer engagement.

salesforce cloud and customer experienceTo achieve this, the retraining of your existing workforce on new technology to keep them updated is necessary. In areas where retraining does not cover it, you need to hire tech-savvy individuals to handle those areas.

Outsourcing is also another option at your disposal, whatever you do, don’t lag when it comes to digital customer experience improvement.

  1. Integrate data insights with technology to improve performance

Technology has allowed businesses to interact and engage with customers online. Your interaction with customers on the digital platforms generates data which is very useful in the revision and improvement of the business practices.

A lot of business people are using this data to anticipate customer needs and provide products that are suitable for the market at a given time.

Infusing this with technology like artificial intelligence and automation can help diagnose the issues in the process and find timely solutions.

Many companies are also currently using mobile apps to ensure enable their customers to access their services anywhere with convenience 

  1. Get the right team

If your organization is fully committed to improving customer experience, then leaving this important task to one or a couple of people in a certain office will not work.

The task of overseeing customer experience should be allocated to a team drawn from almost all the departments of the organization if not all of them.

Utilize the feedback loop to better keep improving and delivering the best to your customers. This way you are surely going to rise above the competition with time.

Author: Shoaib
Shoaib Chaudhary is an entrepreneur and influencer with over 13 years of experience in the technology industry. He’s running several businesses including SpruceIT and Plumlogix, and influencing global leaders to exceed company goals while advancing social responsibility. Shoaib is a certified Salesforce Consultant and professional with years on helping businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.