How Companies Can Use Salesforce To Supercharge Their Digital Transformation Goals

The reason why many companies trust Salesforce as their number one choice of CRM is because it brings the powerful functionality of cloud computing and makes it accessible and relevant across all industries. But how do you relate Salesforce and digital transformation? And because the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about the volatility of customer demands, pervasive concerns about employee well-being and disruptions in the supply chain, cloud computing is proving to be an essential solution that businesses must deploy to survive and thrive in this era. But how exactly does Salesforce support digital transformation in organizations? How can one leverage the power of Salesforce to position their digital transformation goals for success?

How Salesforce And Digital Transformation Cross Paths

Salesforce and digital transformation go hand in hand. Below are some of the ways in which Salesforce supports digital transformation across industries.

Salesforce platforms offer scalable solutions

Because the capacity and capabilities of an organization’s on-premise resources are finite, their scalability is inherently limited when non-cloud-based computing solutions are involved. Consequently, such organizations can only deliver their services to their customers, employees and partners as efficiently and effectively as is the capability of their on-premise resources allow. And because organizational growth is imminent, such on-premise solutions start to struggle to handle upgrades in the expansions without causing severe performance lags and severe downtimes. Salesforce can change all this by deploying the power of the cloud to enable organizations to scale their services as fast as their organization demands increase.

Salesforce platforms build resilience in the face of uncertainty, like during the Covid-19 Pandemic

One of the nightmares that the COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare in the face of everyone is how it is a challenge to survive and thrive in an uncertain world. Existential questions that no organization ever wanted to think about were brought to the surface. Today, organizations are trying to understand how to transition all employees to work remotely. While some are struggling to protect their organizations from unanticipated disruptions in the supply chain and inflationary pressures, others are struggling to understand how to make their work environment safe in the face of COVID-19, where employees, customers and partners are all present. Another challenge that corporates are struggling with is how to convince their stakeholders to embrace and participate in digital transformation change in their organization. To overcome all these challenges and be futureproof, businesses need to identify unique ways of insulating themselves from disruptive forces that they cannot control. In addition, they need to find new ways to rapidly respond and adapt to change yet deliver enhanced customer experience. In the absence of sass, solutions like Salesforce, organizations try to fumble. In developing strategies and tools to help their customer experience. Sadly, no organization can consistently deliver on this promise on its own. All these can change with the integration of Salesforce. With Salesforce, you have a plethora of out-of-the-box solutions to help you rapidly develop and deploy new customer experiences that bring about success and customer loyalty. These best-in-class Salesforce solutions have been extensively tested in production environments and found to be accurate, reliable and effective in supporting an organization’s digital transformation ambitions. Moreover, these solutions can be personalized and customized to fit into every organization’s priorities, needs and sensibilities.

Salesforce platforms help organizations conserve cash

Because the cost and risks of maintaining an in-house IT team capable of building customized solutions from the ground up are so high, very few organizations wish to take this route to IT solutions. With Salesforce you can build these same services at a fraction of the cost while limiting the risk involved. Organizations that have chosen Salesforce have realized customer experiences that they so craved for, while simultaneously minimizing their overall operational costs. Over and above, Salesforce has the potential to enable new efficiencies and boost proper activity across organizations operating in different industries.

Salesforce platforms enable human-centric experience design

Wild class human-centric customer experiences are powerful, intuitive, logical, reliable and user-friendly, qualities that all fall in the simple and universal design principles. Organizations that have succeeded in building world-class customer experience never allow their customers to struggle in identifying, locating and accessing the services that they want and need, whenever they need them. To achieve these designs at scale in your customer experience, you must deploy modern, cloud-based technology, of which Salesforce tops of the list. Salesforce, with its limitless capabilities, empowers organizations to make real-world changes that transform their user experience. This cuts across, from streamlining product modeling to designing intuitive storefronts and customer service management as well as implementing intelligent order management. With Salesforce in place, organizations can supercharge their digital transformation ambitions and position themselves for success even in the years to come. If your organization has been looking for a way to build reliable, robust and scalable Salesforce infrastructure to unlock modern, powerful customer experiences, Plumlogix is here to help. Talk to us today and see how we can set Salesforce and digital transformation in play for your good.