Salesforce Customization Services in Allentown, PA

Salesforce is the most popular CRM in the world with millions of users in hundreds of different industries. Each company is distinct and has its own set of processes. As Salesforce Certified Consultants, we realize that an off-the-shelf Salesforce platform must be customized to fit different organizations and provide the intended results. We are well-known for providing Salesforce customization services in Allentown, PA to meet a wide range of business difficulties, including sales, marketing, and support. At Plumlogix we can assist you in getting the most out of your Salesforce CRM solution by utilizing default tools to expand your customer reach to new heights. When choosing the best customization service providers in Allentown, PA, there are factors you need to consider that your salesforce provider must possess.  Before we get to them, let’s first look at what Salesforce customization is and what it entails. Also read:

What is Salesforce Customization?

Customization refers to any feature or function that is not available as part of the application and requires the application to include external instructions. Regardless of how things are configured, there are a few operations that are not possible, which demands the addition of custom codes salesforce-customization-services-in-allentown-pa 

What do Salesforce Customization services entail?

Every Salesforce user comes to a point in their lives when they feel it’s time to customize. Salesforce, fortunately, is a platform that is built to be customized. As a Salesforce user, you can customize the platform to suit your specific requirements and create apps to do any task you want. As leading Salesforce customization services providers, we ensure that no opportunity is lost in a world where consumer expectations are always changing. Here are some of the salesforce customization services in Allentown, PA we offer

Building an implementation roadmap

Our team will begin by examining your goals and becoming familiar with your company and business operations. We can build an implementation roadmap using our knowledge in business process management and substantial development experience on the Salesforce and Force.com platforms. This aids us in identifying the gaps and devising a strategy for the necessary adaptations. Your organization’s unique requirements can be handled by modifying the capabilities of your Salesforce platform to improve your team’s effectiveness.

Optimizing Salesforce user experience

The ease of use is the defining characteristic of outstanding software. We can adapt your Salesforce interface to help you increase user adoption and retention. We are experts in Salesforce Customization using APEX and VisualForce, and we can tailor your interface to your company’s specific needs, making it easier than ever to use Salesforce.

Salesforce application development

Custom Salesforce Mobile Apps can help you get the most out of your CRM data and help you make the most of your Salesforce Platform. To help you get the most out of your business operations, we offer custom Salesforce App development services.  Our focus is on how knowing business needs, target audience, and scalability can help your custom Salesforce app stand the test of time. We use agile development methodologies to alter and adjust your Salesforce application regularly.

Workflow Automation

As certified Salesforce partners we will help you enhance your salesforce CRM using workflow rules, process builder, and apex code to ease daily CRM tasks.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Salesforce CRM integration with third-party platforms is a specialty of our Salesforce developers. For successful integration and data flow, we use REST/SOAP API web services.

Personalized Email Templates

Salesforce email templates will help you boost your company’s efficiency while also assuring uniform communications. At your own time, create and alter email templates, custom style sheets, and email attachments.

Customized Reports and Dashboards

Create customized reports and dashboards with the help of our Salesforce support services. These statistics can assist you in determining the top and worst-performing sales regions, profitable customer categories, and the true value of your Salesforce pipeline.

Factors to consider before choosing the best Salesforce customization service provider

Having the right Salesforce customization partner on your side can make a big difference in your digital transformation. Here are the top 5 factors you should look at before choosing the best Salesforce customization service provider in Allentown, PA

Company culture

Companies still approach culture as an afterthought, rather than a top priority qualification. While we believe that technical knowledge and appropriate experience are vital, we nonetheless prioritize the company’s cultural fitness. Taking the effort to learn about the culture of any potential Salesforce partner has little to lose and a lot to gain. Find partners who are the most compatible with your tribe.

Long term goals

In both life and Salesforce, switching partners or having too many will show to be a bad choice in the long term. Even if your current demand is as simple as a Salesforce CRM deployment out of the box, it is quite probable that it will change as your company grows.  It might either update to newer versions of the same solution or add more Salesforce products to its portfolio. Having numerous partners for each phase takes a long time and costs a lot of money.  As a result, it is critical to choose a long-term partner who can withstand your shifting company requirements.

Education level

Salesforce Certificates are a useful metric for determining a consultant’s level of experience. Of course, successful projects and satisfied clients are far more indicative, but the level of certification can also reveal the consultant’s dedication and professionalism.


There is always room for uncertainty and ambiguity in any undertaking, no matter how big or little. Tough decisions under pressure may be necessary more frequently than expected, especially when there are several paths to the same result. Your Salesforce implementation partner should be decisive and knowledgeable about the terrain and hurdles that you will face on your customization journey, guiding you to success.  Your ideal Salesforce customization service provider not only gives you confidence in your decisions but also has ideas for how to optimize your business processes and provide you with end-to-end counsel.

Experience level

It’s vital to find a partner with suitable industry experience. Have you worked on similar projects before? How many projects have you completed thus far? What is your typical client’s size? Do you have any previous business experience in our field? Are some of the questions you should ask when choosing the best Salesforce customization service providers in Allentown, PA.

Plumlogix is the best Salesforce Customization Provider in Allentown, PA

 As one of the providers of the best salesforce customization services in Allentown, PA, we can assist you with the Salesforce system and all conceivable Salesforce optimization approaches. Whether it’s Salesforce lightning, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce1, or Salesforce Visualforce, our skilled Salesforce developers are known for providing exceptional Salesforce customization, Salesforce consulting, and Salesforce customization services. Furthermore, you may use our Salesforce customization experts’ knowledge to obtain a complete understanding of how to use customer relations management interface modification and setup to suit your business requirements