Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Managed Services Package

Constant innovation and new technology are disrupting the finance industry. The majority of financial consulting firms are rapidly expanding, and the resulting competition is putting pressure on most companies. Some companies are losing customers to competitors, while others are having difficulty attracting new ones. Nowadays business is all about relationships. It’s all about how you manage and maintain these relationships. It would be ideal if you have the business knowledge to strengthen relationships with present and potential consumers, grow revenue, and produce the correct product. A few products available with vendors could help with this and one such is the Salesforce financial services cloud. It’s not a wonder then most companies and organizations are looking for the best Salesforce financial services cloud managed services package that can propel their ambitions in this line. Let’s dig deeper a little more. Also read:

What is Salesforce financial services cloud?

Salesforce financial services cloud is a strong platform that combines wealth management tools, CRM, among other elements aimed at personalizing client relationships and providing users with a complete picture of their company’s financial health. There are additional engagement cards and collaboration tools, and analytics to assist users in making more informed and data-driven business decisions. Users can choose the approach they want to utilize to guide consumers along the sales funnel, no matter how big or small their company is. Users can map out and connect many company groups and household trusts to identify the best way to communicate with them. Users can also get useful data into their business networks and their client’s behavior using the platform. This is accomplished through the use of AI and integrated dashboards. With this technology, a company’s growth can be enhanced and its reach broadened because wealth management duties are performed in line with CRM goals. salesforce-financial-services-cloud-managed-services-package

Why salesforce financial services cloud is perfect for your business

Regardless of which sector of the financial industry you’re in, our salesforce financial services cloud managed services package will assist your organization in overcoming any challenges that may arise. Below we look at the features that make the salesforce financial services cloud managed services package perfect for your company.

New features and upgrades

New capabilities are released three times a year, allowing you to take advantage of new features. You won’t have to worry about the updates because they’ll happen as you sleep over the weekend and be ready to use by Monday morning. Each release has its own logo/icon, so if you log in and see a different logo, know you’ve been upgraded

Householding and relationship mapping

Financial services cloud householding and relationship groups feature allows you to associate home with more than simply family members. One of the most difficult tasks for advisers and bankers is to maintain the firm running when assets are passed down through the generations. If you don’t know your client’s children, it’s likely that when they’re ready to invest and/or inherit, they’ll work with someone else. There is a powerful house holding tool in the financial services cloud that allows you to associate multiple people to a single household. You can establish who the primary head of the family is and whether the household they belong to is their primary household for each person affiliated with the household. This helps you to associate more people with a home and have a better understanding of their relationships. You can choose which information is shared with the rest of the family for each member.

Einstein Analytics for financial services

Advisors and bankers can use Einstein Analytics for financial services to better manage their book of business by gaining more detailed information on their clients. These pre-built dashboards allow your team to examine and evaluate individual and regional performance.

Insurance carriers

The Insurance Agent Console is a Lightning application that allows agents and service reps to keep track of their goals and achievements. You can modify the home page with several pre-built metrics and report visualizations to better match the needs of your users. Customer service reps may see the number of claims settled and closed, as well as the number of new and renewed policies, total premiums, and their lead conversion ratio. With the Person Life Event component, you can open up a client’s record and see a timeline of all of their important life events. You also have access to the Policy component, which allows you to examine all of your client’s policies, claims, and other associated information. This page can be altered to show the data in the way the user prefers.

Salesforce surveys

You can design surveys and send them to everyone in your Salesforce system. These surveys can be done manually or automatically, and once finished, the data can be kept in Salesforce and linked to the person who completed the survey so that you can report on the results. You add questions and select the type of response you wish to accept as you design these surveys using a point-and-click interface. They’re simple to create and manage, and they may provide a wealth of information following a client or prospect meeting or to ensure you’re giving the correct level of care to each client.

Managing service levels

Many investment advisers in the Wealth Management field aim to offer varying levels of service to their clients depending on the amount of money they have under management. Regardless of how you categorize your clients, you’ll want to keep in touch with your most important clients/households regularly. You can change the service level in your household records using the financial services cloud. The financial services cloud can set a future task for organizing the next appointment with that client as you accomplish certain actions for him or her.

Interactive dashboards

You’ll be able to know ahead of time all of the possibilities to visit your consumers, as well as when and why you should do so. You’ll also be able to observe several customers with whom you haven’t communicated in recent months, as well as consumers approaching retirement, their birthdays, and much more.

Workflow automation

Salesforce is an excellent workflow engine that can manage complex business processes with many steps. These processes can be built in the salesforce financial services cloud in at least three ways;

Workflow rules

This is the simplest to create. Workflow allows you to create a task, send an email, edit a field, and send an outgoing message. You can use Action Plans to identify which activities are reliant on other tasks so that when one is completed, the next one is created. It also enables the completion of numerous tasks at the same time.

Process builder

This is a tool that gives you a lot of flexibility when creating more sophisticated procedures. You can use Process Builder to add logic to your processes so that the output can vary depending on a variety of things. Process Builder enables you to conduct a real-time search on that customer.


This is the most versatile and difficult workflow management tool available. Flow can be used to create call scripts as well as to develop processes around dynamic data collection. Setting up and maintaining Flow requires some technical knowledge.

How to choose the best salesforce financial service cloud managed services package

To identify the best salesforce financial service cloud provider, you need to look at their expertise level and the ways they can be beneficial to your company. Below are some of the things you should look for when looking for the best salesforce financial services cloud managed services packages.

Should help you build meaningful engagements with clients

Customers nowadays want immediate responses, results, and advice. The difference between profit and loss, especially in the financial industry, can be determined by timely involvement and behavior. Customers frequently expect a company to provide a uniform experience across all channels. With the best Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, you can remove silos in your firm by centering operations around a vibrant customer profile and then engage more intimately with consumers. Employees will be able to connect with customers because of Salesforce’s excellent community outreach experience.

Should help you keep track of potential leads.

Being able to keep track of leads and references is critical in the banking industry. The salesforce financial service cloud platform has a number of referral tools to help consultants and commercial bankers maintain track of references. A referral in the salesforce financial service cloud follows the same path as an opening.  A salesforce financial services cloud provider should help you keep track of these new leads.

Should help you make timely deliveries

Without ensuring timely service delivery, no service provider can expect to go far. The best providers should strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud’s integration and execution into your existing financial infrastructure. To provide comfort, every organization must prioritize making things happen on schedule to succeed and thrive. A good service provider recognizes the value of time and commits to never put you in the position of having to deal with the inconvenience of late delivery.

Should have a high expertise level

Salesforce experts should be pros in every phase of integrating and implementing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud into your company’s infrastructure. They should give an unequaled degree of service quality much above your expectations, whether you are a well-established firm or a startup. They should be dedicated to adding value to your business’s sucess.

Should offer affordable services

Despite the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud specialists’ abilities, expertise, and capabilities, their services should be cost-effective. They should provide a variety of service plans that vary in price, project duration, project length, etc. After an in-depth examination of your business-specific needs and the prices that you can afford, the best salesforce financial service cloud providers should help you choose the best-fitting service plan. Read also:

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Our salesforce financial services cloud managed services package is perfectly curated with your business needs and uniqueness in mind. Our team has industry understanding across all lines of business and with a reputation of transforming businesses just like yours trying to make the best of their Salesforce investment. We have a history of working with financial services firms and we understand the regulatory challenges that financial institutions face as they start on various digital transformation initiatives. We understand the financial services cloud and are ready to combine your requirements with the platform’s capabilities.