30 Time-Saving Salesforce Hacks to Save The Day

For over 10 years, Salesforce has been the most popular CRM solution, and for good reasons. If there’s a platform that you can vouch your life to save your business, big or small,… it has to be Salesforce! The platform is regularly updated, has a large ecosystem of deep integrations, and is cloud-based easy access across devices and from anywhere when needed. When utilized properly, Salesforce can be a strong and productive tool for your business. Here are 30 time saving Salesforce hacks to make your Salesforce experience more effective and productive Also read:

Need to save hours of work? Master these 30 time saving Salesforce hacks

1. Chrome Extension for Salesforce

In Chrome, set the Salesforce search box as your default search engine by right-clicking the search box, choose to save as search engine, and changing the keyword to sf. Then open a new tab, type of, and push enter to search inside salesforce from any location. You may also create a different search engine for the sandbox

2. Set up Email Notifications.

Create Force.com Flows for any repetitive actions you conduct regularly. Make it a wizard, then add it to your sidebar as a Custom Link. To easily access object-specific admin pages, use the Admin widget.  Create email alert triggers for specific actions taken by your users such as object creation or field modifications that you wish to keep track of.

3. Customize integrations

Through open APIs, Salesforce allows you to create bespoke interfaces with other systems. This makes it simple to integrate with the platforms you use most frequently. Make sure you deal with an integration service partner who can assist you in navigating this process and ensuring a smooth transition.

4. Utilize Your Calls to Generate Information

The method of linking your phone conversations with your Salesforce data is known as computer telephony integration (or CTI). When it’s in place, you’ll be able to track things like average call handling time, how many incoming calls were not answered before the contact gave up, how many customers got their issue handled, and how many calls it took to get a solution.

5. Run Scheduled Tasks faster

This is one of the best time saving Salesforce hacks that you have to know as a Salesforce admin. Desk-checking on scheduled jobs can be quite annoying. You must schedule it to run, wait a few minutes, examine the results, unschedule it, make your modifications, and repeat the process. To go around this, open any custom object with an ownership field and scroll down to the bottom. There’s a part for recalculating apex sharing that’s rarely used. It’s intended for calculating permissions on that object, but you can use it for any batch operation. Add your scheduled job to the item, and you’ll be able to run it whenever you want at the touch of a button.

6. Record Lost Stages as well as Lost Reasons.

When a sales agent fails to close a lead, it’s key to figure out why the lead fell through the cracks. It’s also important to figure out when it went missing.  When the opportunity is set to ‘Closed Lost,’ use a workflow rule to automatically fill in a ‘lost stage’ field with the opportunity’s current state.  Include a picklist that makes it easy for reps to identify why the deal was lost, as well as a freeform box where they can add extra color or context if you aren’t already documenting Lost Reason. Make sure certain fields aren’t left blank by using validation rules.

7. Customize the Competitor Analysis

Salesforce’s built-in competitor functionality is dull and uninteresting. Although you can link competitors to specific chances, you usually can’t add more dynamic qualities or fields to competitive relationships, plans, or tactics. Make a competitive object that is unique to your business. You can develop a lookup that allows representatives to get a comprehensive history of a certain competitor’s engagement in a specific sale by taking all of your competitors and generating an account record for each one of them.

8. Track leads by source.

By analyzing the source of your Salesforce leads, you may better decide on new remarketing methods for your firm. It’s simple to use this data to distribute funds to different remarketing campaigns based on the number of leads per source when you know how many people are coming in through each source. This salesforce hack will give your team valuable insight into competition behavior, allowing them to cooperate to uncover ideas or tactics that have previously succeeded against competitors.

9. Track lead conversion by time.

Conversion tracking over time will allow you to better understand how your target customers’ sales cycle works. This will allow you to determine which marketing and sales methods are the most productive, as well as the amount of time you should devote to each strategy.  It will also assist you in better understanding how to remarket to your first contacts to keep them more engaged in the sales process.

10. Lead follow-through

Another area of lead monitoring that is sometimes forgotten is the lead’s value, i.e. how much money the lead is worth. If you have a lead source that is generating even a few high-value clients, it may be worthwhile to keep it or invest more resources in it.

11. Make and use web forms.

Web forms are a fantastic feature of Salesforce that makes integrating your website with your CRM a joy. Create and deploy a web form that allows customers to request information on certain products or services and send the request to Salesforce as a lead.  Based on the information the prospect supplied on the form, Salesforce’s assignment rules can then route that lead to the right sales rep or team.

12. Keep track of your opportunity win rates.

Examining your possibilities and the win rates of those opportunities should be something you do regularly. Make sure to run a report regularly so that your sales team can remain on top of the data and make the necessary protocol changes.

13. Use the Products object as a starting point.

You can add line items to Opportunities with their quantity and price, and the Opportunity Amount will be the sum of those products. You may then check whether the Opportunity dollars are coming from hardware, software, or both or any other product segment you choose to look into

14. Maintain communication with your contacts by using the “Stay-in-Touch” function.

Salesforce has a “Stay-in-Touch” tool that allows you to send customers an email with a summary of their contact information as it appears in Salesforce and makes simple changes online. You’ll be able to accept those adjustments and publish them to Salesforce with a single click.

15. Run trend reports going back in time.

For tracking data over time, trend reports are ideal. Instead of running multiple reports to compare changes between today, a month ago, or even a quarter ago, you may run only one report that shows trends from one date to the next

16. Customize dashboards

Dashboards allow you to quickly and easily assess the data that matters most to your company’s goals and vision. The dashboard gives you a quick visual overview of everything that matters to you by collecting the reports you use daily.  The dashboard is also configurable, so you can be sure that the information you need is right at your fingertips.

17. Merge Multiple accounts

You may be surprised to learn that you can consolidate three accounts at once. Merging Salesforce accounts is fairly simple and is one of those time saving Salesforce hacks every Salesforce user must perfect.

18. Use the marketing automation tool.

You can avoid the difficulty of distributing information and content across several channels by using a marketing automation tool. Consolidate your marketing activities into a single, easy-to-use interface to streamline your marketing operations.  Find out about the strengths of some of the more well-known marketing automation solutions, such as Pardot, ExactTarget, and HubSpot.

19. Integrate with work management

 Salesforce works effectively with project management software such as AtTask. You can ensure that tasks are performed on schedule by using this Salesforce hack to trigger projects for production or delivery. This also allows you to have all of your data in one location, which is convenient for analysis and reporting.

20. Focus on one platform

When it comes to sales data, having too many eggs in too many baskets can lead to confusion and diversions in your business. Ensure that your sales team enters all of their data into a single platform, such as Salesforce, and that they are compensated based on that data.

21. Take advantage of the LinkedIn sales navigator.

You’ll be able to quickly uncover target contacts and their relationships by using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool. This feature makes it simple for your sales team to figure out who they’re going after.

22. Track content engagement

Salesforce keeps track of how your files and content are being used so you can see how much engagement you’re receiving from your efforts. Check your leaderboard for file and content engagement, and compare similar statistics by sorting by user-created content segments.  You may also use content segments to ensure that you’re creating material for the proper audiences and not leaving anyone out.

23. Track active partners

You must be able to keep track of actively engaged partners and manage them individually. This is one of those time saving Salesforce hacks that no so many remember to practice. You can find out how many active partners you have by using the active partners feature. You can deactivate partners with whom you aren’t currently working, as well as reactivate them if you’re investing resources in the relationship. Staying on top of this can help you avoid wasting money on inactive partnerships.

24. Compile a list of partner leads.

Examining how partners perform in terms of lead generation can be quite useful in determining which partnerships to expand, contract, continue, or terminate. It enables you to establish a goal for your partners to meet to maintain their “active” status with you.  The benchmark does not have to be shared with your partners, but possessing it will assist you in making impartial judgments regarding them.

25. Edit in real-time

Understanding how to use the inline editing function can save you a lot of time and frustration. There are many cases where you can modify information immediately where you find it, whether it’s because it’s old or because it doesn’t look that good.  This is extremely useful when seeing records or a list of records.

26. Take advantage of Deduplication

Duplicate entries can be highly frustrating, and can even be fatal to an account. You can prevent this by downloading one of AppExchange’s free or premium deduplication programs.

27. Consider your smartphone.

Salesforce1 is a free cloud-based social, mobile, and customer engagement platform with a ton of useful features. Salesforce1 is also available at no extra cost for all Salesforce editions, making it a no-brainer. Investigate it further to discover how you can use it to benefit your business.

28. Make use of activity reports.

You can generate reports to see how active your coworkers are. Compare your employees’ activities to gain a better sense of how they work and how you may improve their training

29. Ever heard of WalkMe?

To make training and adoption easier, use WalkMe guides and trains users through popups, suggestions, and walk-throughs.

30. Make use of a consultancy firm.

Hiring a Salesforce expert to tell you about things you’re paying for but not using could be worthwhile. A consultant can assist you in developing a strategy for deploying these features. Better yet, you can sign up for a Salesforce managed service program. Plumlogix offers packages for managed Salesforce service starting at just $1500 only. Read also:

In conclusion

When it comes to what you can do with your Salesforce account, the 30 time saving Salesforce hacks listed above are only the tip of the iceberg.  Salesforce can help your organization achieve its objective of becoming more efficient and productive if it is used correctly.