Salesforce Health Cloud Platform: Is your organization poised to succeed in the transition to value-based care?

Salesforce Health Cloud Platform: Is your organization poised to succeed in the transition to value-based care?

Plumlogix And the Salesforce Health Cloud Platform

It goes without saying that the value-based care transition presents new opportunities as well as many diverse challenges for your organization. The shift toward more patient-centred and affordable care has fueled consumerism in healthcare to new heights, at least going by the fact that Salesforce has launched the Salesforce Health Cloud Platform. Patients are not only more informed but empowered to take an active role in their healthcare decisions. At the same time, Providers are struggling to understand data-based performance reimbursement, reporting, and ultimately, how to thrive in this new era. Key to your organization’s success in effective value-based care is an integrated technology that connects siloed systems with potentially poorly structured data. However, the secret sauce comes in your ability to harness this data extracting meaningful insights to then effectively stratify and manage patient cohorts as well as enable congruent workflow with a collaborative patient engagement portal. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s easier than you think when you partner with Plumlogix and the Salesforce Health Cloud platform. In partnership with you, Plumlogix addresses your most challenging value-based care objectives to innovate care delivery, facilitating a holistic patient journey, management, and personalized patient engagement. Plumlogix takes a diagnostic approach to align your organization’s goals toward transformative care delivery as well as position your organization for success in value-based care. But, why trust us when there are many out there claiming the same? Here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate.

Firsthand Experience

We’ve been there before, and we know the pains customers who outsource services experience. Plumlogix is built around a unique methodology to solve these inefficiencies.

Unique Methodology

By pairing global industry leaders with unparalleled flexibility, we humbly set out to change the outsourcing world with our unique methodology in customer engagement

Personalized Service

We don’t have a one-fit-all service, but we guarantee excellence in tailoring our services to fit your individual needs. Our goal is to earn your trust by addressing your pain points.

We Thrive On Integrity

Integrity is at the center of what we do. We only promise what we have consistently and successfully delivered to businesses with unique needs like yours. Nothing more or nothing less.

Wrap up

We may be claiming too much. But the truth of the matter is, we don’t promise what we don’t deliver. Our team at Plumlogix have the requisite experience to deliver the best experience with the Salesforce Health Cloud platform, and we can only wait to partner with you. We have more than nine certifications from salesforce, and we are an official, certified Salesforce partner.