What’s New in Salesforce in August 2022?

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM solution helping organizations become more effective and efficient by improving customer engagements. Over the past, the platform has evolved rolling out innovative marketing automation solutions. Just like any other platform, Salesforce is continually improving to help you grow your business. Salesforce improvements are being rolled out every year. Here, we look at some of the major Salesforce improvements as of August 2022. A lot has changed over the past two years. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of business. It is not business as usual. Consumer preferences and traits have changed, and businesses need to be cognizant of this reality and quickly adapt. Convenience is now more than ever crucial for every business. Consumers want service on their terms. It is therefore important for you to understand the needs of your customers and leverage that knowledge to better serve them. Salesforce is your trusted partner in helping you find solutions to grow your business. The recent updates rolled out this year could prove to be very useful in advancing business.

Important Salesforce Improvements as of August 2022

Let us now look at these updates and how to use the new features to grow your business.

Salesforce Einstein AI

Artificial Intelligence is in no doubt a game changer. Artificial Intelligence has widely been embraced in business. AI-enabled chatbots are very common on every website now.  These bots provide real-time assistance to your site visitors. Salesforce saw and understood the need to integrate artificial intelligence with business and rolled out its own AI component – Einstein. Einstein helps businesses to understand consumer behavior by analyzing consumer patterns and trends. Einstein AI could be very helpful for your business. It could help you in a number of ways in several departments. For sales, Einstein AI helps to increase conversion chances by predicting if a customer is likely to purchase a product with forecasting. For marketing department, Einstein AI predicts the conversion rate through engagement scoring and predictive recommendation. For commerce, Einstein AI uses available customer data for prediction and targeted marketing.


Hyperforce is among the most exciting Salesforce improvements of 2022. It is a new infrastructure architecture that unifies the foundations of the various clouds and allows Salesforce to scale rapidly and securely using public cloud partners. Using Hyperforce, you can deploy Salesforce apps and services in a growing number of worldwide regions by using the scale and agility of the public cloud. Hyperforce is already available in many areas so you can benefit from the power of the public cloud.

Slack First Customer 360

The Covid-19 pandemic changed business and work culture. Organizations have adopted remote and hybrid models of working. Employees no longer need to be in the office 5 days a week in order to be effective. Salesforce is cognizant of this change that is inevitable and long-lasting. That is why Salesforce acquired Slack and introduced Slack First Customer 360 to make remote and hybrid working smooth and seamless. Teams can now be connected and productive in a collaborative task. They don’t have to be in the same room just to get the task completed. The team can conveniently work on a project from anywhere with a central workspace and a shared view of the customer. With Slack First Customer 360 your team can easily close more deals and manage more campaigns effectively. Your business ought to leverage Slack First Customer 360 for the convenience of team operations and effective output.

Salesforce Blockchain

Blockchain technology has over the past become very popular for its tamper-proof and permanent record of transaction data. It works like a decentralized database and is managed in a peer-to-peer network. The data stored is secure and verifiable and distributed end to end. Salesforce Blockchain combines and distributes the authenticated data of CRM. Using Salesforce’s low-code capabilities, Salesforce Blockchain enables the building of apps, networks, and smart contracts. Salesforce Blockchain also helps businesses to automate data on platforms. Businesses can use blockchain data and integrate it with sales, marketing, and service workflows. Blockchain facilitates the sharing of data and collaborations with other like-minded partners. It allows for extensions through APIs and pre-built apps. Partners and intermediaries can conveniently collaborate with simple authentication.

Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0

The Covid-19 pandemic hit businesses and the workforce really badly. Fortunately, health professionals were able to come up with a vaccine. Employees could now return to work upon receiving the vaccination. Salesforce was at the forefront in facilitating health and safety in the workplace. Salesforce rolled out Health Cloud 2.0 which was designed to help businesses and other organizations in delivering safety and better health to their employee and customers. Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0 helps in delivering safety protocols including managing the proof of vaccination and forming partnerships with testing vendors. This update also helps to personalize communications and ensure safer working environments for the workforce. Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0 helps in effective contract tracing. The system collects only the necessary and requisite information for the exposed or infected people and creates visualization maps for tracking and tracing.

Flow Orchestrator

Workflow has continued to be distributed. Addressing the gaps between the different stages of workflow has become a persistent challenge for businesses. This lack of synchrony in the workflow ultimately leads to lower customer satisfaction and loss of revenue. Salesforce Flow Orchestrator is one of the Salesforce improvements that helps businesses to quickly and seamlessly deploy, configure and maintain complex workflows. It converts business workflows into ordered steps that accurately flow and link to each other. Salesforce Flow Orchestrator brings order into the workflow and helps businesses become more effective and productive while serving their customers.

Salesforce Improvements in Subscription Management

Subscription has become a very common revenue line for businesses. Businesses have managed to convert one-time clients into repeat customers through subscriptions. However, managing subscriptions can be a tricky exercise, especially when dealing with hundreds of thousands of customers. Salesforce subscription management is a business framework that uses tech-driven automation and shared data to optimize how you deliver subscriptions. Salesforce subscription management enables the customer to shop and pay for products over any channel, creates accurate invoices, and gives a report to help sales reps to identify customers who need help and close fast. What are the most critical subscription management software features?

Unified billing engine

This one helps you speed up payment reconciliation and improve the customer experience by leveraging up-to-date data from the buying journey. Every transaction automatically generates consolidated invoices.

Deal management

Subscription management software should offer deal management features that help sales reps step in to rescue deals that are stalling and close them fast, with tools that let you apply discounts.

Dashboards and reports

Subscription management should provide cross-team visibility into essential customer data and key performance indicators. The best dashboard visuals take live data and turn them into at-a-glance views of customer behavior and company performance so you can go from insight to action within the same system.

Intelligent Fraud Management

NoFraud is a Salesforce fraud prevention solution that leverages human and AI-powered intelligence for multi-layered fraud screening.  This technology detects and blocks fraudulent orders in real time, eliminating chargebacks and boosting order approval rates. The precognitive platform by Salesforce protects merchants from critical threats, including payment fraud, bot attacks, card testing, account creation, account takeover, and return abuse. This is done using a combination of device intelligence, machine learning, and advanced behavioral analytics. The precognitive solution offers complete protection from the initial interaction point, monitoring sessions, devices, and users to proactively prevent attacks, lower manual review time, reduce false positives, and create a frictionless experience. 

Winding Up

Salesforce Summer ‘22 release announced several exciting features updates. These new features are definitely going to make your business better and more efficient. These Salesforce improvements will help you save time, work smarter, improve data accuracy, enhance customer experience, stay up to date, increase your brand awareness and work on the go with mobile CRM updates. Contact Plumlogix for professional customized assistance on how to navigate through the new updates and for maximum optimization of Salesforce CRM.