Salesforce’s New Customer 360 Innovations for Marketing, Commerce, and Service Data

Salesforce’s New Customer 360 Innovations for Marketing, Commerce, and Service Data
Salesforce’s Customer 360  is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform integrated with all Salesforce solutions to bring your company and customers under one platform from anywhere in the ecosystem.  The new Customer 360 innovations brings together the following departments; 
  • IT
  • Marketing 
  • Sales
  • Commerce 
  • Services
With Customer 360, companies can pull together all customer data into one platform and use it to build universal customer profile IDs.The identity is then quickly applied across Salesforce solutions and external applications.  Here is what the Salesforce leadership said about the new Customer 360 innovations;  “A growing number of companies want to unify their data across marketing, commerce, and service so they can deliver truly connected customer experiences on any channel — in-store, via email, or when shopping on social media,” said Lidiane Jones, EVP & GM, Salesforce Digital Experiences.  “These innovations help companies tap into the power of automation to focus on what matters most — driving productivity and building trusted customer relationships.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Innovations

Salesforce commerce cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce solution developed with functionalities and features that power business commerce.  Some of its top features include; 
  1. Seamless upgrades through the administration panel. 
  2. A defined product roadmap designed by Salesforce 
  3. Easy access to a range of cloud services solutions like CRM
  4. Scalability is at the center without worries about breakdown and backups

Salesforce New Customer 360 innovations for marketing, commerce and Service data

The new Salesforce commerce cloud solutions added to Customer 360 include;

Social Integration

Using integration, brands can now create TikTok ads redirecting their commerce sites. Salesforce and TikTok’s partnership makes it easier for Commerce Cloud merchants to engage with the TikTok community, including advertising to users and making their products more discoverable. We’ve already made great strides in helping brands leverage the power of Customer 360 to seamlessly connect with their customers on social through integrations with platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and our partnership with TikTok is the next crucial piece of the puzzle.” – Scot Gillespie, GM of Commerce Cloud.

NFT Cloud

Salesforce’s NFT cloud beta test lets brands expand customer experiences to Web3 environments in a sustainable and trusted way.  They can mint, manage, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform and securely connect customer data to gain a 360-degree view across a customer’s physical and digital worlds. 

Commerce  Marketplace

Salesforce customers can manage and scale marketplace solutions under Commerce Cloud. This offers a range of new tools for reaching new channels and buyers. 

Commerce Customer Service

With digital engagement capabilities like building loyalty through enhanced post-purchase service experiences and bots that complete orders faster, the service department can transform into revenue drivers. 

Salesforce Service Cloud Innovations

97% of service professionals say providing excellent customer service without full customer context is impossible. The new service cloud innovations empower service agents to create human experiences and offer empathetic responses that nurture customer loyalty.

Service Cloud partners Google Cloud and Genesys

This will offer customers more choice in how they use Service Cloud Voice and enable AI-powered recommendations and automated workflows for their teams.  With new telephone connectors from Google Cloud and Genesys, companies may integrate phone and customer data, automate call transcriptions and notes, and enable agents to receive real-time suggestions while on a customer call.

Contact Lensfor Amazon Connect

AWS Contact Lens will be natively supported for customers using Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect to offer advanced conversational transcription for even the most extended phone calls, real-time sentiment analysis, real-time supervisor alerts to deliver agent coaching, and full-text search on call transcripts.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud innovations

Below are some of innovations that covers marketing cloudas a product.

Google Ads and Salesforce Data Platform

 Brands can automatically connect their first-party data in a unified customer profile to more efficiently plan, activate, and optimize their marketing campaigns on Google Ads.  This capability helps them deliver personalized campaigns using first-party data instead of cookies and, in the future, incorporate segment-level insights into the Customer Data Platform interface.

Centralized Communication Platform

With tools like Digital Command for Slack, brands can avoid lost revenues and empower marketers to identify and resolve issues before they skyrocket. Sack digital HQ can increase productivity by monitoring activity and performance across Marketing and Commerce Cloud from one digital command center.

Direct Customer Engagement Through Triggered Messages

Marketing Cloud Personalization and Engagement is a one-on-one customer engagement based on customer trigger messages. This allows organizations to use third-party tools their customers prefer and engage with them directly anytime.

New AppExchange Partners

 Salesforce announced new partners for Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Commerce Cloud on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace.  These partnerships extend the power of Salesforce to drive efficiency, deliver highly personalized experiences, and build trusted customer relationships.

Intelligence Connector for Real-time Customer Experience

The B2B commerce cloud intelligence connecter combines orders and product data, unlocking insights into product, revenue, and sales performance over time. This will allow businesses to automate the heavy lift of integrating data and understand where to shift spending to increase ROI across channels, campaigns, and products. The Marketing Intelligence Cloud, formerly known as Datorama, helps marketers unify analytics and leverage AI insights to optimize outcomes that increase customer value and growth.  The new intelligence innovations released included: Intelligence Reports for Engagement to help marketers shift from open email rates due to privacy changes. Organizations can now evaluate email performance by device, client, OS, and browser and optimize new KPIs for conversions, clicks by link, bounce types, unsubscribes, complaints, and click event lag. Intelligence enables marketers to explore and analyze deep data sets with new interactive visualization tools to easily compare currencies, channels, campaigns, time series, business units, and more in a single customizable view.

The Benefits of customer 360-degree View

Customer 360 brings with a whole package of benefits. Some of these include:
  • The ability to better understand customers, their tastes, and behaviors.
  • The ability to deliver more personalized shopping experiences. Businesses can use aggregated, invaluable data to provide customers with more personalized experiences across their lifetime shopping journey.
  • The ability to extend the sales and marketing teams of the business. These teams can build more strategic sales and marketing campaigns using existing data.


A growing number of companies want to unify their customer data across all customer touchpoints; marketing, support, IT, and commerce.  With the new Customer 360 innovations, brands can now merge data into one platform and analyze and use it to make intelligent business decisions. Contact Plumlogix experts to help you navigate the new Customer 360 innovations.