5 Salesforce Lightning Benefits to tap now (and level up the competition)

Six years ago (in 2015) Salesforce released a new component-based framework called Lightning, which was designed with non-coding Salesforce users in mind. It includes the Lightning Component Framework as well as several useful features that simply make developing a responsive application for any device a lot easier. In this article, we look at the Salesforce Lightning benefits and features that come with the new software Also read:

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning is a modern-day interface that allows users to create Lightning pages without having to write code by using custom-built Lightning Components. With Salesforce Lightning you can complete all integrations in a short amount of time. Salesforce’s Lightning components provide a client-server framework that can help you speed up application development and performance.  It’s also suitable for use with Salesforce’s mobile app.

Salesforce Lightning features

To enjoy the Salesforce Lightning benefits, you need to know which features to tap. Lightning will provide you access to an entirely new method of conducting business. Although Salesforce Classic allows you to build leads, the Lightning Experience includes extra features to help you better manage your sales activities.  The Path component allows for the tracking of different phases in the business process, whilst the News component provides timely updates on leads. We’ve put together a list of salesforce lightning features to help you learn more about this advanced platform.


Latest innovation

Salesforce Lightning is jam-packed with the latest cutting-edge technological innovations that can help you improve customer and interdepartmental relationships. It allows you to take advantage of the cloud’s capabilities for practically anything you do on this platform. You’ll also get every new Lightning feature thanks to three automatic upgrades each year.

New selling features

More than 55 new Sales Cloud pages and over 150 new functionalities are available with Lightning. . Each one is intended to increase rep productivity and help the company grow.  We’ve come up with these five features that are proving to be the most useful and sought by both front-line and back-office staff.
  • Opportunity Kanban assists you in visualizing all of your data at once, allowing you to more efficiently monitor your work and prepare accordingly.
  • Quarterly Performance Chart that provides you with a quarterly performance chart of your work, which can be useful for tracking your progress.
  • The new Salesforce Lightning Assistant will help you stay on top of the latest updates throughout the day.
  • The Opportunity Workspace provides best practices, strategy, and advice for creating a customized workspace.
  • Custom Dashboards that allow you to easily alter the appearance of your dashboard to your requirements.

Lighting voice

The most notable aspect of this enhanced platform is Lightning Voice for Salesforce. It allows companies to engage with clients and prospects faster than ever before by allowing audio conversations to be made directly from Sales Cloud.  This means you can make and receive calls in context wherever you are using Salesforce, including on your mobile device, while also taking notes and logging these calls. You can even select a local phone number for your area.

Steelbrick CPQ

Steelbrick CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), which is built entirely on Lightning, makes Sales Cloud the industry’s first lead-to-cash sales platform. Without even leaving their CRM, you can now execute complex quoting, acquire discount approval, generate branded proposals and contracts, and even collect signatures.

Lighting for Outlook

Salesforce and Microsoft have formed a strategic partnership that brings the world’s number one CRM and the world’s leading productivity suite together. Salesforce’s partnership with Microsoft has elevated business management to new heights. Now you may sign in to your Lightning platform using your Outlook account, which eliminates the need to switch between apps. Furthermore, Lightning Synchronization syncs your logbooks and contacts throughout your Office 365 Suite, Salesforce, and all of your other Microsoft Exchange accounts.

Salesforce1 Mobile App

The Lightning Platform is used to build the Salesforce1 Mobile App. The new Lightning desktop experience was sparked by both of these breakthroughs. By using the Salesforce1 Mobile Application, you can access all of your platform customizations right from your phone. 

Lighting App Builder

To create apps, you don’t have to be a hard-core programmer. Anyone can use Lightning Builder to create mobile and desktop apps and personalize Lightning Experience pages by dragging and dropping Lightning Components. In the Lightning App Builder, there are three types of segments
  • Salesforce pre-built component
  • Custom components
  • Lighting Exchange components built by partners

AppExchange Apps

In the Salesforce AppExchange platform, there are over 157 Lightning-ready third-party apps, all of which have been pre-vetted. As your business migrates to Lightning, Lightning-ready apps are designed to provide the most consistent user experience possible. All you have to do is look for apps on AppExchange that have the ‘Lightning Ready’ symbol and use them according to your needs.

Lighting Snap Ins

Snap-Ins are one of the Cloud Lightning Service’s most useful features. Snap-Ins are made with Lightning Components and enable your business to swiftly incorporate customer service into your apps and websites. This allows you to efficiently reach customers wherever they are. 

Lighting Customer Community

The Lightning Customer Community is Community Cloud’s most feature-rich release to date, allowing businesses to engage with their consumers fast and intelligently. The all-new user interface provides a new degree of customization as well as engagement options, allowing your company to give an unrivaled customer experience.

5 Salesforce Lightning benefits to tap now

Everything about Lightning has been designed to be more aesthetically beautiful and simple to use, which is evident when switching between the various dashboards. Salesforce Lightning benefits the user in developing apps using pre-built components from a drag-and-drop library easier than ever before, eliminating the need to code and test throughout the development process. Salesforce Lightning also features more Einstein AI connectors than Classic, making it easier to obtain deep insights into everything from opportunities to automated contacts. Some capabilities, such as the Einstein Bot Builder, are unique to Salesforce and are only available in the Lightning Experience. Below we look at the Salesforce Lightning benefits you will experience with the new interface.

Ease of use

It’s simple to use the lighting components and framework. When it comes to salesforce lighting, no specific technician or IT expert is required. The lighting applications may be utilized on any platform, including mobile and desktop computers, making it easier for users to access, streamline processes, and provide excellent experiences.

Ensures innovative App building

Today’s businesses are run through applications, and salesforce lighting’s components aid in the development of new apps. For example, a corporation needs an app to communicate with customers, thus lighting features encourage the creation and development of a simple drag-and-drop library with customizable components. The lightning app builder and the lightning component framework are used to create apps quickly while adhering to industry standards and specifications.

Customized components for enabled platforms

Salesforce lighting components are compatible with enabled platforms with standard adjustments. Lighting components can be used to introduce specific demands and customized features. There is no risk or pressure for app designers or developers to look for technical information to accomplish the required results.

Enhances user experience

The user experience is enhanced by the lighting design system. The organization needs to design an app that clients can use easily and that improves their long-term relationship with them. Furthermore, consumers should be able to understand how to use the apps. The lighting design system is a short guide that instructs users on how to use the program. Businesses flourish and succeed in a trustworthy environment with visual and interaction design patterns.

Showcases the company’s face globally

Salesforce Lightning benefits in the development and performance of apps, is linked to innovation, intelligence, and tailored services, among other things. The apps are used for sales, community, app design, and services. Customers draw attention to products and services, which increases customer growth, fosters global competitiveness, and provides a strong brand position in the respective marketplaces. Read also:

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Compared to the older Salesforce Classic, it’s clear that the new Salesforce Lightning offers a lot more features and capabilities. You can simply move to this platform to experience the full Salesforce lightning benefits and rapid growth in your business while also getting a taste of cutting-edge technology.  Plumlogix is your partner for digital transformation, now and into the future. Partner with a trusted Salesforce partner and find out how we can transform your business to reap these Salesforce Lightning benefits.