Salesforce managed services benefits to help you make the jump (and completely transform your business)

It’s possible you’ve heard of managed services and know a few of the benefits that come with it. In today’s digital world, business is more competitive than ever. The last thing your company needs is complications and downtime due to poorly integrated systems and processes. Salesforce CRM is the best option to have as the backbone of your business to improve your marketing strategies and sales. With Salesforce, you have the industry’s leading software managing your business and if plug in these Salesforce managed service benefits, you are sure to get your Salesforce ROI. However if not managed properly the software has the potential to fail. It is just like any other investment and needs good maintenance for it to keep producing results In this article, we look at how you can transform your business with these Salesforce managed services benefits Also read:

What are Salesforce managed services?

Over the last decade, Salesforce has grown immensely and continues to grow making it easy for companies to engage with their customers for whatever reasons. However, new features, regular updates, and even the initial transition to the salesforce CRM can be confusing and challenging to the employees. To avoid these challenges you can hire a third party to help you with the maintenance and development of salesforce. A salesforce-managed service is a proactive approach that helps companies run their businesses and manage Salesforce CRM. You get a team of dedicated professionals that help you with any challenges that may arise with the use of Salesforce CRM.

Who needs Salesforce managed services?

If you have implemented salesforce in your company, you could benefit from salesforce managed services. You can use the extra guidance and assistance to fully maximize your Salesforce CRM performance. To make it simple, let us think of it in terms of football or soccer for that matter. I know the basics of how the game is played, I know how to score, how to cross the ball, how to attack, and even how to make tackles in defense then I meet a professional soccer player who wants to teach me how to dribble better and faster, make intelligent runs behind the defenders which generally improves my technical abilities why would I turn down the offer? Salesforce managed services work the same way. These services are meant to boost and bring improvements to your business. The experts ensure that Salesforce is performing to its peak levels.

Main activities included in a Salesforce managed services package

  • Implementation – the service providers deploy the CRM software to track and manage the company’s communication with current and potential customers
  • Customization – most businesses choose software on the capabilities they need and not what they want. Customization enhances the software’s capabilities so it can offer a tailored user experience. The service provides help to customize your dashboard, campaign setups, reports, etc.
  • Integration – the service providers connect Salesforce to other third-party systems which use APIs to interpret the messages exchanged by the systems.
  • Data management – the service providers support your team on how data will be collected, reviewed, and used to push your business goals
  • Training – the service providers conduct training to your sales team on how best to use the Salesforce platform.
  • Any other issues that may arise like fixing bugs and general system checks and maintenance

Salesforce managed services benefits10 Salesforce managed services benefits to help you make the jump

If you implemented Salesforce in your business or organization, you must have already seen some benefits. Now, what awaits are the actual Salesforce managed service benefits to complete the transformation you began when you made the choice to go with Salesforce as your preferred CRM. Below are some of the benefits that await you.


From a wide range of services like user training and consultancy to acting as an extension arm to your sales team, you can choose as much as you want depending on your budget. You get tailored solutions that support your day-to-day needs.

Cohesive strategy

Part of the reasons why Salesforce fails include due to lack of clear processes, lack of executive engagements, and poor strategies. A great way to achieve your long-term goals and avoid these challenges is by having a third party look at your business from the outside and come up with strategic recommendations on how you can get the best from your CRM. This way your sales team stays focused on their primary responsibilities


Having employees is an ongoing commitment and can be expensive at times. There is no need to retain and maintain highly skilled expertise. With salesforce managed services you get to pay for what you need when you need it.

Peace of mind

With salesforce managed services you know you have a team of professionals to take care of things salesforce-related. This gives you time to think about future developments and improvements. Other benefits of Salesforce managed services include:
  • save up to 50% of your cost
  • accelerate digital transformation
  • expedite change requests
  • accelerate new feature addition
  • increase user adoption
  • stabilize security risks/system vulnerability

Why choose Plumlogix’s Salesforce Managed Services

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way to manage your salesforce platform, salesforce managed services is the way to go. You will get optimal assistance from industry experts who understand the system fully.