These 5 Research-Based Insights Will Help You Improve Your Salesforce CRM Performance

Every business desires to have a seamless operation of all business activities. This desire has driven many organizations to strive to acquire new and modern, technologically advanced digital solutions. For those with Salesforce already, the headache currently is on how to improve Salesforce CRM performance. The core objective behind developing these digital solutions is to ensure smooth day-to-day business operations. These measures foster continuous business growth, strengthen customer acquisition and engagement and post profitable outcomes. The significance of Salesforce in running businesses cannot be disputed. Many organizations which have adopted Salesforce have witnessed its benefits. The efforts put in place to tackle existing business problems to ensure efficient business management are evident. However, not all businesses have experienced the benefits of using Salesforce and other modern CRMs such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft. These businesses have achieved their desired objective because of several reasons. This post outlines how to improve Salesforce CRM performance. The failure in successfully and optimally utilizing these modern CRMs may justifiably be credited to the organization. Most of them ignore the return-oriented strategies meant to fully utilize the platforms. Various data-backed reports have highlighted several determinants of the sub-optimal performance of CRM users. Some of these reasons include zero scalability, inconsistent sources of truth, reliance on manual practices, and lack of support for remote connectivity. 

Here’s expert advice on how to improve Salesforce CRM performance for business growth and continuity

Based on experience and expertise, we have assembled five research-based insights to help you identify potential loops in CRM practice. This will help you improve Salesforce CRM performance and ensure your business attains the platform’s optimal potential.

Ensure Your CRM Is More Future Resilient.

CRM systems play a vital role in ensuring your organization remains resilient and future-focused. Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, most organizations have shifted to a remote work style.  Although working remotely has been extensively embraced the world over, some executives have reported the hassle around good customer experience maintenance, which they attribute to the absence of well-integrated systems. A massive blow in customer engagement, communications, and collaborations becomes evident within the organization since the remotely working employees cannot access the resource required for efficient customer engagement.  Businesses require well-integrated, easy-to-access cloud CRMs to improve performance and meet their current and emerging operational needs. The tremendous outcomes of a more resilient workforce enable the business to stay afloat during unpredictable times.  Ensuring your CRM is future resilient and can withstand all unpredictable conditions is essential in improving Salesforce CRM performance.

Expand CRM Usage past Sales and Service Operations.

When CRM was invented, it only served as a basic client information collection and dispatch platform. However, numerous subsequent innovations and technological advancements have occurred over the years.  Currently, it can run and maintain comprehensive business operations from sales, marketing, service, and eCommerce amongst others. According to a recent survey, most Salesforce consulting partners expect the scope of Salesforce to expand beyond sales and services support in the coming years.  With the current technological developments, increased completion, and the new Salesforce innovations, businesses should expand their Salesforce use to utilize all the embedded functions.  These innovations will significantly help to improve the Salesforce CRM performance. This will improve Salesforce CRM performance. 

Reliance on security and remote work connectivity.

Business operation in terms of CRM development has taken a significant shift in the recent past. Top vendors such as Salesforce have made remote work connectivity, amongst others, low-cost digital solutions to enable continuous business operations.  High security is among their top-most priorities. Leveraging remote work and security features accorded by Salesforce is among the initiatives on how to improve Salesforce CRM performance. Salesforce has continuously worked on security features to safeguard its users. The realization of remote working as a permanent shift in work styles facilitated the rollout of features to facilitate remote working.  Using these features to run your business is a simple way to improve Salesforce CRM performance. 

Use of Single Source of Truth to Avoid Data Silos

Many organizations have employed a system where they have distinct CRMs for every department. Since data is not centrally shared, there are some hefty implications on customer experience and the speed of various services.  A recent study reported the concern of 57% of companies: that silos negatively affect the quality of clientele and prospect engagements. This, therefore, calls for the business to heavily invest in centralized solutions.  Modern solutions like Salesforce ensures readily available, well-organized data that can be used for more return-oriented consumer interaction.  This is a study worth your attention if you wish to improve the Salesforce CRM performance for more efficient business operations in the future.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Improve Salesforce CRM Performance

Modern CRMs solutions have demonstrated the capacity and capability to go an extra step apart from just data collection and storage. The importance of big data in sales, marketing, and service operations is undisputed. Salesforce helps business teams use this data to make informed business decisions. Modern CRM such as Salesforce provide automation which helps in the detection and elimination of duplicate tasks and shortens the work cycle. AI recommendations play a key role in improving the company’s decision-making capabilities and enhancing target customer acquisition. It is expected that by the year 2023, 79% of businesses will have embraced AI-oriented CRMs to improve client prospecting. Using the AI capabilities of Salesforce is one of the ways to improve Salesforce CRM performance.  The ultimate success of an organization in terms of customer relationships, client acquisition, and eventually profitability is hinged on streamlining the business processes. CRM platforms such as Salesforce have expanded their usage from simple customer management.  With the incorporation of AI and other technical capabilities, businesses should rely on Salesforce to effectively run the business.

Final Words

With the increased competition and recent technological advancements in digital solutions, organizations must ensure they make the future-oriented investment decisions on the right CRM software that is scalable and user-friendly. CRMs have proven to be more than customer relationship tools. A lot of development has been rolled out in modern CRM. Businesses ought to use these modern CRMs and leverage their immense power to drive business on several fronts.  The assistance provided by Salesforce is enough to help your business move forward. Businesses ought to find a solution on how to improve Salesforce CRM performance.