Salesforce Sales Cloud in Pakistan– How it Can Help Your Pakistani Business (A Review of Pros and Cons)

Growing a small business in Pakistan is a tough challenge. Even without mentioning the devasting effects of the Covid19 pandemic, perennial challenges such as access to capital, founder dependence, and fatigue persist. It’s actually the main reason many small businesses fail. Fortunately, most Pakistani small businesses are slowly waking up to the value of the Salesforce sales cloud in running an enterprise. Of course, Salesforce sales cloud Pakistan may not solve all your small business challenges. However, it simplifies many aspects of running a business. The sales cloud is arguably the best platform for managing customer relationships, allowing businesses to initiate and cultivate lasting relationships. It also makes it easy to discover new customers and currently ranks as one of the most effective tools for managing social media marketing campaigns. If you’re on the hunt for a reliable sales tool to take your business to the next level, you won’t go wrong with the sales cloud. Read on to learn why.

What’s Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce sales cloud is a cloud-based CRM tool Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application from Salesforce. It comprises several tools to help sales teams and managers take complete control of the sales cycle through task prioritization, customer relationship management, and data analysis. The tools include contact management, Salesforce automation, forecasting, and productivity solutions. Remember that the sales cloud and service cloud aren’t the same things. Whereas sales cloud solutions help businesses manage contacts, leads, and sales opportunities, service cloud is a customer service application designed to help Salesforce organizations manage support cases, omnichannel services, and field service.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Sales Cloud Pakistan

Salesforce sales cloud comes with many benefits for small enterprises. The following are just a few ways Pakistani small businesses can benefit;

Generate more leads

Leads are the lifeline of small businesses. With a constant flow of hot leads, your business is in good stead. You just need to convert the leads into buying customers. Unfortunately, getting leads is harder more than ever because of intense competition. It’s why many businesses are currently more focused on retaining existing customers. Salesforce sales cloud has two tools that you can use to fast-track your lead generation campaign – Lead Management and Sales Data. Lead management allows managers to easily track leads from click to close. But, more importantly, it allows you to monitor leads across all platforms. Meanwhile, sales data gives you access to crucial data from all your customer relationships within Salesforce. Imagine what you could do with this data? At the very least, it can help you better position yourself and your products and obtain insight to keep ahead of the rest.

Boost productivity

Many Pakistani small businesses are also struggling to maximize productivity. Perhaps you have a bloated staff that isn’t meeting company goals. Or you’re struggling with employee churn that costs your business dearly every year. Salesforce sales cloud solves this problem in many ways. First, the sales cloud essentially turns your smartphone into your sales office. No matter where you are, whether you’re attending an event, traveling, or on vacation, you can keep on top of critical business tasks, such as monitoring employee performance and engaging suppliers and employees. Additionally, the Salesforce sales cloud has two features – workflow & approvals and sync & share your files – to boost productivity. Workflow and Approvals is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to rapidly design and automate business processes. Meanwhile, the Sync and Share your Files feature allows you to share files, publish content, and engage your teams in real-time.

Generate more revenue

More leads and increased productivity would obviously result in increased revenue. However, those aren’t the only ways Salesforce sales cloud can boost revenues. First, the sales cloud offers valuable reports and dashboards that sales teams can use to optimize campaigns to increase ROI. Additionally, the Salesforce sales cloud allows you to manage your account and contacts by providing a complete view of your customers. You can closely monitor customer activity, client communications, and internal discussions so you can fine-tune your campaigns. Secondly and more importantly, the Salesforce sales cloud allows you to view your competitor campaigns with the help of the Opportunity Management feature. The feature displays competition, quotes, products, customer lifecycle stages, and more. Savvy businesses can use this information to gain an edge over the competition.

Challenges facing people using the Salesforce Sales Cloud Pakistan

Unfortunately, the sales cloud isn’t without challenges. The biggest challenge for those using Salesforce Sales Cloud Pakistan is implementation. Specifically, small businesses face two implementation challenges;
  1. Limited support

Salesforce offers a free support plan with a 2-day response time. That last part should tell you everything wrong with the support plan. A 2-day response time is not good enough, especially when a small business owner faces serious challenges. The free online training courses are also valuable but not enough. Although an experienced Salesforce user can grab useful tips from Trailhead videos and guided journeys, greenhorns are completely lost on where to head.
  1. Customization challenges

The other challenge is customization. Salesforce solutions, including sales cloud, are designed to meet the needs of various companies of different sizes and in different industries. In fact, Salesforce clearly states that users must customize the CRM to suit their unique needs. Unfortunately, many companies find that the sales cloud is very difficult to customize. It takes time to learn what’s possible with the solution and even more time to bring those possibilities to life with the application. In the end, the organization must hire someone who understands the tool to get maximum from it.  

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The Salesforce Sales Cloud Pakistan is a valuable tool that Pakistani small businesses can use to accelerate growth and stay ahead of the curve. It provides sales teams with innovative cloud tools to generate more leads, enhance productivity, and boost revenues. However, the sales cloud is also challenging to implement, especially among small businesses. For one, customizing the sales cloud to suit your organization’s unique needs is not easy. That’s beside the issues of user support. Nevertheless, if you can overcome the implementation challenges by engaging a salesforce expert like Plumlogix, you’re on the way to great success. Talk to us today via our contact link.