Plumlogix Offers Best Salesforce Consulting Services in Pakistan

In this era where the wave of digital transformation is sweeping across industries and facilitating businesses to deliver better and sustainable customer experiences, having Salesforce implemented in your organization is one of the best ways to stay competitive. But what do you do as a Pakistani business when you are not sure of the right Salesforce consulting services in Pakistan to procure? Well, Plumlogix is here to help. Plumlogix is a team of Salesforce experts with years of combined experience helping companies navigate the murky waters of digital transformation and deliver the best customer experience to sustain their businesses. We are a certified team of Salesforce experts and as a company, we are licensed by Salesforce as a cloud reseller in Pakistan. Our team has been involved in Salesforce implementations for companies of all sizes, helping them revolutionize how their companies operate and deliver, in an efficient way, the products and services that they are offering. Our Salesforce Consulting services in Pakistan are geared towards supporting your marketing, sales, and customer service needs. We have experience in Salesforce implementation across industries such as IT, manufacturing, finance, banking, retail, healthcare, professional services, and other industries that can use Salesforce CRM.

What do Salesforce Consulting services include?

Salesforce packs together a comprehensive set of tools that enables a company to completely revolutionize how they deliver their services and relate with their customers. Our Salesforce consulting services in Pakistan include the following services.

Defining business objectives

To successfully implement Salesforce, you need to define the objectives that Salesforce is to support. Objectives vary from one company to another. For some, there may be a need to produce reports with increased visibility, reduce case resolution time or long sales cycle, automate your sales cycle or introduce efficient email marketing campaigns. In customer service-related processes. Our Salesforce consulting services in Pakistan help you to address your business challenges timely and efficiently.

Translating or mapping your business objectives into Salesforce features

Before you can translate or map your business objectives into Salesforce features, you first need to make sure that your business goals are clear. Once your basket this then you need to choose the Salesforce functionalities, be it default or custom-made, to achieve the business objectives.

Advising on the best Salesforce edition that fits your business profile/needs

Salesforce is very broad, and we will help you get the Salesforce edition that addresses your business challenges without having to pay for unneeded features. To achieve this, we first analyze and study your business needs and identify the best addition that matches your business needs and profile.

Designing customer service, sales and marketing processes

To get the best out of Salesforce, you need to design your customer service, sales and marketing processes in the appropriate Salesforce clouds. That means matching your sales processes to Salesforce sales cloud, marketing processes to Marketing Clouds and customer service to Salesforce Service Clouds. For example, to help our customers reach their business goals with Salesforce, we can automate sales and customer service workflows, create targeted advertising campaigns or create personalized customer journeys.

Designing a user adoption strategy

Whenever a new solution is implemented in a company, especially software, user adoption is always a challenge. To overcome this challenge, we will help you develop a user adoption strategy. This can comprise timely user support by the Salesforce admin, rewards for advanced Salesforce users, release notes, and iterative user training.

Salesforce Consulting Service Options By Plumlogix

Salesforce consulting services in Pakistan can target many areas of an organization. For us at Plumlogix, we help with:

Salesforce implementation consulting

Because we have the best knowledge of Salesforce capabilities, we will analyze your business needs and provide the best-suited way to address them with Salesforce.

Salesforce improvement consulting

If you have already implemented Salesforce and need improvement on it, we will assess your Salesforce org and provide a comprehensive integration and customization plan so that the functionalities within the implemented Salesforce org cover the entire needs of your business.

Salesforce migration consulting

Migrating from one system to another often leads to disruption in the business flow. We will help you ensure a smooth migration process.

Salesforce Products that Plumlogix Covers in Our Salesforce Consulting Services in Pakistan

Challenges that Salesforce Consulting Services Eradicates In Organizations

Pakistani organizations struggle with several challenges that cut across different industries and countries. Securing the services of a reliable Salesforce consulting services provider in Pakistan like Plumlogix puts any organization on a path to great winnings. Below are some of the challenges that our service seeks to solve.

Low win rates (due to an inconsistent sales process)

Low sales win rates mean low sales revenue. To overcome this challenge, we will make use of the Salesforce Sales cloud to fully transform or improve your sales process. For a start, we will recommend using the default Salesforce functionality or code-based customizations to ensure efficient process automation. By using the default Salesforce functionality or code-based customizations, we can create a well-structured sales process with demonstrations on how it’s supposed to be followed so that sales reps are guided on their way to closing deals. With the right Salesforce consulting services, you are likely to experience a 26% increase in win rates as well as a 28% increase in sales revenue.

Poor customer service (due to lengthy case resolution)

The sentence Food Service cloud allows you to deploy default or custom case management functionality to improve your customer service quality. With the help of our Salesforce experts, you will be able to understand how to leverage the Salesforce Service cloud mechanisms to automate case assignment, escalation and prioritization. Consequently, you can support your service agent’s productivity, which leads to at least a 31% quicker case revolution.

Low lead conversion rates

Low lead conventions are such a huge hindrance to increasing your sales revenue. With our expertise, we will help you overcome this by creating efficient omnichannel marketing campaigns and leveraging digital advertising within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud functionality. Our Marketing Cloud experts will help you in designing efficient customer communication scenarios so that you can engage with many customers with each receiving a highly personalized experience. This is likely to yield a 30% increase in lead conversion.

Do you need help with your Salesforce project? Plumlogix can help

Plumlogix can help you achieve a 28% increase in sales revenue, at least a 31% increase in case resolution, and a 30% increase in lead conversion using the best combination of Salesforce functionalities. Talk to us today whether you wish to implement, improve or migrate your Org. Call us today.